Good, evil and the media

It is evident that both good and evil are at work through humanity and once you understand how evil operates you will be able to understand how to fully and wholeheartedly embrace that which is divinely good, from a spiritual perspective as well as psychological and emotional one. This is a vitally important process for every human being to undertake, now more than ever.


As a very real spiritual force evil most certainly has an agenda, which is to spread as much darkness and create as much suffering as possible. It is a bit like cancer, in that it feeds upon life to create darkness and ultimately death. Evil does this by propagating fear and leading people away from their heart, into the dualistic and thus divided mental realm of thoughts, concepts and beliefs. Through our thinking mind it weaves a veil of deception and confusion. It generates the most fundamental misunderstanding that the human mind can have, which is the delusion of being separate from the light  of the vast intelligent consciousness which many call God. This is like a fish being completely unaware of and totally disconnected from the vast body of liquid substance which we call the ocean. 


A conscious acceptance, openness and engagement with the divine force of loving intelligence which surrounds us is not only possible; it is inevitable and necessary. But first we have to navigate the murky waters, the fears, the darkness, the destructive emotions and the spiritual misunderstandings that cloud our mind. The best way to do this is to learn about how your mind is deceived by mistruths, which at their root contain the seeds of darkness. We need to learn how our thoughts weave the conceptual mental realities that we enter into and fully believe without even questioning their validity. The investment of our belief into these illusory and superficial versions of ‘reality’ only serves to lead us further and further away from the divine truth, which is the intelligent and benevolent presence of divine goodness, also referred to by many as God.


Evil’s agenda is to take us far, far away from this beautiful awareness (which you might describe as heavenly) into a psychological realm of fear, misery and hatred that you would likely describe as hell. Evil purposefully misleads people diametrically away from the beautiful divine truth which are hearts are designed for (and which they long for), towards a totally false, darker truth which it creates in our minds and skilfully persuades us to believe as true. 


Evil wants to fill our minds with horrific, disturbing and fearful images, that keep coming back to us when we most wish they wouldn’t. And the madness of it is that we voluntarily sit down down in front of our screens and let this happen. We choose to allow dark images and ideas to influence our brain chemistry and our state of consciousness. We choose to let visions of misery and suffering in through the windows of our soul, into a place that is deeper than we can comprehend. We are complicit in the darkening of our own soul when instead we could be fully engaged in opening up to, feeling, and fuelling the beautifully luminous fire of divine love in our heart; God’s greatest gift. 


Believing the deceptive lies and visions of darkness ultimately leads human beings in the opposite direction from divine compassion and love, towards thoughts and actions that bare the hallmark of darkness; such as fear, anger and cruelty, whether it be psychological, emotional or physical. The intentional and wilful infliction of any kind of suffering upon another living being – no matter how subtle – has its roots in darkness and if it is justified mentally and fuelled emotionally, it will only bring greater darkness and woe into our heart. We should be very aware that we move in completely the opposite direction; harbouring thoughts of forgiveness to all people without exception, and ensuring that no ill will towards others grows in our heart. We need to make a specific effort to think and act kindly, irrespective of a person’s behaviour or actions. This is crucial if we want to be moving in the direction of love; well away from darkness, suffering, fear, division, anger and hostility. Most people truly want this in the depth of their heart. 


So when it comes to understanding evil’s tactics of deception, misdirection and ‘endarkenment’ we have to understand that essentially it wants the opposite of what Love wants for us, which is peace, forgiveness, freedom, happiness, togetherness, laughter and joy. So in order to lead us as far away as possible from these deeply positive states, which together comprise a truly heavenly realm of consciousness, it attempts to convince us that the ultimate truth of life is the exact opposite to what is divinely true from the heart’s perspective (which is God’s perspective).


Evil attempts to persuade us that we are separate, isolated, unloved, in the dark, vulnerable, threatened, under attack and that to achieve any sense of inner security we have to control, manipulate and deceive others, while simultaneously defending ourselves from them. It attempts to persuade us that threat is everywhere, thus sowing fear in our heart so that Love and faith cannot grow there. Quite simply, it’s agenda is to lead us as far away from our heart as possible, because this is where God can truly communicate with us, and shares his essence with us.


So let’s consider how much information is being put ‘out there’ into the public domain (via the media) that bad things are happening or are going to happen. That war is on the horizon, that darkness is increasing, that the Earth is on the verge of ecological collapse, that artificial intelligence may pose a threat to the human race, that hatred and violence is increasing. All the negative things that we are led to believe are true – or might become a reality sometime in the future – create fear in us. And if we are subjected to enough of this kind of information we begin to feel hopeless about the future, hopeless for humanity. We begin leaning heavily towards negativity and pessimism, and can only envision a bleak future in our mind. 


