The Baby & The Bathwater

You’ve probably heard the phrase “Don’t throw out the baby with the bath water”, which means that there is something deeply valuable we need to keep, amongst that which needs to be disposed of. I am going to apply this phrase to modern organised religion, and then explain how there is an absolutely vital (and very simple) experiment that we all need to do, for the benefit of our heart and soul.

Now, am I saying that modern organised religion should be disposed of? Not exactly, but I do understand why many people don’t want it in their life, and for good reason. So, understandably, many people have thrown out from their lives what they see as the old bathwater of organised religion, which appears to them as antiquated, out of touch with the modern world and very dogmatic. And in many respects they are not wrong.

However, we are in great danger of throwing out something incredibly valuable; the most valuable thing in existence in fact, and it is absolutely vital that we do not do this. So please read carefully and consider what I am about to tell you…

So, many people are opening their eyes and seeing that there is a widespread agenda – being propagated via the media – to create division and fear in our society. It’s the age-old ‘divide and rule’ tactic, being implemented on the largest scale possible: globally. Different factions, groups and demographics of our society are being turned against eachother, and encouraged to be angry with eachother. The most obvious example of this is in the political sphere, with the left wing v right wing (and this is most clearly observable in the USA). And also, women are being turned against men, black people against white people, young against old. Every issue that could possibly divide people into opposing camps is being highlighted in the media. Brexit in the UK is another example.

And now, with the global pandemic situation, those who are eager to comply with increased restrictions to combat Covid are being encouraged to resent those ‘conspiracy theorists’ who doubt the validity of the entire virus and don’t want to comply with the recommended health measures, such as mandatory mask-wearing. Soon we will have those who want the vaccine (and want others to have it) pitted against those who refuse to accept it. And so it goes on. If you watch the media carefully and analyse the messages being put out, it appears that fear, conflict and hostility are intentionally being fuelled for political purposes, and this is what ‘divide and rule’ is all about.

The powers which control this global political agenda (and which essentially also control the media) want people to feel afraid and insecure; not only because it makes them a better consumer (and people always consume more when they are insecure) but also because it brings out the most primal part of human nature. Global peace is not the agenda here; but global chaos is, and we can see that it is working.

A world in chaos can be rearranged, restructured and re-ordered much more easily than a world which is stable and balanced. A new kind of order (i.e. one that more benefits the power-and-money-hungry) can more easily be implemented if the world appears to be in chaos and disorder, and people will actually be wanting this ‘new order’ because they feel very uncomfortable in the midst of chaos and confusion. On the deepest level, humans beings fundamentally need stability and order to feel secure. When they are confused and overwhelmed, people can be easily manipulated and reoriented by those who know exactly what they are doing.

If you knew the degree to which psychological – and almost hypnotic – techniques are used to steer the masses in certain directions, you would be astounded. And at the core of all these techniques is the necessity to create a feeling of insecurity in the people. Our most primal and fundamental need is the need for security and when we do not feel secure, we will seek it in the most immediate way possible. A very innocent example of this is comfort eating, which brings an immediate sense of pacification, comfort and security.

But if you apply this to a whole society and make the people feel very unstable and insecure, not only will they seek immediate security through increased consumerism (thus ploughing more money into the hands of the big corporations) but, generally speaking, they will be eager to accept any new changes to society which will make them feel more secure. This is what a ‘nanny’ state is; a society which essentially is very controlled and oppressive, but offers a strange sense of security to all those who are in need of order and structure. It relies upon the idea that the outside world is chaotic and dangerous, and that governmental intervention and control is necessary to keep us safe. This is why the media is busy (and has been busy for many decades) painting the world as a dangerous and threatening place, because it makes people desire the increased (but illusory) sense of security provided by the government. It’s an age old technique of societal control, and it has never been used on such a vast scale as it is today.

We are currently in great danger as a species, because we are in the midst of great confusion and chaos (which had been intentionally created) and the media is now in the process of reorienting our thoughts, our emotions and our priorities away from peace, away from love and happiness, away from faith and trust, away from community, togetherness and celebration and away from non-violence and compassion. We are being intentionally steered into the lower realms of human nature; into the reactive, fight-or-flight, fearful and aggressive nature of our animalistic side, and toying with our fundamental sense of security is the primary method of doing this.

