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During this article, I ask you to consider anew all the things you have heard in the media, all the things you have become convinced of as true, because there are some very serious deceptions occurring which a great many people are falling for. You may already be aware of what they are. This really is the age of deception.

So just imagine for a moment that you were an evil genius mastermind, who wanted to trick as many millions of people as possible into falling for your global deception. For a start, you certainly wouldn’t reveal it as an evil plan. You would make people think it was a good plan, a plan for the benefit of mankind. Then people would be inspired to join you, to support your ideas and their practical implementation – even if it meant greater restriction on their personal freedom – because it appears to be necessary for the greater good of the cause which you are promoting.

This is how evil regimes get the support of millions of people, and the more intelligent the people, the more clever and persuasive the argument needs to be in order to get them on board. It needs to appeal to their emotions, make them feel fearful, angry or passionate – or ideally all of these things. And it is likely to appeal more to the younger generations, because they are generally the ones who need a cause to feel passionate about. Also, they are the ones who will pretty much accept the information being given to them without a great deal of scepticism or suspicion, especially if it presented as “anti-establishment” and “cool.”

This is why, in the expansion of oppressive regimes, the young are always targeted heavily, because the negative or fearful messages (i.e. the propaganda) is accepted in their minds without much resistance. They are also targeted early, because in 5 or 10 years time the misleading “false-truths” which most oppressive regimes are based upon have become deeply embedded in their psyche as undeniable facts of reality. And thus the likelihood of anyone persuading them to question their own beliefs will be virtually zero.

Tell people a lie from a young age, and for long enough, and it will simply become their reality, no matter how unpleasant the consequences which that lie leads to may be. Use this lie to motivate them with fear, and there will be no alternative in their minds, no different choice of actions, because they will not question the underlying lie. This is how you can get decent human beings to do things which are oppressive and cruel, because they are inwardly convinced that the cause absolutely necessitates it. Either that, or the consequences of dissenting from the agreed narrative are so fear-inspiring that it is far easier to jump on board the band wagon. A lot of people are jumping on band-wagons at the moment without really researching the validity of the information which it is based upon. They see everyone jumping aboard – all the alternative people, all the spiritual people, all the compassionate people – and think it must be good, without really using their intelligence to see where the wagon could be heading.

There is great power in the persuasiveness of a group who are firm in their convictions, yet who are using fear and panic to motivate people. People can do inhumane things when they are panicked. This is why you should be extremely wary of any ‘leader’ or public figure who tells people they need to panic. That is a very dangerous thing to do. But it is also a very powerful thing to do if you want people to eagerly follow the instructions that you are giving them. You say, “this is a terrible and dire emergency, but if you do what we are suggesting, things might be okay.”

People act from fear and panic without really engaging their deeper intelligence. They act from the primitive ‘fight or flight’ part of their nature, and essentially they just want to know what they must do to ensure their safety. And then they will do it. They don’t use their rationale to question and weigh things up intelligently because their is no time to think about it. They have to act urgently, because it is a dire emergency and they feel afraid. Fear has always been the most effective way to control people, to get people to do inhumane things, or to make choices which do not truly benefit people in a positive way.

Another essential trick that political manipulators use (and some deceptions come from very high places) is to convince the people that anyone who offers alternative facts must be either be in denial of the ‘obvious facts’ (i.e. the mistruths that they have convinced everyone are facts) or they must on the opposing team, they must be part of the bad guys. Anyone who questions the necessity for fear and panic must be deluded, or in denial of such indisputable truths. People may ask “why aren’t you afraid, why aren’t you panicking, why aren’t you jumping on board the lifeboat?”. You must be in ‘denial’ of the ‘facts’.

