Experiencing timelessness

You actually dwell in eternity, but you will not perceive this until you fully let go of all thoughts of time and learn to deeply relax, to slow right down and allow your body to sink into the blissful feeling of this moment.

Hurrying in fact comes from fear; a deep subconscious fear that time is running out. To combat this fear, which operates on a deep level of your mind, you simply need to slow right down. Act as if you have all the time you need to move more peacefully, to act more carefully. Move at the speed of a graceful elephant. You will feel stronger, because you will feel more centred.

Always rushing and hurrying weakens us in a way that it very subtle, but very insidious and destructive. It establishes a root of anxiety in our heart, that simply grows as we perceive that time is always running out. It is not. That is the thinking mind’s perspective. The heart’s perspective is peace and total contentment with this moment, which is timeless. Only the heart can enjoy the peace of timelessness. The mind cannot understand it intellectually. You have to enter it.

We must invite in this peace into our heart, so that we can experience freedom from time, as imposed by our anxious mind. Time is not chasing you. It is not running out either. For just a while, simply stop thinking about time. Forget all future plans, even what you plan to do after reading this. Step out of time. Take a few gentle, deep breaths and relax into this moment, as if it is a very, very comfortable chair.

No hurry and no worry. Just a deep and relaxed enjoyment of this eternal moment. Practice this every day, especially when you notice stress and hurry are trying to take you over. Breathe and slow down. Your mind is trying to rush you to your grave, and unless you intervene it certainly will.

The mind, with its fear of shortage of time, is ruining your appreciation of the deep, timeless magnificence of being alive. The deep peace, the joy. So you must defy its plans, by slowing down when it is telling you to hurry up. Fear will tell you to speed up, to rush, to take less care and it will lead you far away from peace and union with what is really true, which is Love. You defy fear and embrace a higher truth when you become more calm and peaceful, and you slow right down, trusting that things are going to be okay if you do so.

Love is the abundance of time, and Love is what you encounter when you bring calmness and peace into this moment.


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2 Responses to Experiencing timelessness

  1. Denise Wrenn says:

    Very good advice xx

    Sent from my iPhone

  2. Naomi Foxcroft says:

    So well put Alex, and a reminder to myself… thank you 🙂

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