(I must say here that young people are most vulnerable to this agenda, because having a sense of stability and security is essential to them in order to help them build a foundation upon which to grow. Young people are under attack like never before, and I speak about that in great detail in the following article, which I recommend you read after this one: )

So what is the antidote to all of this? because as humans we certainly do need a very real and fundamental sense of security, yet it is not the security we are being told we need. If we embrace a deeper source of security, no fear can overcome us. We will be able to experience true and unshakeable peace, freedom and happiness, irrespective of what appears to be occurring in the outside world. So what is this deeper security?

Well, first it’s important to understand that love simply cannot be present where there is fear and insecurity, and lots of very negative things takes its place, such as judgment, bitterness, resentment, anger, pessimism, hopelessness and so on. Yet the very presence of love in our heart dispels all of these things effortlessly. And that’s why it is the solution to this negative agenda of fear and division. But it’s deeper than that…

“Perfect love casts out fear” says the Bible, and perfect love and faith is what we all need now if we are to traverse this very challenging landscape of fear and darkness being propagated by the media, which is polluting the minds and hearts of millions of people. ‘Perfect love’ most definitely is the only solution, and the good news is that it is available to us all right now. But what is it?

It is a higher truth – a spiritual light if you will – that you can access at any moment you choose, and all you need to know is how to do so. This is the antidote to all the chaos, insecurity, fear, anger, confusion and pessimism that is sweeping the world like a plague.

So I am going to tell you how to invoke that ‘perfect love’, and allow its light to cast out all fear and darkness from your heart. It’s the simplest thing in the world in fact. However, when I tell you your mind will probably say “No way. That cannot be the solution. I do not want that solution. I want a better solution.” But I can assure you there is not a better solution, and I have been searching for it for 23 years. 23 years of meditation, spiritual teachers, healing medicine ceremonies, physical and emotional cleansing, fasting and detoxification, and many other spiritual pursuits that had a transformational effect upon my consciousness.

But why will our mind want to reject the only solution that can solve the deepest maladies in our heart? 1. Because of the pride of the ego, which doesn’t want true healing for you, and 2. Because of everything that has become associated with this solution – i.e. because of the dirty “bathwater” that I mentioned earlier. But the baby is what we need to focus on, and it is absolutely vital that we do not throw him out.

So much impurity, self-righteousness, greed, oppression and even abuse has been associated with the one thing which is of the very most pure, gentle and forgiving nature; the most beautiful gift that was ever given to us as a species. That gift is still on offer, but in many peoples’ minds it is unacceptable because they perceive it to be greatly tarnished by all the above-mentioned things. But it cannot be tarnished, and it remains as pure and beautiful as ever. It remains the only solution to cast out every last ounce of fear and darkness from our heart, and it will do this without any effort required on our part.

I know this with total certainty, because I have been undergoing this process since the age of 33. I am now 41 years old and I am speaking to you about this with the authority of someone who has undergone the very process which they are recommending. What do I recommend you do? What is the effortless way to allow your heart to be transformed by perfect love? Call upon Jesus. He is perfect love. That is his identity.

I am not promoting the religion of Christianity to you, I am not recommending you read the Bible. I am simply telling you that if you want to cast out all fear, you need to invite in perfect love. This is what Jesus is, as a spiritual force of light that has always existed and is as real as the sun, yet in spiritual form. He is the concentrated force of perfect love, the emissary of universal love, which has become personalised and relatable for the benefit of us all. The light of Jesus is a personal light, that is as intelligent and loving as we could ever wish for. And that light knows our heart, because our heart was designed for it.

That light was with us as children, when we dwelled in innocence, joy and wide-eyed wonder at the beauty and magic of world. We knew that light well. We didn’t name it or understand it, but we knew it was meant to be with us, we knew we loved it being there, we knew it brought us joy. That light was – and still is – Jesus. Even without the name, that light still is. It doesn’t depend on a name. And this beautiful light is what we are all looking for, whether we realise it or not. That light is the only thing that can fully illuminate our heart in the way that we all desperately need, so that fear and darkness can becomes things of the past.

