Seeing and transforming the source of fear

If we continue to obey our fearful thoughts and do what they tell us to do, we will simply continue to play host to fear in our life. This is how fear remains sovereign in our lives, by our obeying of it. Instead, we must do exactly what fear doesn’t want us to do. This is how we defy fear, by not responding to it and by taking the path opposite to the one it suggests we take. This is the path away from darkness, towards the light, where nothing can threaten or harm us.

The one thing that fear does not want you to do more than anything else, is to look at it closely and see exactly what it is. Because when we see how small and non-threatening it truly is, we will never be able to believe a single thing it tells us ever again.

Because when we listen to fear, we are just hearing its threatening voice. We are not seeing what the voice belongs to. When we see fearful images in our mind, we are not seeing what has produced the images. That is because the essence of fear, which is darkness, wants to remain in the shadows so that it can continue to exist. It is deeply, deeply afraid, and thus devotes all its energy to manufacturing darkness and illusion, in a desperate effort to remain unseen and to distract us from looking in its direction.

This fearful entity simply cannot exist in the light where we can see it and this is why it does not want to be seen. In fact, it is terrified of being seen in the light of awareness, because the light of awareness is what transforms the darkness into light. And this entity of darkness is deeply afraid of this transformation, because it considers it to be death. But it is not, it is just the transformation of a force of energy, from a fearful frequency of being to a joyful frequency of being.

So as a form of self-protection, the darkness convinces us that we must not look at it. It wants to continue to dwell in our being, and it needs a fearful and shadowy environment to do so, just like mould growing upon a wall needs a cold, dark and damp environment to flourish. It is a very similar entity, as are cancer and sickness. They are energies which thrive in an absence of light and warmth, in places where love and consciousness are not present.

So the darkness which dwells within our unconsciousness persuades us strongly that to look at it directly would – like looking at Medusa’s head of snakes – be absolutely mortifying for us. Because the more afraid we are of seeing it, the less likely we are to want to become aware of it, and thus it convinces us that ignorance and distraction are bliss. This is how it continues to rule over us, because we are not addressing its presence within our being. It is like ignoring a giant crack in the foundations of your house, hoping that it won’t matter, that everything will be fine.

So darkness uses its intelligence to make us feel deeply afraid of addressing its presence. It whispers fearful lies to us and it puts dark and threatening images in our mind, hoping that we will believe the scenarios which they portray. This is undeniably clever, but nevertheless it is based in fear, which is the essence of what darkness is. And fear and darkness cannot be considered truly intelligent, because they are lacking the vital ingredient of love, which brings a true divine depth to the existence of any conscious entity, for which there is absolutely no adequate substitute.

So darkness is an entity of fear, and it must be transformed within our consciousness if we are to progress onwards towards greater realms of light, joy and freedom. The deepest part of our soul desperately longs to evolve, and for this evolution to occur we must become aware of and thus transform the entity which is whispering darkness into our thoughts and implanting images of hopelessness and suffering into our mind.

We must see the darkness operating within our own mind and heart, so that this transformation and purification can occur. It absolutely needs to occur if we are to move forward, heal and evolve.

This is the most vital next step for us all, to be courageous enough to look directly at the entity of evil and darkness as it presents itself within our own psyche, and to not get pulled into its energy field of fear. We stay strong in peace, in our heart, and just observe its nature, observe its intentions and its methods, so that we can become wise to it.

Once you are wise to it, it cannot influence you any more because you are no longer believing what it tells you; all those messages of fear, insecurity and future suffering. You see that they are merely fear-fuelled whisperings, to keep us afraid and thus receptive to its desire to continue to dwell within us. Once we have illuminated all the dark corners of our body and mind by seeing the fears that were held there, there simply is no dwelling place in our being for darkness. We become free of its grip, and then we can finally soar above it in true freedom, above the clouds where the light always shines.

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