Living in the Light

Anyone who keeps an eye on the media and entertainment industry will know that more and more dark themes are flooding into mainstream awareness. Whether it’s dystopian representations of the future, psychologically disturbing and dark fantasy, brutal and relentless violence, utter pessimism, negativity and hopelessness in pop music lyrics, and even terrifying demonic possession portrayed in a children’s music video, its plain to see that very dark messages are flooding the media, and everyone is just ‘going along with it’, continuing to consume these messages which are presented in the guise of ‘entertainment’.

It’s almost as if people are becoming fascinated with these dark themes, and enjoy being terrified, disturbed, saddened, shocked and horrified. Why would people want that, why would they want these miserable, horrific and disturbing ideas and images filling their mind when they could have peace, serenity and happiness filling their mind and heart instead?

This is certainly an option for everyone – in fact it is what we are designed for – yet it’s being portrayed as ‘cool’ in the media (especially towards young people) to stray towards darkness, misery, pessimism and hopelessness. This is not cool, it is the greatest mistake a human being can make. Go in that direction, and I assure you the rabbit hole gets very dark, very quickly, and you find yourself in a terrifying place. But go in the other direction, towards messages of inspiration, positivity, light and hope, and we find ourselves coming closer to our divine purpose.

More light fills our being, more faith and trust are felt in our heart and we release our fears and worries. We cleanse our mind from all those dark images and ideas, and embrace the power of pure Goodness (which you could also call God). The media is conveying the idea (especially to children) that goodness is uncool, goodness is boring and conventional, and that it is badness and darkness which are cool, exciting, risqué, fascinating and appealing. Essentially, the media is marketing and promoting darkness like a product, especially to young people.

Why would the media do this? Well, that is a whole other story, which I discuss to some degree here, but what is important is that people don’t fall for this marketing ploy. There is nothing cool or appealing about darkness, because it leads directly away from happiness. It leads away from joy, openness, togetherness, and most certainly away from peace. We have to realise that if we want to go in a certain direction, we have to help ourselves. We have to have positive influences in every area (i.e. the food we eat, the music we listen to, the things we watch, the people we spend time with, the environments we spend our time in, like nature, and so on).

We need to feed ourselves and influence ourselves with good things, with goodness, with beauty, with positivity. Every negative influence we choose will take us a little in the other direction, but there is no time to waste doing that. We are being called to embrace the full goodness of who we are, which is a reflection of divine goodness. We all know how rewarding it feels to lift up somebody who was down, to give hope to somebody who felt hopeless, to show care and love to someone who felt worthless. These are absolutely the most rewarding experiences available to us in life, and they flow from a heart which is not self-obsessed, fearful, caught up in darkness and misery.

We do need a strong heart to help others in this world, and to remember our purpose in life. So we need to do everything we can to help our heart to be strong, and this means not filling our mind with fearful and dark images. This means not eating junk food and spending most of our time indoors, inactive, staring at a screen and consuming what the media is offering us.

We benefit immensely from spending more time in nature, being more active, spending time doing fun things with our friends or family, communicating more openly and more deeply with real people in the real world. Screens do not help us do any of these things. If you have a child who plays video games (and most likely, fighting or combat games), imagine if they spent the same amount of time outdoors, perhaps engaged in a community project, or just helping people.

The nourishment we get as human beings from doing such positive things cannot be replaced by a screen. Yes, we can laugh at a comedy for an hour or two, but that is temporary. We need to build a sense of fullness within, a sense of strength, a sense of care and compassion for the people in the world around us. We are being encouraged by the media consumerist society we live in to think only of ourselves; what we want in life, what we would enjoy, what would make us happy, what would make us feel safe. This self-focused way of living disconnects our heart in a very fundamental way from the people around us, and as a society we really need to change this around so that we can have a more nourishing and rewarding civilisation.

Imagine such a civilisation, where rather than everyone sitting in their own separate boxes, looking at their own personal screen, consuming all the things and information they want, instead people are concerned about the people who are suffering in their community. All our distractions and entertainment stop us thinking about this, and we can remain comfortable in our little bubble of consumerism, not only ignorant of the people who need help around us, but most tragically, ignorant of the beautiful potential of our heart. We remain unaware of the compassion and love which flow from there, which are longing to be put into action.

This is how we remember the real power of love, which tells us who we truly are and what we are here for. We are not here to consume, because consumerism essentially leads in one direction, and what’s on offer is essentially getting more and more unhealthy and detrimental to our soul. No, we are here to care, to give and to help others. To help alleviate darkness and suffering, through the innate goodness of our heart. All we have to do is start taking steps in the right direction, and things will start to flow beautifully.

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Let God’s goodness shine through your heart”

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