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Today I have released my latest podcast entitled “Experiencing God“, which is all about having a practical experience of communion with God, rather than just mentally thinking about God. As God is Love, this experience means relaxing our heart, releasing tension and fear from our body, ignoring all the thoughts that arise and being present to the consciousness that presents itself to us. Every human being needs to experience this, because it is what our body, mind and heart were designed to experience.

The podcast is short & can be watched as a video:

Or downloaded for free on iTunes:

Or listened to in your web browser:

I hope you enjoy it. Remember you can download all my music for free (70mp3 & over 6 hours of inspiring and joyful music), or tune in to our beautiful chillout radio station, all at If you enjoy my talks, there is also a station playing all my previous talks on the same web page.

Wishing you peace and joy,

“Develop the Strength of your heart”

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We are all children, longing to find our way back to
the world of innocence, joy and freedom we once knew”


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