One of the worst things that has ever happened in human history is occurring right now all across the globe, in the home of almost every child in the developed world. It started with friendly witchcraft and wizards, then it became demons and vampires, then it became flesh-eating zombies, and now with the advent of Billie Eilish (by far the most popular teen singer on the planet) it has become full on satanic possession, sado-masochism, and persuading young girls that if they are good, they are going to hell. You may laugh about this, but do you realise what is happening in other areas of the media simultaneously? It has been happening for some time, right in front of your eyes. I will show you…

Once you’ve watched the above video, you might ask “so what can I do?”

We have to see the media as a kind of ‘illusion maker’ which very cleverly creates false and inaccurate realities which we believe and thus which affect us as if they were true, causing fear, distress, anxiety and so on.

So it is essential to have a little detox – meaning that you and your children stop absorbing all of its information for just a few days (and that includes all books, magazines, radio, YouTube, pop music etc) – and spend more of that time in nature if possible; more time communicating with each other face-to-face, more time doing fun things together at home or outdoors, and more time being in the real world instead of the digital media world. Then you will get a very different sense of reality from what the media is promoting, which is mostly fear driven.

With the negative influence of the media put aside, nature can influence you instead, and it tells your heart the truth I can assure you. Because the truth is not dark, pessimistic or threatening. The truth is that you are part of a divine orchestration on this Earth, and that God is 100% with you all of the time. But to sense the truth of this, you have to turn away from all negativity, darkness, pessimism and doom in the media, and all such thoughts that it creates in your mind. Dark and pessimistic messages can only pull you and your children in the opposite direction to truth, beauty and God, and you need to be disciplined if you are going to make things easier and for you and your children. We need to be very careful what we give our attention to, because everything leaves a residue in our mind and if we look at it enough, it can reach our heart. This is why it is vital for your children to consume inspiring messages and positive information.

I strongly recommend prioritising taking your children into nature regularly so they can remember how good life is, and how much more rewarding and joyous the natural world is compared to the digital world. Help them. Educate and alert them them about the negative influences present in the media, so they can notice it them for themselves and thus be more guarded against it.

And the most important thing is to just spend more time with your children (but not in front of a screen). So many parents allow a gap to form between them and their children, simply because they don’t spend much time together doing positive and fun things, or even simply talking. Your children, if you have them, are the very most precious things in the universe. Be their guide, their protector and respected elder. Because if you don’t, there is a screen waiting to take your place.

Feel free to contact Alex if you would like any advice on this issue.