Bleakness and misery is exactly what evil wants our minds to be contemplating all of the time, and a large facet of the media is doing a great job of assisting in propagating such a message of pessimism and hopelessness. It comes through all the popular avenues: pop music, TV, film, advertising, video games, magazines and books.


Do an experiment: Notice all the things you see in these channels of information and ask yourself: “What kind of message is this mostly promoting? A message of hope and optimism or a message of negativity and pessimism.” If it is the latter, do not give any more attention to this source of information. Don’t absorb any more darkness, because your mind is a deeply precious and creative space. Instead, turn your attention to some process which is positive and constructive, even if it simply breathing and being thankful for the simple things that you have in your life. From that space, you can find positive and powerful responses that come from a place of wisdom rather than fear or darkness.


The visions and beliefs that you let dwell in your mind subtly influence your state of consciousness and shape your earthly experience in powerful ways. This is why we need to be very wary of the messages being put out through the media, by advertisers, by record companies, by TV and film companies, and by video game designers. Believe it or not, they do not always have the noblest of intentions (and that is a vast understatement). 


Beside the well-researched fact that fearful, insecure and anxious people spend more money (and thus boost the consumerist economy), a lot of these huge media companies are funded and controlled by bigger organisations with very specific (and not so positive) socio-political agendas. I know this to be true for many large and well-known media organisations; names you might instinctively trust. It always good to be sceptical about powerful and influential organisations and fully research them, as well as observing their fruits. Analyse what they are producing, to see if they are consistently good or consistently bad fruits. Sometimes they are neither, but it’s good to find out what their true intentions are and it’s usually plain to see if you look carefully.


We have to understand that where power is concerned, fear is by far the most effective tool of choice. And is there any better way to propagate fear-inspiring information than upon the screens that we all have in our living rooms, that we all carry around in our pockets, that we all rely upon for our human communications and interaction, that we all look to for entertainment and distraction? It would be very naive to believe that huge media companies with political ties are spending hundreds of millions of dollars on very complex, extremely realistic and powerful stories (i.e films, tv programs, even music videos), just for the sake of entertainment. 


I have said it before many times; stories (especially those that appear on a screen and are accompanied by a emotional soundtrack) are one of the most powerful ways to convey deeper truths to people. Or considering what I have observed over the past few years, deeper mistruths and negative conditioning. Stories resonate and educate on a subconscious level mostly, which is why we should always ask ourselves, “what is the deeper message here?”. As very sensitive and easily influenced creatures, we all need messages and sources of inspiration. We need messages of hope and faith, messages that en courage inner strength, love and resilience; messages that make us stronger in our heart, in our determination to have a positive impact on the world around us. Are you seeing many of these messages in the mainstream media and entertainment industry? Look and listen closely, and analyse the type of messages that are most prevalent, most often being put out via pop songs, TV programs, films, advertising and video games. 


Perhaps this whole situation would not be so problematic if only a few million people out of 7 billion alive on this planet were hooked into the mainstream media. But it is much bigger than that, and billions of human minds – many of which are children’s minds – are absorbing the subtle messages which are pouring out through our screens on a daily basis. To assume that this information doesn’t really affect us is very wishful thinking. (To learn in more detail about how young minds are influenced by negative or disturbing information in the media, read this excellent book by Professor Joanne Cantor, entitled “Mummy, I’m Scared” : )


I have been carefully observing the media and entertainment industry as an information-propagating machine for over a decade and a half. And now, like never before, it is being flooded with stories and images of darkness and fear; depictions of mass violence, evil, dystopia and misery. From TV programs, to advertising, to pop music, to Hollywood movies, to kids video games, to streaming video sites… I am witnessing an extreme proliferation of dark and disturbing imagery, portrayals and ideas. Psychological horror is now being aimed at kids. Dark and fearful dystopian visions of the future are now commonplace. Pop videos graphically promoting demonic possession, and lyrics encouraging young kids to embrace “the dark side” are also far, far more common than you may realise. 


Not everyone realises the exact nature of the messages that their kids are listening to, but it would be wise to pay closer attention to the lyrics that end up going round and round in the minds of our children everyday. This may sound like overprotection, but we have to remember how infinitely precious and wonderful the innocence of a child’s mind is. Does it matter if we let the media fill our children’s minds with ideas and images of misery, suffering, darkness and horror? I assure you, children’s minds are not even remotely impervious to such messages. Again, for an excellently researched scientific view of this issue, I encourage you to read the above mentioned book by Professor Joanne Cantor on this important subject.


