One of humanity’s biggest problems is this: There are so many of us who don’t like rules, who don’t want any restriction, who don’t want to be prevented from doing whatever we choose. We want complete self-autonomy, which is perfectly understandable of course, as no-one wants to be a slave.

But in our strong desire to resist being controlled, we push away ALL authority, including the deeply loving authority of God, and we forget how wonderful (and vital) it is to have a strong, loving and caring authority watching over us, protecting us and guiding us away from all danger and leading us towards the fulfilment of our heart. This is exactly what God does, I assure you, if we follow his day-to-day guidance and stick to his plan.

Because if we were to relinquish our total self-autonomy – i.e. our desire to be in complete control – and we put our life in God’s hands, we would never need to experience darkness, inner pain or sadness ever again. We would step into a place of greater love, peace and deep joy, as we accepted his total divine protection. That is what God wants for us and this is what God has been doing for me, the more deeply I have accepted how he operates and welcomed his guidance into my life. However, so many of us continue to resist his guidance out of pure stubbornness, pride or perhaps sheer disbelief in his existence.

Because the truth is that we really don’t know where all the dangers lurk in this world, especially the unseen spiritual dangers, of which there are many. But God does, and he wants to guide us away from all the harmful things that we might be tempted to move towards. Unfortunately, many people interpret his guidance as oppressive control, as restriction, as “you should do this” and “you shouldn’t do that”. But he doesn’t restrict us. He has given us free will, and he lets us choose any way of living we want to. But God has very clearly told us what the consequences will be for our choices. These consequences are not his punishments, they are just the laws of his universe, and we cannot escape them in any way, even by totally ignoring them, which many people do.

God knows into which dark places certain things will lead us, and he encourages us to choose against such things and warns us what we’ll experience if we do. This essentially is what a lot of the Bible is about. The choices of nations and the choices of people, and the consequences they experienced for their choices. He has given us all of the information, so we can make really informed choices, and steer clear of any unnecessary pain, darkness and spiritual danger.

But we have been persuaded by those who are opposed to God to view his loving guidance as dictatorial control. We have been persuaded that restrictions are imposed upon us by an oppressive and angry God, who is disappointed with our sinful nature and just wants to punish us, unless we do what he says. But that is a lie, purposefully put out by people who don’t want you to know what God is REALLY like. He is not like this, I can assure you.

The love God feels for us is so very deep, and he is so very happy when he sees us moving in the right direction, closer to love. He is so pleased when he sees us taking care of ourselves, and caring for others. The deep care and compassion we feel for others who are in need is the same care and compassion that which God feels for us. It comes from him, through us.

He loves us so very much, and desperately hopes that we will choose to turn back in his direction. But he will not force us. We must choose this. He has laid out very clear directions along a specific pathway to enable you to get back home to his eternal love. These directions – if you follow them exactly – will prevent you from straying off the path into some less than desirable places and experiences, which usually lead to even more intensely undesirable experiences. You can actually avoid them all if you follow the specific directions that God has given to you, in love. They are like disciplines for your mind, heart, body and for life in general. If we push them away, ignore them, or purposefully do the very opposite of them, we essentially throw away the map which was meant to lead us home. It is an extremely foolish and self-defeating thing to do. Yet so many people do it. Are you one of those people? Have you closed your ears to his directions? Have you erased his moral guidelines from your conscience? Because this is why he gave us a conscience, and it never lies. But we can override it with our strong rational thinking, which can find a way to justify pretty much anything. Listen to your conscience, listen to God’s word. They have deeply loving and protective intentions.

We are in this confusing labyrinth called ‘life’, looking for the path that takes us home to eternal love. God is watching us and can see exactly where we are, and which way we need to go. He has provided the map, which is his moral guidance. He puts obstables in our way to prevent us going down dead ends, yet we often push our way past these obstacles, or try and destroy them. He has also provided his very brightest light, Jesus, to lead us through the darkness. Do we accept it or do we dismiss it, thinking that we can find our own way? Because we certainly do not have a light bright enough for some of the darkest corners that we can find ourselves in. If we were smart we would accept the light on offer, if we really want to find our way home, and avoid the shady pathways that only lead us into further darkness.

And unfortunately there is a force that would like us to become hopeless, to give up and remain lost in the darkness, so that it can take possession of our soul instead of us rejoining with God. This is not a joke or a metaphor; this is a deadly serious matter. That force whispers to us throughout our entire journey on the path, trying to get us to step off what is essentially a path of goodness, compassion and purity of heart; a path of increasing selflessness. But he whispers to us that this path is boring, fruitless, too ‘pure’, and essentially going nowhere. He even convinces some of us that the destination we are intuitively moving towards does not even exist; that God is not real, and there is no spiritual ‘home’ that awaits us. He persuades us that he has something much more appealing, exciting and immediately gratifying for us to experience, so that we will forget about our destination, and also the journey of purification and wisdom that we are meant to be on. So many people listen to him, throw away their map and follow his path, which is a path of temporary material pleasure and increasing selfishness, but also increasing spiritual emptiness and darkness. This is how souls become lost, and it is a great tragedy to God.

Please don’t let the media convince you that God is a negative and controlling force, because it is totally untrue. Take it from someone who has a very close relationship with God. If you already believe the misinformation and the lies, then you have been very cleverly tricked, manipulated, and duped into feeling hostility towards your own father, who actually loves you deeply, and only wants to help you come home to his love. Turning you against your own loving father is the very first thing that evil wants to do, so that it can destroy the precious bond that once existed, make you turn your back on the protection God offers, and this make you much more vulnerable to the forces of darkness.

Instead of being possessed by God’s love, your heart can easily become poisoned by the devil’s anger and hostility, and you essentially join the devil’s resentful army of ‘God haters’, which is not a pleasant fate, considering where you truly belong. Which side are you more on at the moment?

Just as God created human minds, hearts and bodies to feel the joy of being alive and the joy of being in love with him, the devil wants to use your mind, heart and body to curse your life, to darken it with anger and misery, and to hate God. You actually belong in love, peace and joy with God by the way, but he will not prevent you from turning your back on him if that is what you choose; unless you ask him to prevent that from occurring, which he will. That would be a very intelligent thing to do, because the consequences of choosing to join the team that opposes God are far from beneficial for your mind, heart and soul. They are dark to say the very least.

Trust me, I have seen all destinations. I have seen very clearly where the path away from God leads to, and I turned away from it long, long ago, back towards my loving father. On a daily basis I experience how real, attentive, loving, forgiving, tolerant, patient and benevolent he is. He does not punish me, because he understand me. He lovingly sets me straight if I stray in a negative direction, but this is very welcome because all I want is to move closer and closer to his realm of love, joy and peace, because my heart knows it belongs there. You belong there too my friend. Won’t you accept the help that is being offered to you? Please turn away from the darkness, and pick up the map which will lead you home.

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“No evil shall befall you, nor any plague

come near your dwelling. For he shall give his angels

charge over you, to keep you in all your ways.” – Psalms 91:11

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