Becoming more aware of the Divine

Native Americans often speak of the ‘Great Spirit’ (which we might call God) and they experienced a direct, conscious relationship with it. They lived simply, in harmony with nature, without technological distraction, and they were physically active, strong and healthy.

Living this way enables a human being to attune to nature, to become a more sensitive creature, and more quiet in their mind. This is when more subtle aspects of reality become revealed to us, when we are more sensitive and attuned. This is why it is essential to simplify your life, to slow down, to get back in touch with nature, and to restore your health and vitality. Otherwise we simply remain blind to the deeper truth of life, which is spiritual and which is divine, and we will continue to look for all the wrong things in the wrong places, hoping for deep understanding and fulfilment.

Whether we know it or not, we are all looking for the divine truth – the truth beyond our thoughts, the truth of our heart – because part of us remembers it from early childhood, and deeply laments its loss. It was something we took for granted because it was always there, and we were totally open to it, and in harmony with it. It was not separate from us, as it enveloped us.

But slowly we closed down, our heart became less sensitive, and we became addicted to the things of the world. We lost our awareness of it, in our total fixation with thoughts and things. This is where we are all at now – addicted to materialism, addicted to thought. So much so that we cannot even perceive the spiritual reality in which we all exist, like fish exists in water.

So take my advice. Slow down. Simplify your life. Get closer to nature. Use the minimum amount of technology possible. Eat healthily, lightly and simply. Relax often and meditate if possible. Be more physically active, ideally in nature. Your body, heart and mind will slowly become more receptive to the beautiful divine subtlety of reality, to its intelligence and to its love. The greater intelligence of life will reveal itself to you, and you can then work on fully restoring your heartfelt relationship with it. In truth, this is what your heart longs for, and you are fully capable of helping it get what it truly needs.

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