Experiencing The Highest Reality

There is no need to be afraid of anything in this material reality, because it is illusory. It is a dream our minds are producing. What is real is the light that is observing the entire earthly theatre, watching on from the spiritual dimension.

You can re-join with this light, because it is what you truly are. You are part of it. You can ascend your awareness to its higher level, it’s higher plane of reality, and in doing so, you return home. You are rescued from the illusion – saved – and you return to the truth, by experiencing it in your soul.

You are now above the world, looking down, no longer invested in anything it offers. Your mind has returned to the light, your heart has returned to transcendental love, to the ocean of God. You observe the world, much like a person who is observing a television show, but not getting remotely interested or absorbed in the story. You just see the shapes and colours moving around, you hear the sounds, but most of your attention is elsewhere, in the higher dimension of awareness, in the realm of pure consciousness, which simply sees all.

There is infinitely more to see than what is happening on the material dimension. The spiritual reality is limitless and eternal, and comprised entirely by beautiful divine light, which resonates like a heavenly chime of the deepest beauty. That is where our attention belongs, and this what is communicating with us, whenever we encounter Love.

Love speaks from the divine realm, it is the language of that realm, so it is vital that we listen to it if we wish to be saved from the labyrinth of the earthly illusion, and restored to our heavenly home; a place where the divine sun shines eternally from within our soul.

We must walk through the doorway of our heart, approach the bright flame that burns there and let that flame dissolve all of our mental illusions and misunderstandings. All that is left is truth, the dimension of pure and beautiful light, the divine reality which is our home.


“Develop the Strength of your heart”

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We are all children, longing to find our way back to
the world of innocence, joy and freedom we once knew”

“Darkness & fear cannot exist where there is light & joy”


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