How Your Mind Becomes Pure

I have said before that “choosing where to put your attention is the highest practice of intelligence” and the reason that this is true is because where you put your attention essentially determines what you experience as your reality.

If your attention is upon negative thoughts, then your consciousness mirrors this. It mirrors division, darkness and conflict. If your attention is upon external conflict and disharmony – as we might witness on the news or on social media – the same thing happens. Our consciousness is tainted by an energy of disharmony, and we feel this throughout our entire being, almost as if we have absorbed the energy of that which we were giving our attention to. This is why it is of great importance what we choose to pay attention to.

Consciousness by its very nature is harmonious. It is like sunlight; it illuminates, it animates, and it transforms. It is the most powerful force in the universe, and it is benevolent, intelligent and deeply creative. This is the force which flows through us, and this is the force that we focus – like a magnifying glass focuses the rays of the sun – when we give our full attention to something.

Yet consciousness is also very subtle and very easily influenced. It is a bit like a mirror, that just reflects whatever passes in front of it. Consciousness takes on the energetic qualities of whatever it becomes conscious of. But it is not meant to be conscious of conflict, fear, division and disharmony, because these qualities actually encourage unconsciousness. These qualities makes us want to experience less consciousness, to go to sleep, to become less sensitive, because we are not designed to experience them. They disturb us to a degree.

Our biological and spiritual circuitry is designed for joy, for happiness, for laughter, for greater consciousness and presence. We become enlivened, inspired and spiritually activated when more spiritual light is present in our mind and our heart. This is what consciousness is – spiritual light – and when our consciousness is not muddied or tainted by the impurities offered to us by the world of distraction, the world of division, the world of conflict and hostility, we can actually enjoy its exquisite purity flowing through our mind and through our heart. It is this we must aim for.

Essentially, all we have to do is keep our attention focused on that which is pure and that which is beautiful. This is one significant reason why some spiritual traditions have mantras which repeat the name of God over and over. It is why pure and heartful music is an important aspect of spirituality, of worship of praise in many traditions. It is one of the main reasons why the name of Jesus is uttered so freely in the Christian tradition, because it brings people’s attention to something pure, something sacred, something divine, radiant and luminous.

This is the antidote to the modern problem we all face, of allowing our consciousness to become tainted and muddied by the things of the world. We have to become disciplined with it once more, and keep our attention on that which is pure, that which has a sacred and divine element. It does not have to be Christ of course, but this is a very powerful option.

There is a source of light within our own mind that runs pure and clear, like crystalline water. If it is not diverted towards the distractions of the world, or the distractions of our own thinking mind, it remains pure. We can instead keep our mind focused upon an idea which we consider to be divine, such as God or Love, and we can even bring our attention to this inner source of light itself.

When we meditate, or simply sit and relax our body and follow our breathing, we can focus our attention in the middle of our forehead, in the area which is sometimes referred to as the “third eye”, in between our eyebrows. This prevents our mind wandering into thought processes, and it opens up our spiritual vision, which means we can actually perceive a sense of spiritual light.

This light, like Love, is pure. It is divine, it is healing, it is restorative and it is of course deeply illuminating. It is focusing upon this light which completes the divine circle, so-to-speak, in that our consciousness is focusing upon its own source. The purity of our own luminous essence is experienced as our reality, which in truth it is, before reality gets tainted by thought energies or external worldly energies.

We need to develop ways to keep our attention on that which is pure and beautiful. Beautiful and inspiring music is very helpful. Spiritual videos, discourses and writings about God, the divine, Love and so on are also deeply valuable. Calling upon the presence of Christ (which I can assure you is very real) is also one of the most powerful ways to keep your awareness in the realm of purity, where it belongs.

In this realm, there is only light. There is no doubt or division. There is only peace, gratitude and joy. There is no fear because we lift our attention away from the realm of thought, where all psychological fear originates, and thus there is no darkness. We keep our attention focused on the supreme goodness, on the light, on the purity of the divine, of God. This is how our mind merges with the divine, through contemplating and seeking out the divine. This is what all the truly wise people of the world have done, because then you will dwell in that luminous and pure realm, which we are all searching for but many have given up on finding. It is within your own mind, prior to thought. It is within your own heart, prior to fear.

We are all capable of perceiving this purity of awareness. We just have to reclaim our attention, and stop putting it in the direction of disharmony, conflict, fear and darkness, not only in our own thoughts, but in the media, in the film and TV industry, in the news. We must become disciplined with our precious attention, and realise that our attention creates our experiential reality. What we focus upon, we will feel and we will experience.

So I invite you to focus upon the pure goodness that exists not only within your own heart, but in the entirety of creation. It is Love, and it is the creative energy of the cosmos. Focus upon its manifestations in this world, and they will lead you back to their source. Through meditation, learn to focus internally upon the light in your mind, which is a bit like an old-fashioned projector in a cinema. Before that powerful light shines through the film reel, there is only light. There is no shadow, there is no drama, there is no complication. It is only when the film reel is put in place (which represents our thoughts, our beliefs etc) that the light creates a play of drama upon the white screen.

So be still, and observe the awareness that exists before you start thinking.
Practice looking for the source of the light within your own mind and you will slowly come to perceive the radiant truth of pure divine consciousness, the One True Reality, the highest and most beautiful truth, the essence of who you are.

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