Releasing control, receiving the Light

Human beings like to be in control, because it makes them feel safe. They fear that if they are not in control, then something might happen that they don’t want to happen, and they might experience something that they don’t want to experience.

This is simple logic and perfectly understandable, but it is flawed in one vital way. Most of the universe and what happens within the universe is totally out of our control. Our sphere of influence upon what happens to us in our life is relatively small given all the forces which are out of our control. The weather, for example. Plus every human being and every living creature that exists on this planet. Just the weather alone is a force that can turn your life upside down in an hour, very easily.

And other people; they all have their wants and desires and motivations, and some of these are guaranteed to impact your life in ways you may not be aware of. For example, you may very well be perceived as an obstacle to someone getting what they want, and they will do what they can to get you out of the way. How people treat you is simply not in your control, although you can encourage a favourable response by being friendly and respectful.

Out of a desire to get what they want, to achieve their agenda, human beings can often be very manipulative and controlling and being subjected to this is not pleasant. At some point, we might even find ourselves being the person trying to manipulate or influence another. If we see ourselves doing this, we must remember that doing so has very negative consequences. It takes us away from truth, away from clarity, away from the light, away from God, and into more shadowy realms.

God’s methods are transparent, benevolent, and full of healing possibilities . When we take on God’s methods as our own, we have nothing to hide, no selfish agenda, no desire to deceive or be false in how we present ourselves to others. There is just clarity, honesty, good will and pure intentions. This is being in alignment with God and in alignment with Christ, who was an embodiment of these qualities. This is where we need to position ourselves.

Do not fall into the trap of egoic competitiveness, which sets you in conflict with others. Get into a state of genuine heartfelt co-operation, because when we all are on the same side, the side of Love, humility, honesty, healing, with totally pure intentions to make the lives of others easier, to be of service to everyone, free of selfish wishes or ego, life’s beauty and joy reveals itself, even among difficult aspects times.

Essentially, our potential and our deepest aim is to be like Christ, to have the same heart as Christ. We can most directly achieve by this letting Christ take control of our heart. Then he guides our decisions, our choices, our very nature and personality. There is no greater blessing in the Universe than this. There is no wiser decision you can make than this, because it is what your heart is made for.

It is designed to house the highest degree of compassion, the highest degree of love, the highest degree of empathy, the highest degree of joy, the highest degree of devotion, and gratitude. There can be no greater fulfilment than this, than giving your heart for Christ to dwell in. And when you do so, simply by verbally asking him to do so, life can finally begin anew, from a truly illuminated and sacred perspective. There is nothing that is similar, nothing that is a substitute, nothing that can put you on the same frequency as Christ. It is the highest frequency of light available to us, while in a human body.

If out of pride, disbelief or a superior sense of condescension, we do not even let ourselves experience what connecting with Christ feels like, what it does for our heart and mind, then we are not being truly scientific, because we can only dismiss experiences when we have tried them or investigated them as much as possible.

A person may think that their spiritual practice makes them feel truly wonderful, or takes them to a truly transcendent place, which of course it may, and there is nothing wrong with that. It is in fact very good. But we have to find out if it can be enhanced, deepened or elevated by something else. It would be a little self-defeating to deny ourselves something that could elevate our heart to truly wondrous and joyous realms simply out of pride, skepticism or arrogance.

We have to be intelligent if we are going to fully evolve into the realm of light which we are destined to, and this means pursuing the light into higher and higher realms. It is thus that we ‘ascend into heaven’ so to speak. It is our awareness that does this, that ascends into becoming aware of the highest divine realms; realms that are obviously not of the material or mental world. They are the realms of love, joy, humility, peace and light.

Most of us want to experience these realms, but not everyone is ready to let go of all the things that prevent them from experiencing them. All the selfish desires we have, our pride, our judgement, fear, anger, competitiveness, doubt, insecurity, self-righteousness and so on. We have to let them all go so that our heart can experience its natural pureness, it’s natural innocence and total freedom from separation and darkness, which is exactly what all these attributes create in our heart, if we allow them to motivate us.

But the highest purifying force within our heart, mind and soul is that of Christ. We simply have to allow Christ to be present within us, and give the reigns of power to God, trusting fully that God will do an infinitely better job than we can. Yes, we can make money, become successful, popular, admired by many, but only God can show us the deepest meaning in life, because God is the deepest meaning in life. God IS the meaning inherent within life, for God is Love.

Love and God cannot be separated. We only choose not to see the full picture as a result of our stubbornness, skepticism, pride or arrogance. This is why humility is one of the most vital spiritual attributes. In humility, we are always willing to learn more, to be proved wrong about our suppositions or intuitions. When truth clearly presents itself in whatever form, we recognise it for what it is, rather than deny it, or disprove it. Many an intelligent and self-important man has shot himself in the foot by denying what he could not make rational sense of. And not everything makes sense in the way that we want it to. Beware of this, of thinking you know, and always be open to new information from the highest source, whatever you perceive that to be. Some call it God, but whatever name makes sense to you, it is still the highest force of wisdom and intelligence.

Sadly, many people believe themselves to be the highest force of intelligence, and thus in the absence of humility nothing new can be revealed to them. You could call this spiritual pride or arrogance, and it keeps people blind. Humility is essential if new realities are going to be revealed to us, and they are revealed as we move towards fully aligning ourselves with God; with his methods, with his nature, with his plans.

We are used as a vessel of divine light, to help illuminate the hearts of others, and this is not something that is within our control. Saying “yes” to God, “yes” to Christ is within our control, but truly illuminating the souls of others is not. That is God’s influence, that is Christ’s influence. We just allow ourselves to be a conduit of their light, love, mercy and warmth. I assure you, there is nothing more fulfilling than doing so, and all it takes is a humble decision, made in your mind and in the depth of your heart.

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  1. Denise Wrenn says:

    Very good article Alex you should get Tara to send to Gail. A couple of typos tho …..

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  2. Alicia says:

    Beautiful words and message, thanks so much for sharing the wisdom.

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