And thus the world will know true peace…

When people realise that all their efforts to create security, to right all the perceived wrongs, to teach people their lessons and to fix the world are a complete diversion, they will ask “What left is there left of merit and meaning to pursue?..”

At some point they will realise that the purification of their own state of consciousness is the only way they can evolve as a human being, and consequently the only way the human species will evolve. Because truly, it is the only way, and if you are not evolving you will feel inside as though you are missing something absolutely vital in life, and it would be true.

We evolve as we learn about ourselves, and correct all errors in consciousness, thought, word and deed. But essentially, there is only one crucial error: that we are literally looking in the wrong direction. We give so much of our attention to the outside world, hoping to find the answer in some material achievement, some dramatic change in the world that will fix all our problems, or perhaps in another person that will finally make us feel whole, complete and safe. Or we occupy our mind, endlessly searching among our own thoughts for answers, for understandings or truths that might finally make everything make sense, that might finally bring us the deep sense of security we all desperately need in our life.

But none of this can be found or achieved, because we must look inside our own heart to find the missing piece of the jigsaw. We need to have an encounter with the divine spiritual truth of life. Anything else will simply not align our consciousness in the way that it is waiting for, in the way that it needs. It is waiting for its fulfilment, which is union with the Divine frequency, with light, with joy, with Love.

This occurs as we practice allowing our attention to transcend thought, in tandem with relaxing our body and connecting with our heart. This simple practice, aided and supported through just breathing consciously, allows our awareness to unhook itself from all mental entanglements, from physical tensions within the body that hold fear in place, and thus become aware of something new, something more crystalline, more pure and vibrant within perception itself.

This something cannot be put into words and turned into a concept. It has to be experienced. We need to experience it if we are to understand what is actually real from the highest perspective. You could attribute to this higher reality names or descriptions that are commonly used, but words simply are not good enough, as they usually create an idea in the mind.

Without experiencing this transcendent perspective (which is actually easily available to all) we will continue to get caught up in other ideas and information, believing that they matter. What we really need to realise is that fully harmonising our being with this purer, loving consciousness, is our primary purpose in life. Because when we do, we stop creating ‘karma’ or suffering for others with our ill-informed words, thoughts and actions.

We need true divine inspiration to show us what is real. When we realise the loving and deeply benevolent nature of reality, through our own conscious awareness of it, we realise that nearly the whole world is looking in the wrong direction. Everyone is caught up in the drama of the world, in the drama of words and thoughts, opinions and beliefs, while all the time missing the profound beauty of the true nature of Reality, which can be perceived through their own mind and heart.

When you realise this, and you see how distracted and lost everyone is, you feel compelled to say something. To help people turn their attention in the right direction, away from all that causes division and pain, back towards that which their heart recognises as the highest truth. Because the heart does know this. It is the authority. It needs no-one to verify it, to confirm it. It really knows. This is the realisation that changes everything.

You realise that everyone simply needs to move their attention to a higher place to find total fulfilment and peace. Until they do, they will seek it through the world, through consumption and achievement, and through other people, all of which is completely futile.

Once people have this realisation, they will understand that their purpose is to regularly attune to and embody this higher energy of deep harmony, light, peace and joy, which emanates from their heart. It is the essence of who they are as magnificent human being. Their purpose is to become a vessel of harmony and positive energy, with a healed and vibrant heart that truly loves, cares, and lifts up others up in whatever way it can.

This is the journey required for each human being on Earth. One can avoid it or pretend it is not true, but that will only ensure further suffering to one degree or another. But if we accept this… in fact, the moment we accept this, we become centred in our purpose and power to assist our consciousness to evolve. This ensures that it happens at a much more appealing and noticeable rate, and we feel like we are finally on the right path. Essentially, it is the path home, back to a place of pure peace, light and deep inner harmony, whilst our body continues to live simply and effortlessly on this beautiful planet, in this beautiful garden of Eden.

We are so blessed. Let your many blessings into your heart, because they are a gift to be appreciated and enjoyed. Life is a gift. The Earth is a gift. Just receive these gifts, because they are unconditional, and your heart needs them. Let your mind end its compulsion towards cynicism and criticism, and instead focus upon your heart. Let it be open and un-interfered with, so that you can feel it’s innocence, it’s vulnerability, it’s joy, and its deep, deep Love.

“Develop the strength of your heart”

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“We are all children, longing to find our way back to
the world of innocence, joy and freedom we once knew…”


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