Innately Good

The human race is innately good. You are innately good. But there are clearly sinister forces trying to influence people to choose the lower road, to embrace the lower desires; desires for power, for control, for greed and selfishness, for hostility and conflict, for the punishment and suffering of others.

If you notice any of these desires arise within you, know that they do not come from your heart, so in truth they do not come from you. They are external cultural and societal influences that could potentially take root within you, if you are not careful. And we have to be very careful that we do not move away from the innately compassionate, tolerant and generous nature of our own heart.

We need to stay in the gravitational field of its warmth and kindness, it’s patience and gentleness. For if we stray into the realms of coldness, judgement and harshness, then we venture closer towards the inhumanity and cruelty that plagues the beautiful spirit of the human race. Adhere to your higher nature, to your loving nature, and do not let any thought in your mind persuade you to stray from the goodness in your heart.

“Develop the strength of your heart”

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We are all children, longing to find our way back to
the world of innocence, joy and freedom we once knew”


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