It is vital to remember this…

I have written many times about the very negative influence of the mainstream media upon our state of mind, and how it propagates a great deal of fear, often in very subtle ways. The wisest thing we can do is to switch it off, and spend more time in nature, more time with our children, more time communicating with those in need, or helping to uplift others in any way that we can. The ‘bad news media’ is essentially a big waste of time, that plants seeds of fear and darkness in our minds.

Essentially the media is working in opposition to God, who only has good news for us. That good news is that we are protected from darkness, protected from harm, protected even from disease and illness:

“No evil shall befall you, nor any plague will come near your dwelling. For he shall give his angels charge over you, to keep you in all your ways.” – Psalm 91:11

If we turn our mind and heart to God, simply by calling upon the assistance of Jesus, we will easily be able to find the sanctuary within; where no fear, darkness or doubt can touch us. We can only experience total unconditional security when we put our life in God’s hands.

The media is intensifying it’s fear-spreading agenda, and has been for some time. Aside from the news and the CoronaVirus situation, media entertainment has taken on a much darker hue in recent years, with true crime series, dystopian scenarios of the near future, and psychological horror programmes and films becoming more and more mainstream, especially with the advent of Netflix, which streams an astounding amount of dark and disturbing material.

We would be wise to totally disconnect from all such negative messages and influences, as it is only detrimental to us. God wants to give us a pure mind and heart, filled with his light, joy and positivity. This is most certainly possible, the more we come close to him, the more we call upon Jesus to keep us protected from dark and fearful thoughts. This is his job.

The best news in the world comes from God, and it is very real: salvation from fear and darkness. This is what is increasing and growing in society, largely due to the media. Don’t let it into your mind. Instead turn all your thoughts to God. In bed at night, ask Jesus to be with you. If you are embarrassed about this, nobody will know. It is by far the most intelligent thing you can do, I assure you.

We need faith, strength and hope in challenging times, and those times are upon us. Put your pride and your ego to the side, and call upon God. Tell him you want his protection; that you want to be safe from all threat and harm. Ask Jesus to be in your mind and heart, keeping you turned towards the light of God, which IS the good news that you need. When you are turned fully towards the light, no darkness can approach you, or enter your mind. Only with Jesus can you have total victory in your heart and mind over the darkness of fear, which is essentially what evil is.

Remember, when you put your trust in God “no evil shall befall you, nor any plague come near your dwelling”

This is a promise from God, in whom you can have complete an total faith, I assure you. Turn to him, trust him, and let Jesus be fully with you. You will be protected from fear and you dwell in peace, totally safe from harm, no matter what seems to be occurring in the world. Trust fully in God, and you will be safe.

With love,

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“No evil shall befall you, nor any plague

come near your dwelling. For he shall give his angels

charge over you, to keep you in all your ways.” – Psalm 91:11

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