Yet what makes the truths which such movement are founded upon ‘indisputable’? The best way to create ‘indisputable facts’ is to have them come from the mouths of scientists, because most people seem to trust scientists. You can announce “scientific research says this is true” and people will believe it is true. Yet here is a crucial thing to understand… Scientific research needs funding. If you are a scientist and I offer you long-term funding to find out there is a particular issue that serves my agenda for oppression, you are pretty much guaranteed to find evidence that supports my agenda. Scientists are often funded, sponsored and supported by big organisations, and often those big organisations have agendas. It like Coca-Cola announcing that their sugar free drink is scientifically proven to be good for you. Which scientists? Oh, you mean the ones you paid? Okay….

When people or a group are encouraging you to be afraid because of what the “science” is saying, be very suspicious. In fact, if people are encouraging you to be afraid full stop, be very suspicious. There are some groups and some agendas that are growing rapidly, and getting plenty of attention in our media, that are using fear as their motivating force, and encouraging people that they have to get involved because this emergency is the greatest ever faced by humanity. Use your intelligence before you hop on board. Research thoroughly the truth of the science, and listening to opposing arguments which suggest that we do not need to panic. Your intelligence will guide you as to what is true.

I urge to be super aware in this age of deception. There are some causes which have been designed to reach as many people as possible, to appeal to their love and compassion, yet which then slip in a very big message of fear, and use strongly fearful and negative imagery also. Good people who are very compassionate can also be manipulated by fear. Goodness alone is not enough. You have to be wise and alert to manipulation. You have to not take anything covered by the media at face value, but research thoroughly and listen to opposing arguments that might not be getting as much airtime. This is very wise, and then you can decide what seems true to you, rather than having the media and they organisations they promote telling you what you should believe. This is healthy scepticism.

I know that there are some enormous and very worrying deceptions well underway that involve very big organisations with a lot of power. They are harnessing the media and they are also harnessing fear (masked as compassion) to encourage people to be fearful of the future, and to come together to take urgent action. It appears to be “grass-roots activism” but I can assure you it is part of a larger agenda to implement more control in society, in your life, to a degree which you would find staggering.

To be clear, I am not trying to encourage fear here. I am encouraging you to be alert and awake to manipulation. I am encouraging you to take nothing that is happening in society or upon your screens at face value, but rather to research all sides of the argument, and decide is fear and panic really necessary. I can tell you it is not, but you have to come to your own conclusion. I can only advise you.

There is a line in the bible which says “be wise as serpents, yet harmless as doves”. There are plenty of good people in this world who are harmless as doves. They are people who abhor violence and cruelty. This is very good. Yet they also need to be wise to being manipulated through fear, which is happening to an astounding degree in our society at present, especially through the media. So I encourage within you a healthy scepticism of what you are told via the media. There are some very big lies, which are motivating a lot of people with great fear for the future.

You may have noticed my deliberate vagueness in this article about naming specifics. The reason for this is twofold. 1) A lot of people have been heartily convinced by a certain global movement which is based upon a few staggering mistruths. The movement looks good, and has phenomenal support. To criticise it directly would likely be rather incendiary. I have no desire to make people angry; I just want people not to be misled. 2) Hopefully many of you realise exactly what I am talking about.

I have had a glimpse of where this movement is leading, and it is not where everyone is hoping. It is like a wolf in sheep’s clothing. The ultimate aim, and the reason for the sudden overwhelming popularity and the amount of media coverage of this movement, is that it is being fully orchestrated by the higher echelons of government, for the sole agenda of implementing greater control over the lives of every human being. Of course, it sounds like a conspiracy theory, but unfortunately there are some sinister things happening in powerful places on this planet. I have been studying such things for over a decade and a half. The best thing you can do is research, educate yourself fully, and be wary of falling for an agenda which is spreading fear, and very negative imagery, all in the name of compassion and love. This is the age of deception, and it is good to be wide awake and wise in your choices of what you believe, what you support and what you get behind.

Remain healthily sceptical of any organisation which is being given the global spotlight of the media, no matter how much they seem to motivated by goodness and love. If fear is present, that should alert you to something. If you have no idea about what I am referring to in this article, please contact me ->>

Thank you, and God bless.

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