The Depth of Your Being

I am going to tell you about something linguistic which has a very profound effect on us subconsciously. Words are very, very powerful when it comes to the way we think, the way we feel, the way we perceive the world and the degree to which we pursue or resist certain things and experiences. There are two important words which we use a lot that I will expand upon, so that we can become aware of their subtle influence, and understand how they affect us. These two words are “believe” and “know”. In this article, I will focus on the word “know”, and the second article will follow soon.

Subconsciously, we link and associate words which sound the same, irrespective of the way they are spelled. Consciously, they may clearly be different words with different meanings, but it is what is happening subconsciously that is influencing us the most. So the identical phonetics between the words “no” and “know” mean that these two words influence us subconsciously us in a very significant way.

To truly know something – and not just the ideas, information, concepts and mental understanding which appear in our mind – we have to allow ourselves to experience it, to feel it, to open up to it. This means not resisting the experience out of fear, as we so often do, but instead relaxing and allowing ourselves to be open, to feel what the experience is like, rather than just thinking about it. There is a universe of difference between the realm of thinking and feeling.

Thought is actually an incredibly shallow realm compared to the realm of feeling, no matter how deep we may think our thoughts are. Feeling is like a fathomless ocean, and this is why so many people feel safe in the realm of thinking, because that depth is absent. Some part of us is incredibly afraid of that depth, because we fear that there maybe something threatening within it. But I can assure you, there is not. Quite the opposite, it is where you belong, and your subconscious resistance to it is essentially what keeps you engaged with the levels of fear and suffering that thinking keeps us on. Suffering is unavoidable on those levels. You need to swim in the depths, and feel what you are designed to feel; the beauty, the power, the freedom, the profound depth of your magnificent divine being.

It is interesting that the word ‘depth’ bares a great similarity the words ‘death’ and ‘debt’, which are both perceived as negative words. Generally, we want to avoid death and avoid debt, so it follows that we subconsciously link this sense of avoidance with depth also. Language has this power, I assure you.

So, what we truly need to come to know is that realm which is beyond the mental level of information, thoughts, concepts, ideas, images and beliefs. It is the realm of direct experience, where thoughts are not present and they are not needed. It is the deeper realm of being and feeling, that emanates from the depth of our heart. We need to know that place, that realm, that experience. We need to go there, because that is where we belong.

If we are not there and we keep ourselves away from there through our fearful resistance, we are like a fish which is out of the water. We will slowly suffocate, because we are not dwelling in the element in which we belong. We think we are fine, and it is true, fish do survive for a while when they are taken out of the water, but their demise is inevitable and full of suffering.

And so it is for us if we keep ourselves away from the depth of reality, which in truth is our own depth. We deny the very force of existence which wants to flow through us, like water flows through the gills of a fish. This force is deep and it is powerful, yet it is totally benevolent. It is pure potential creative energy, and it is the very essence of who we truly are. Can you imagine what would occur if we decided to resist this force with the whole of our being? Well, you don’t have to imagine, you just have to look at the human race and you can see. Suffering.

It is imperative, crucial and vital that we end our resistance to this force, the powerful force of life, the force of love, the force of creativity, the force of joy, the force of intelligence and benevolence which many call God. This force is the essence of the universe, it is the fabric of reality, it is the source of our existence. If we resist it, we are essentially choosing to fight against reality and we are destined to lose and suffer; not because that force is cruel, but because we are meant to flow with that force. It’s like a slow-moving bus that we are supposed to jump on board, so it can take us home. To stand in front of it and try and stop it’s progress means suffering, because the force of life does not stop. It must keep moving, because that is its nature.

We need to accept this force and what it wants to bring us, where it wants to take us. We need get to know it, become familiar with it, embrace it, relax in its presence, trust it and fully embody it within ourselves. This is exactly what we are designed to do and nothing less, like a lightbulb is designed to have electricity flowing through it. Just imagine a lightbulb resisting the force of electricity because it was afraid of it! It is built for that very force. It is designed to be illuminated by it, as are you.

And so we must become familiar, like a friend, with the divine force of creation, which is the creative energy which is responsible for all life. It flows through our veins, if flows through our heart, it flows through our mind like electricity, lighting up our awareness, bringing warmth into our being. As we become familiar with this force, simply by relaxing, allowing it to flow through us, and learning to not resist it with any part of our being, we become deeply acquainted with it. We enjoy what it feels like, we welcome it and give as much attention to it as we can, because it brings us deep joy to do so. We slowly learn to relax in the presence of the most powerful force in the universe: divine Love, which is Truth, which is what many people call God. This is how we come to know that force, to experience it flowing through us all the time, by staying relaxed no matter what it brings, no matter what arises. We have to trust in its power, we have to feel safe, and this can only occur when we are relaxed, free of resistance.

So become aware of how – through your subtle resistance and tension – you are saying “no” to that force which you need flowing through you. Instead, choose to truly “know” the depth of that force, by allowing yourself to feel it, by relaxing your body and your heart, and allowing its beautiful divine current to flow through every part of your body and soul.

And it is important to understand that you need more oxygen in your body, you need to get used to breathing more deeply, because oxygen is the fuel that your body uses to enable the creative fire of existence to burn brightly within it. If your breathing is shallow, you will experience your reality as shallow. You will stay on the surface, which is basically in your mind.

The depth is in your heart. Let go of the inner pain and fear of being hurt, and instead feel the inner heat, the warmth of love. Hear the divine resonance in your inner ear, and allow yourself to harmonise with the very same creative power which flows through every aspect of this Earth. There is no threat. It is all in your thoughts. That is where the monsters are.

In the depth of your being, in the ocean of Love within your heart is where you will experience your true safety, security, joy and belonging, and you are always free to go there. Just breathe deeply and gently, relax and let go of all tension and fear. Trust. Say yes to the intelligent and all-pervading loving force which wants to flood into your heart and fill your body and mind with its deeply joyful, vibrant and powerful current.

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