This is your dream

The power of your mind is greater than anyone has ever told you. Your decision about the world in this very moment is the actual reality you inhabit, because your mind creates this world. It is that powerful.

You decide. You decide if this is a peaceful world, or world of conflict. Yes, there is plenty of evidence upon all the screens you watch that it is not a peaceful world, but let me tell you something that you may or may not already know. This is 100% your reality. With your mind you are 100% responsible for it on the level that precedes the material manifestation, on the level of thought. Your mind creates this world. This is your dream. You can fill it with peace, or fill it with conflict.

Have you not heard it said that “the world is simply a thought, made manifest”? The world was first a thought in the divine mind. Of course, because our own vastness has become localised in a relatively small body, we find it hard to accept that a small thought can create such a huge world. But relative to the entire universe, this world is a million times smaller than a minuscule speck of dust, and ideas are not as small as we think. In fact they are beyond size, because they precede the material realm, which is the only place where size exists. And thus ideas can create anything on the canvas of materiality, and this world is proof of that.

It’s almost as if a super conscious creative mind (i.e. God) had an idea, then somehow spoke that idea, and the idea became manifest. It is only because we have been taught that God is this enormous vast power, that we think only God has the ability to speak an idea into manifestation. But size is irrelevant when it comes to speaking a reality into existence, because size is part of the material realm, and the divine part of our mind is totally unaffected by anything on the material level.

So a big idea in the spiritual realm of the divine mind (which is what our mind is) could seemingly be immense from the perspective of within the illusory material realm, where we think we are. But size is an illusion. The idea itself has more reality than this material realm which we think is real, and what that idea produces is like a holographic theatre. That’s what life in the material realm essentially is. It is unreal, whilst appearing very real.

So ideas in the divine mind can make whole worlds appear, as easily as making an orange appear within that world. Size is irrelevant. It’s all illusion, as is the apparent size of everything. It only appears big in relationship to the body which you are inhabiting here. But if you were to see the world in relationship to the vast expanse of your own mind, it would indeed be minuscule and totally insubstantial.

So this is why, when it comes to ideas, your mind is far, far greater than you realise. It can think a world into existence and it can certainly alter one which it had already created, simply by stating the new reality and knowing that it is so.

It uses the same creative power, the same process: idea -> attention -> word -> world. The idea arises, we give it our attention, we speak the reality of the idea as a fact, and this is the world we then occupy in full faith. However, if there is a part of our mind which doubts, which disbelieves the minds ability to transform our reality in such a way, then it simply cannot happen. We will continue to perceive the world as we have always believed it to be, and thus it will simply fulfil our expectations. We will experience nothing different. We have to have total faith in the unfathomable power of our thought and our word.

The Bible illustrates this in Mark 11:23:

“Truly I tell you, if anyone says to this mountain, ‘Go, throw yourself into the sea,’ and does not doubt in their heart, but believes that what they say will happen, it will be done for them”

How can the Bible suggest such a seemingly impossible thing? Because everything I have told you is true. This world is our dream, and we are the dreamer. We decide how the world is, in our mind. And then we affirm this with total certainty, free of the smallest of doubts. This is the creative power of God, at work through our own mind. Use it with faith, authority and Love.

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  1. Denise Wrenn says:

    Lovely Alex xx

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  2. Naomi Foxcroft says:

    Great post Alex, thank you XX

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