Seeing the Light

If you want to fully understand life, then consider it like going to watch a film in a cinema which is located in a incredibly beautiful tropical location. You go into the dark movie theatre on a beautiful sunny day to watch the moving images of light upon the screen; you listen to the loud dramatic noises, to get absorbed in the story, and feel the strong emotions it evokes in your body.

But instead of all of this, you could be basking in the glorious warmth of the divine sunshine, beholding the beautiful magnificence of where you are, and feeling the deep joy and delight which fill your heart.

In comparison to this, the illusory drama projected on the cinema screen is very empty and unfulfilling. It may be temporarily exciting, compelling and powerful, but it is unreal. It is merely an external projection of light, when what your soul deeply needs and is truly craving for is to bathe in the original light, which is the light of transcendental consciousness; divine consciousness. Everything else is a distraction from this spiritual experience.

We can tell ourselves that we don’t need this, that we are fine and happy with the pleasures that life offers us, with all the different experiences that we can have, but it is our destiny to awaken to the higher truth, which transcends our material experiences. If we continue to pursue and desire all that the world offers, we are simply leading ourselves in the wrong direction, away from our deepest fulfilment, away from our destiny, from true freedom, from higher truth, from our heart. We remain asleep, entranced, dreaming, thinking we understand what is real. But we do not.

We need to step out of the cinema of our mind, out of our mental stories and mental understandings, and open our eyes to the reality and profound beauty of the spiritual Truth, which is what our heart reveals to us when we turn to look in its direction. It is impossible to understand the divine realm with the dualistic, thinking, conceptual mind, because it transcends that level of consciousness. We have to lift our consciousness upwards to meet the divine.

We need to practice being comfortable with no thoughts to hold onto, no understanding to make us feel safe. We must learn to relax in the presence of a higher light, a higher intelligence which communicates with us in a very unique way, through our heart and through our fully expanded mind. This is why we must let go of thinking to experience that which is higher than thought, infinitely more real than thought, and fulfilling to our soul in a way that thoughts simply cannot be.

I assure you, outside of the cinema of the worldly theatre, a beautiful, glorious and deeply intelligent light is shining brightly, and it is awaiting you. It knows you are in the darkness, it knows you are engrossed in the story playing upon the screen, it knows you have forgotten completely about its presence outside. But it also knows that you are going to remember it, as it becomes obvious to you that the film is drawing to its conclusion.

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