Because if you do a little research, watch the videos that are being aimed at kids, read the lyrics of the popular songs, pay attention to the more subtle messages being put out in films and TV programmes and pick up on any agendas that might be present, you will think twice about trusting the media machine as a mere ‘entertainment provider’, especially for children. It is so much more powerful than that, and many of those within it in positions of power have less-than-wholesome agendas, to put it mildly. 


Evil is not just found in the dark alleyways of the cities, or in the maximum security prisons cells. It exists where there is the greatest degree of corruption of the human heart. And there is very little that corrupts people as quickly and thoroughly as power and money do, except perhaps drugs. Follow the money, follow the power, and you will learn that very powerful people are indeed involved in very disturbing things. We have all seen this in the Jeffrey Epstein case. Corruption, perversion, and evil are bedfellows. They are usually found together. 


This is why we should be very wary that extremely powerful organisations are pouring out endless free ‘entertainment’ and information upon our screens at a rate that we couldn’t possibly keep up with. The media world is over-saturated and if we are absorbing it, our mind becomes the same. Over-saturated with messages of negativity, conflict, fear, violence, darkness, hopelessness and pessimism.


Personally, I am not a pessimistic person at all. I don’t absorb or pollute my mind with much of what it out there in the news and entertainment world. But I am very, very concerned about the people (especially the young people) who are absorbing all the negative and fearful messages without realising it; without analysing them. Such messages are like food for our subconscious mind, and have a powerful impact on our psyche. Teen suicide rates around the world are rising rapidly, and I am in no doubt that the media has a very important role to play in this fact. As I said before, we all need positive messages to inspire us, but young people more so. So when I see young pop singers using their songs to persuade teenage kids that hell is a desirable destination, I know there is a big problem, especially when no loud voices are heard in the media saying this is not a good message to promote. Quite the opposite in fact. This singer is on all the big talk shows, magazine covers, and receiving awards at music ceremonies for her dark and demonic songs. 


I think we are all a bit too addicted to the world of information and entertainment that is offered to us on a plate. We need time in nature far more. We need heart-to-heart communication and conversation far more, especially with our own family members. I often wonder how many families – at the end of the working / school day – all sit down together and talk, communicate, discuss and share. And I wonder how many families instead have the parents sitting in front of one screen downstairs watching their programmes, while the kids are sitting in front of their own screens upstairs, watching their programs, or perhaps browsing the internet or playing video games. 


Open, honest and heartfelt communication is what strengthens the family bond and helps the members of the family feel supported and connected to each other. Children especially need this because they need the wisdom and guidance of their parents, even if they think they don’t. And if they don’t get it from their parents they will seek it out elsewhere. They will often look to figures whom they respect in the media – celebrities, singers, actors and even the characters they portray in their films – and thus absorb the messages and values which they promote. 


All young people need a sense of self worth, self-identity and purpose, and naturally in an ideal world it is their respected elders – their parents and grandparents – who are the ones offering such needed guidance. We should be careful that we keep our family bonds strong, so that our children listen to us about how to contribute positively to this world, rather than to pop stars who are singing encouragingly about Lucifer (i.e. Billie Eilish). This is not a joke. There are some very, very damaging influences now in the media. Truly evil and disturbing influences (e.g. Stranger Things) that children are not being shielded from, but in fact are actually encouraged to give their attention to, because badness and evil is now “cool” according to much of the media. Carefully observe the messages in all areas of the media (including advertising) and you will see this trend for yourself, especially in pop music aimed young girls. Artists such as Billie Eilish, Kesha, Halsey, Au/Ra, Aurora and many others are putting out some really sinister messages to young girls. If you think I am exaggerating, just watch the last 2 or 3 videos by each of these artists, and listen to the message they are singing out. You will see what I am talking about.


But this article is not just about children though. It is about you also, and how the media can lead your mind and your thoughts in a certain direction without you even realising it. The media can have us contemplating the end of civilisation with just a few well placed news articles. It can have us thinking that a 1984-type dystopia is just around the corner, if we watch the right things. It can have us contemplating some very dark and disturbing things if we follow the consequential path of thought that certain programs and films lead our mind along.


But the media essentially fabricates realities (and often information), and so it is very important to remember that the higher truth of this life is indeed divine. God is an absolute reality, I can assure you after 22 years of meditation, cleansing, fasting and spiritual exploration, (and that was all before Christ approached me), and there is certainly no reason to fear. But we have to stop encouraging ourselves to be fearful, which we do when we are actively polluting our mind with images of suffering, conflict and darkness. There is no need to do this. It is not mandatory; it is a choice, and I highly recommend choosing differently. 


