The purpose of life’s challenges

What if we were to look at everything that occurs in our life in a new light? It is natural to want pleasant experiences, and try to avoid difficult or challenging ones, but what makes us grow, what makes us stronger? What takes us to a place within ourselves where we know we can handle absolutely anything? Because that is where we all need to go and that is where Life wants to lead us.

There is a part of us which can soar far, far above all fears and all insecurities. A part which transcends all worldly concerns, desires and attachments. That is the part of you where your true freedom lies, and it is vital for you to get in touch with that. It is vital that you learn how to dwell there, so that you can be who you are destined to be; a shining light of inspiration for others, free of doubt, fear and insecurity.

You may not believe you have the potential to be this, but it is in your blueprint, and this is why certain challenging life situations arise at certain times, almost as if they were pre-planned. Challenging circumstances require you to find more strength, more focus, more discipline, more inner fire, so that you are encouraged to step into your potential as a liberated human being, unbound by negativity and doubt. These are the tests that life brings us, and we can either find the strength required to rise to the next level, or we fall into despair, anxiety and pessimism, feeling that there is no alternative other than to admit defeat, and suffer the consequences.

Sadly, this does occur for many people who are unable to find the strength needed to rise above life’s challenges. The strength of our heart is really called into action in these times, and we are asked to choose trust over fear. How strong is your trust in the power and the goodness of the divine? Do you even have any awareness of such a force working through the world and through your life? One clear way to see this force in action is to trust and have faith, even when all logic and reason is saying you should be anxious. What happens when you just fully trust, in the face of all the potentially negative outcomes that could occur?

It carries you through. It stops you sinking into fear and anxiety. It is like a boat that carries you over rough waters, but every time you start engaging with the mental worries, you start climbing out of the boat and back into the rough water. Stay in the boat, stay in that space of trust and faith within your heart, and you will have peace. You will be carried through the difficult and testing situation – which in fact was orchestrated by the divine – and you will have become a stronger person. A person who chooses to trust rather than to fear, in all circumstances.

It is easy to observe that fear will take us into very horrible places in our mind, which then seem to become our reality if we are convinced enough by them. And essentially, this is the only alternative to trusting. Our mind will fill our heart with fear if we engage with it for even just a short time, which is why we need to be very disciplined about listening to its fearful and anxious voice, which often makes us envision the worst case scenario.

So to counter this, we have to envision the best case scenario (even if it involves a minor miracle) and keep our heart and mind fully focused on this. This is the strength of mind that stops us veering off into fearful thinking, and we can all do this. Relax your heart from its worries, and let trust be there instead. Keep your mind focused on the peaceful and harmonious resolution that will inevitably come, and do not doubt this for even a split second. Faith and trust will always carry you through even the most testing situation, because in fact, that it the very purpose of the situation.

“Develop the strength of your heart”

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