Fully exposing the AntiChrist agenda

To understand who I truly am, please watch this video in full. Thank you

To be clear, I do not seek your attention. Rather, I would like you to direct it towards the 3 issues below, which are of the utmost importance. We waste our time and energy on so many trivial things, so I ask you to please put your heart to good use, and do what you can with the information featured below. Even just sharing it as widely as you can is a good start. Thank you.

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1. World-wide media indoctrination of children
Hitler once said “He alone who own the youth, gains the future” and this explains why he gave so much energy towards indoctrinating the youth of Germany for nearly 20 years. The children matured and became his army, who thought the same way he did and believed what he wanted them to believe, specifically regarding the Jews. They also worshipped him. Exactly the same thing is happening right now, preparing the young people to follow the AntiChrist agenda, which will encourage them to despise the Christians. This agenda is satanic in essence, and this is why the media is openly promoting satanism in many mainstream children’s programmes. This may sound hard to believe, but just look at the evidence in this video.


2. The Identity of The Antichrist.
Why is this important? Because his ultimate agenda is similar to that of Hitler in Nazi Germany. Except rather than an anti-Jewish agenda, he is the spear-head for a global anti-Christian agenda. His agenda is to slowly and subtly rally all the lovers of peace, freedom, tolerance and equality, against those whom are being painted (in the media) as the enemies of a tolerant, permissive, equal and free society: the Christians. You may not see this yet, but it will become obvious. Please watch these 2 videos to fully understand why ‘The Rock’ is most certainly the Antichrist, or go to www.TheRockAntiChrist.com


3. The Reality of Satanic Ritual Abuse
Satanism is far more widespread than most people realise, and the practices of worship that Satanists engage in are cruel, evil and horrific to the extreme. They usually involve the sadistic torture and abuse of children, and sometimes vulnerable adults. Many people were convinced by the huge media disinformation campaign in the 90’s that satanic abuse is not real, but that cover-up occurred solely because satanic ritual abuse is practiced all the way up through the various echelons of society, right to the very top. If it were fully uncovered, a huge number of very powerful people would end up be behind bars, or worse. This is why there is a huge satanic cover-up throughout our society and throughout the media.


I fully understand that all of the information on this page paints a very dark picture, and might encourage a pessimistic outlook on the future. But have faith in the power of God, because miracles are possible, and the fact that you are here on this page reading this information is the beginning of a miracle. The next step is to believe you can make a difference. Seek to help others open their hearts enough to care, and their eyes enough to see the deceptions that are attempting to steer millions of people into the darkness. Put your full trust in God and let the light of Jesus be in your heart, as you reach out to help all those in darkness and suffering. Your compassion for the forgotten is the greatest miracle on Earth. Thank you.

Please watch the very important videos on this YouTube playlist.