This is happening to you also

Recently I have felt an important need to make it clear that I am not just sharing my thoughts and opinions when I write. I only write from personal experience and direct observation of what I clearly see. If I write about God, it is not because I have read about God, or I am sharing what some religious text says about God. I will tell you honestly that over the past 20 years I have been learning to open my heart and my mind to God fully, with nothing held back or hidden.

Every night, after my children have gone to bed, I face God, I stand tall and open myself to God’s power and light, and God communicates with me. I am usually outside in nature, under the stars, which is where I am writing this now.

Opening our mind and heart in this way is such a natural experience for all of us, and there truly is nothing to fear, because God is not the wrathful and judgemental force we have often been taught about. God is so deeply, deeply loving beyond belief, and this is because God is Love. You could forget the word ‘God’ entirely, and develop an understanding of what divine Love truly is.

But to truly understand, we have to open our heart and experience this. We have to see the deeply conditioned fear which exists in our heart, which manifests as tension, and then let that tension fade away so that our heart relaxes. This is how we come closer to God, and allow God’s love to permeate us from the inside, outwards.

It is so important that we do this, because we need a conscious relationship with God, just as a child needs a relationship with their parent. We need to realise how much we are loved, how totally we are protected, how completely we are forgiven, and how thoroughly we are provided for. These things are what bring deep security into our heart, which we all really really need, more than we realise.

So many people feel insecure in today’s world, and it is not surprising given the influence of the media, and all the messages of fear and threat that we absorb on a daily basis. Fear operates in direct opposition to Love. Where love is realised, there can be no fear. But where fear is present, love is totally obscured. We really have to choose which reality we want to exist in, and ultimately we have to choose to either be fully awake (and thus come to know the reality of God’s existence), or we choose to stay in our thoughts and beliefs and opinions, which blind us to the higher divine truth that exists beyond our thinking mind.

So, I just want to finish by saying that as God has guided me over the years, God is guiding you also. You may think life is random, you may think you are in control, or you may think that other people control you. But I assure you that the truth is that God wants you to become aware of the Love that flows from its divine source. If we are deeply asleep, perhaps in a bad dream, then this can sometimes entail us being shaken awake abruptly, as we would do to a child that is crying out in fear in the middle of the night. We would wake them out of their nightmare because we love them.

The divine force of loving intelligence that flows through this universe should also be flowing through us. But we have to decide to allow it to do so. Yes, it is powerful but it is totally loving, and it is this force which makes us truly strong in our heart. If we cower beneath it in fear, we project upon it a sense of threat, that it might perhaps destroy us. But this is just a projection, because the divine force of Love will never, ever destroy us. It might shake us awake, out of our fearful dream, out of our negativity, out of all our cerebral understandings that keep us separate from experiencing the truth directly in our heart. But we should be very glad of this.

As I said, everything that is happening to you is happening for the purpose of awakening you to the presence of Love in the universe. So speak to existence, speak to the universe, or God, and say “I want to experience the Love, I want to experience the truth, I want to let go of my arrogance and intellectual pride. Just show me what is true, just let me experience the depth, the light and the beauty of reality in my heart.” Such a request will not be ignored, i assure you.

You just have to decide if you want consciousness, or if you would prefer to remain in unconsciousness. Unconsciousness has its appeal, which I fully understand. It is like hiding under a warm duvet, hoping that whoever is knocking on your door will go away. But by doing this, you will remain in the dark, and such is the state of the world at the moment that the dark is going to get darker. The only way forward is to stand up tall, and answer the door. The Love which is God is there, knocking and knocking, and it wants to bring you illumination. It wants to free you from your fears, from darkness, from weakness and from insecurity. It would be very wise to open that door, because everything your heart longs for awaits you.

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  1. Thank you for sharing. I’m reminded that God is in control and I have the choice to shut down and live in fear or to open up, to surrender to God’s plan to live consciously.

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