The Path of Your Heart

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Essentially, it is only thinking that creates the sense of separation that people experience in this world. Ultimately, your state of consciousness can bring you two different experiences of reality. Separation consciousness, or Oneness consciousness. The first is created by thought, the second by Love. Which is more real?

Well, you must ask yourself, do you trust your mind or do you trust your heart? The mind presents us with detailed understandings of reality, which often seem to fit together perfectly and form an accurate picture of ‘how things are’. Yet in actuality, this thought-created conceptual reality only exists in our mind. It is as if the mind has drawn a perfect map-like approximation of reality. But it is lacking the depth and dimension of true reality. It is just a map, and you cannot live in a map.

All you have to do to prove this for yourself is to experience the alternative to the mental map; i.e. the heart-based reality which we enter as soon as we turn away from thinking, become aware of our body and remember the gentle, peaceful nature of love. It has depth, it has feeling. It is deepened through stillness, relaxation, conscious breathing (meditation) and any form of creativity that arouses inspiration.

Once you are familiar with both ways of experiencing reality, you can know for yourself which is more real. Ultimately, the further you venture into the thought-created reality, the less alive you feel; the colder and more alien it becomes, as your consciousness gets isolated and lost in the conceptual clouds. On the other hand, the further you venture into being conscious of beauty and simplicity of this moment, the space in your heart, the warmer your reality becomes, as you open up and allow love to flow through you.

So, with awareness of this, the choice is made easily because although we may not know it, we all want to experience the beautiful truth of our heart, which is essentially our fulfilment. The moment-to-moment practice of staying aware of our heart is like using beautiful stones to build a structure, a temple. Each moment spent in heart-focused awareness strengthens the structure of loving awareness, of peace, which is the foundation of your entire being. This is why it is so important to bring our attention to your heart, and make it strong. And it is truly such an effortless and deeply satisfying to do. Try this now…

Become aware of your breathing and help it to flow more easily and deeply, simply by relaxing your stomach and your body. Allow your breaths to be slower and deeper than usual… and let them be effortless and enjoyable. As a sense of relaxed effortlessness – of not trying or controlling – soaks through into the centre of your being, your heart begins to relax. Continue to be aware of your breathing moving gently in and out as you feel this happening, and just allow the feeling of relaxation in your body to take centre stage. For as long as want, simply stay with the process of allowing relaxation to expand within you, creating a deep feeling of inner stillness, space, peace and tranquility. Bring attention to your heart (by placing you left hand upon it, if it helps) and just breathe into that part of your chest. Thank your heart for beating, for keeping you alive. Thank it for the love and warmth it brings into your life.

Breathe gently, and stay in this place of gratitude for as long as you wish. This is how you connect to the reality of Love.

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