Be honest, be transparent, be genuine

Be honest and transparent in every little things you do. Be pure and clear, like water, and spread a pure, positive caring and benevolent energy wherever you are.

Only transparency will flourish in the years to come on this planet. Our future peaceful civilianisation must be full of trust if it is to function well. In fact, the future is being built on trust as we interact right now.

With my words, I either express the force of ego (which is a manipulative entity by its very nature) or I express love, with no filters and no pretence. I just present to you my heart, and what arises from it.

We must do the same with others, if we are to remember the purity of who we are. We must look for the goodness and decency in other people’s hearts – the core of innocence which exists in everyone – and we must communicate with that part, from the same part of ourselves; from our innocence, untainted by the muddiness of the sophisticated ego. Untainted by suspicious, mistrustful or judgemental thoughts.

Because that is not innocence. That is the fallen state of human consciousness; divided, hostile, at war with itself. This is the great human malady.

Innocence is when you do not look to the darkness; you look to the light. You choose the light. Your mind does not judge, it does not criticise or condemn, it does not punish. It seeks to understand what has gone wrong, so that it can play a part in healing it. This occurs through the presence of Love and compassion.

Look for the core of goodness in yourself, and others. It is there; perhaps deeply buried or obscured, but it is there. By looking for that innocence which exists in the core of every human heart, you strengthen it with your attention. It expands, it grows, it becomes more prominent. It needs attention, just like a little child needs attention to know that it is loved. Every human heart is crying out for Love.

By seeing the heart, seeing the purity, and seeing the goodness in others; a long forgotten part of them is resurrected. It had not gotten any attention for decades perhaps, but you give it your attention and that person comes back to life. They feel as if they have been truly seen for the first time. They remember the warm kiss of the sun’s rays in their heart. Their innocence, their goodness has been activated by your attention.

This is how we help to heal the hearts of all people. Just by searching, seeking, understanding, and having compassion for the suffering, forgotten soul in front of us. Look at them with compassionate and loving eyes, and the fire in their heart will come back to life.

“Develop the Strength of your heart”

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We are all children, longing to find our way back to
the world of innocence, joy and freedom we once knew”


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1 Response to Be honest, be transparent, be genuine

  1. Rich Chuma says:

    Well said Alex. We need to see good in
    others if we expect others to see good in us.
    Transparency would make the world
    A much more peaceful place. Thanks for

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