There is a reason why Jesus is specifically associated with children, and it is because all children have at some point known the light of Jesus, even if it seemed to depart from them early on in their life. But the truth is, it didn’t depart from us. We barricaded ourselves from that perfect loving light by building a thick wall, and then surrounded that wall with thorns of anger, pain, fear and doubt. We built a secure new home for ourselves (our ego) that didn’t need that beautiful light, nor the joy and happiness it created within our heart.

Our new home of illusory conceptual identity depended upon our thinking mind, rather than our heart, and had as its motivation the desire to create security for us, through the means of control. But in truth, the ego imprisons us and keeps us separate from the brightest spiritual light which would actually cause it to dissolve. It tells us to be afraid of this light, as it will reveal all our flaws, weaknesses and character defects, and we will be fully seen and thus judged as unworthy of divine love. This is the ego’s most subtle but most powerful lie, intended to keep us in the darkness and afraid of the light.

And thus the reality of the most beautiful and delightful thing that you every knew – and could ever know – became a distant memory, and eventually just a concept like everything else. I am here to remind you that Jesus is not a belief or a concept. Jesus is the most real, beautiful, loving and powerful spiritual light that exists, and you can restore his presence in your heart, simply by dropping your resistance to the idea of him and deconstructing the wall that you built up to keep him out. You might have to cut down the brambles of pride in the process too, because our pride keeps us from the humility that connects us with the true innocence of our heart.

So how do you dismantle the wall you built? Simply by using Jesus’ name, and being open to his presence in your heart once more. He knows you are talking to him. But please be aware that your ego – which is essentially just the voice of pride in your head – will tell you not to do this, and remind you of all those negative association connected with Jesus. So all you have to is put them aside (i.e throw out the bathwater) and just focus on what remains, which is Jesus himself.

If you doubt that he is real, then be scientific and find out. It’s not going to harm you to ask Jesus if he really exists. And to be honest, it is foolish if we just assume he doesn’t without finding out for sure. It is very important to be truly scientific and objective in this instance.

Imagine if the world’s greatest scientist was on the verge of the most significant and beneficial discovery in the history of humankind. He just had one last vital experiment to do before he had all the information he needed to conclude and share his work with the world. But for some strange reason he decided he didn’t want to do that final and vital experiment, and as a result his truly phenomenal discoveries were never shared with the world, to the immense detriment of all humankind. This is how it is when we refuse to investigate – and ultimately, resurrect – the absolutely vital reality of Jesus in our heart.

If we don’t do that last experiment, then something truly profound, beautiful beyond comprehension, astounding and deeply magnificent will be lost forever. And I mean forever. This is by far the most significant decision that we will ever face in our adult life, and I’m asking you to consider everything I have written here, and be very careful that you do not throw out that precious baby with the bathwater of religion. That baby is part of your family. He represents the purity of your own heart, your innocence, your joy and also your power. If you cast him out without taking the time to give your attention to him and find out who he truly is, you will certainly regret it. Please hear me, as I know the consequences of turning our back on the light we need, and it is something we would do anything to avoid if only we knew it. In relation to this, I recommend reading this article:

So please be truly scientific in this case. You do not need to blindly believe what I am saying, but just do what is intelligent and find out for sure whether Jesus is real, just by calling upon him silently and earnestly. Ask him to prove himself to you beyond any doubt. No-one needs to know that you do this, and either way, you will be more informed for having done so. This is the final experiment, and it is a vital one. And then, having done this, you can come to a fully informed conclusion and thus make more fully informed decisions about exactly what you need to do now, in the face of this extremely challenging moment in human history.

I wish you well & God bless you,



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2 Responses to The Baby & The Bathwater

  1. Ellen Faust says:

    I just found your videos and your website today, and I am so grateful! This is how I have always felt Jesus, and it is difficult to explain to others who only know Him in the context of religion and dogma. Thank you, brother! I believe we are the same age (my bday is 2/28/79), and I also had a significant life event in 2012 at 33 that changed the course of my life, initiated deep soul searching, and ultimately brought me back to Jesus. I truly believe God has been preparing our hearts for the battle that is here now.

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