The media wants your attention, yes. It wants to keep you engaged with it, but you don’t actually need it. You need a connection with nature much, much more. Your soul needs the influence of nature so that it can harmonise with the divine energy of life, which is love. It also needs creativity too; creativity that brings you inspiration and joy, so that you can be a channel for that love. This is what we are designed for.


Ultimately, our soul needs the transcendental experience; it needs to receive the light that comes from God’s presence, which is very real. This is why it is important that we spend time daily in silence, not listening to our thoughts but instead communicating with the higher loving intelligence which many call God. It is obviously spiritual, and therefore not perceivable with our five material senses, but something in the core of our heart comes alive when we humbly ask for communication with that which is greater than us. 


It does require humility to ask something which you cannot see, hear, touch or feel to communicate with you, but who is judging you? Who will know if you silently ask God for assistance or guidance? And you have absolutely nothing of any value to lose. In fact the only thing that we will lose is the thing we most need to lose; our arrogance, our ego, our self delusion that we know exactly what is true and real. We don’t, and we can’t. We can only receive glimpses of divine truth, in direct proportion to our openness and our humility. If we think that we know, or we don’t need to know, nothing can be revealed to us because there is no humility. Humility is the key.


If we could see the full reality of the benevolent and loving force that wants to guide us, protect us, provide for us and love us totally, then our life would be transformed in an instant. We would turn our back on fear and insecurity, and open our heart to the most beautiful and powerful force in the universe: Love, which is God. We can take a massive step in this direction by turning our thoughts to Christ – God’s greatest gift to humanity – and asking him to dwell in our heart. Again, the only thing we have to lose by doing so is our arrogance, our pride, our ideas that we can do it all by ourselves, because I assure you, we cannot. But what do I mean by this?


As I said earlier, evil is a very real spiritual force and when it approaches our mind and attempts to influence our thoughts and visions (as is now occurring via the media on a scale like never before) then we need some spiritual protection. Evil is intelligent also, and knows exactly how to corner people in their mind, and make them perceive that there is no escape from darkness or suffering. When this occurs – and the media is now being used to ensure that it does occur among more and more people – then Christ is the solution. You may have heard the term “spiritual warfare”… well there is most certainly a battle being fought for your mind, your attention, your allegiance and your trust, and evil’s greatest weapon by far is the media and its power to implant ideas, images, visions and scenarios in our mind. Do you trust the agendas of the big media companies and what they are telling you? Because a great deal of it is designed to evoke fear. A great deal of it is encouraging us to contemplate darkness, dystopia, misery and conflict. 


I don’t say these things speculatively, casually or lightly. I have been carefully studying the media and its messages for many years, and it has become as as obvious as day exactly how it is being used by powerful organisations to misinform and mislead millions and millions of people. As I hope is evident from my writing, I know my subject matter. I know very well how evil operates; I know how it manifests and propagates itself. Be aware of the media and the messages it is putting in your mind (and the minds of your children) especially in the guise of ‘entertainment’, but also through the world news.


If something tilts your mind in the direction of fear, it is detrimental to you. If it puts dark, violent or twisted images in your mind, it is detrimental to you. If it makes you pessimistic about the future, it is detrimental to you. As incredibly complex, sensitive and spiritual creatures, we need faith, not fear. We need a total trust in the force that in truth has the power to protect us from absolutely anything. It can lift us above the murky dimension of darkness, conflict and fear, into a realm of trust, peace and gratitude. It can fully do this only if we are humble enough to accept it’s method of doing so, which is Christ. 


Christ transforms our heart and purifies it totally, when given the opportunity. This is the only way to become totally free from every last ounce of darkness, fear and separation from God’s divine presence. It is given freely, without a requirement that we are perfect, or worthy. All are worthy. We just need enough humility to ask for (and accept) this crucial assistance in the battle between good and evil that is now becoming more and more evident. 



I write all this from my heart because I want to see a world free of darkness and suffering. It troubles me deeply that people are being misled, deceived and polluted by the media, and especially children. I have learned over the years the reality of what Christ does when he touches our mind and our hearts, and how vitally important he is at this staggeringly momentous time in human history. When human souls can either become enlightened or darkened, we have to make absolutely sure we are walking down the right path. Heaven and hell are both very real states of consciousness, and we want to do everything we can to turn our back on the darkness and fully embrace the light. This is what motivates me to share these words with you, and I hope they assist you in moving in the right direction. 



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