Saved from the darkness

Spiritual darkness is essentially created by fear. It is the realm of consciousness where Love is absent, peace is absent and spiritual light is absent. It is the cold darkness of fear, which when taken to its extreme is terror. This can also lead to hatred, which is the consequence of darkness permeating out heart to such a degree that true peace, forgiveness and compassion are driven out totally. If we want to understand what hell is, it is essentially the state of dwelling in extreme fear and hatred. If Love is like a golden flame, emitting light and peace, then hatred is like a black flame, emitting fear and misery.

So the more we move into fear (generated by our thinking mind) and allow it to take root in our heart, the more spiritual darkness we experience. This is when the world looks bleak, the future is devoid of hope, we feel weak and we become totally preoccupied with our own safety and security. We stop thinking about how to help others, and we begin consuming more, worrying more and isolating ourselves in our mental fears. We become totally disconnected from the divine strength, courage and light which come through our heart, because we are not giving any attention to our heart. We are obsessed with our fearful thoughts, and the visions of future suffering they offer us.

So the root of all of this is fear, generated by our thinking mind. Without fear and without negative thinking there can be no spiritual darkness because our mind is unclouded and clear, and free to perceive the light of Truth, which is divine. It is God, it is goodness, it is Love, and we will see that it is all-encompassing and all-pervading when we simply allow it to shine through our mind and heart.

All our very convincing fearful and negative thoughts simply create black holes in this divine reality, and we enter into them when we give them our attention, and we get sucked into fear, division and conflict. But we need not do this. Instead, we need to be very vigilant of our thoughts and consciously choose to move our attention away from conceptual thinking, so that we can experience the simplicity, the light and the innocence which are found in our heart, which is where all beauty originates.

We simply choose to ignore all negative and fearful thoughts, knowing that they are just mental deceptions, and we come back to a sense of trust and faith in the almighty power of divine goodness, which is what God is. There is no greater force in existence, and when we trust fully in it, fear cannot be present. It is only a lack of trust which allows fearful thoughts to get our attention. Trusting fully is the key. This is total faith in the protective power of God, and in the miraculous healing power of divine Love.

And remember that we have to help ourselves. We must be disciplined and stop giving our attention to darkness and negativity, in the form of TV programmes, movies, mainstream news, politics, pessimistic and negative music, and so on. All of these will leave their mark on our mind, and a create fertile soil for fearful thoughts to take root in our awareness.

In fact, there is a great deal of information in the media and entertainment industry which is specifically designed to create darkness in our mind, and generate fearful thinking. We have to be very careful what we listen to, watch and read, because our clarity of mind is precious and our purity of heart is even more so. They need nurturing and feeding with beauty, with spiritual truth, with goodness, with healthy living, with deep gratitude, prayer and total faith in the power of the Divine. This is our personal responsibility, and it is very important we fulfil it.

God’s powerful protection and peace is indeed here for us, and we can become aware of it in our mind and in our heart, if we just stop giving our attention to fear, division, darkness, hostility, self-indulgence, endless consumerism and distraction. If you truly want spiritual illumination, empty your mind of desires for anything else, and turn your thoughts to the goodness of God. Allow your heart to relax and become fully receptive to the beauty, purity, healing and strengthening power of divine Love, which is all that is true and real.

Darkness is but a shadow of fearful mental illusions, which we make seem so real with our attention. So put your attention where it belongs: in the light and the peace which fill your heart when you allow it to relax; when you trust fully in the protective power of God. Only then is fear cast out from your entire being, as you dwell in the Light, in Christ’s full and loving divine presence.

Let goodness shine through your heart”

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