Letting go and trusting

Most of us think that we have our own separate mind, but this is not actually true. It is true to say that it appears we have our own separate mind, but it appears that way only because of the ego, which in fact creates for us a completely delusory conceptual reality that only seems real because we believe what it tells us. We believe its thoughts, which of course are egoic (i.e. ‘me-centred’) and dualistic by nature. And thus, we see a world which mirrors this.

But absolutely everything the ego tells us is a conceptual abstraction, and not ultimately true. If we believe its thoughts, we simply end up viewing reality through the ego’s lens, which is a lens of separation, dualism and ultimately, conflict. It is not how things truly are. The ego’s reality is a complete and utter delusion and many of us know this intellectually, yet we so often cling tightly to it for the false sense of security it brings us. We feel safe with the ego, because it encourages us to control things, and when we can control things we feel safe. It really is that simple.

That’s why people have nervous breakdowns when everything in their life seems to be going totally out of their control, because all of their security comes from the control which they feel they can exert on their life and their surroundings (including the people around them). Generally speaking, people really don’t like losing that feeling of control, because they have become very comfortable with (and attached to) their ego’s very predictable view on the world, and they cling to it – and often defend it – as if it’s the only thing that’s keeping them alive. The dissolution of the ego (and thus the mechanism which gives us the illusion of having control over our reality) is the ego’s worst fear.


It’s all about security, which is the most primal and fundamental need that any living creature has. If we don’t feel secure, we will seek to generate a feeling of security in any way we possibly can; even if it is just temporarily through comfort eating, being held by a loved one, thinking positive thoughts etc.

But the security we all truly need is security on the deepest level, a level that very few people address when they are seeking to feel secure. It is spiritual security, which is about the state of our heart. Our heart needs this so much more than we realise, yet a heart which harbours fear to any degree will not be able to experience true security. The lack of spiritual security on the most fundamental level of our being will drive us to seek security in the material world, in a myriad of ways, but the material world simply cannot address the insecurity in our heart. It is impossible.

No matter how much money you have, no matter how much food you have stocked in your cupboards, no matter how big the walls of your property are, and no matter how much you think you are in complete control of your life, if there is fear in your heart (and fear is essentially the absence of faith & trust) then your heart will never be truly at peace, and will never be able to experience the beauty of total, unshakable divine security.


I can tell you what unshakable divine security is like, because I have been moving in this direction for many years, and I can tell you exactly what has brought me closer and closer to it. Just one thing: Letting go of fear (and thus trusting more). Letting go of all fears and all tendency towards fear. Turning away from fearful thoughts, worries, anxiety, lack of trust, lack of faith, doubt of divine providence, doubt of divine protection. This is by far the most important spiritual process we must go through in life. The journey we are all on is a journey of letting go of all of these, so that we can step into the actual truth of life on Earth, which is a divine, heartfelt, joyful and totally luminous experience.

As our fearful tendencies are released and healed, a sense of greater trust grows in our heart, and with greater trust comes greater security. It is the only way to move towards true inner security, I promise you, because any fear we have in our heart is like a crack in our foundations. It creates weakness in the structure of our being, and thus a fundamental insecurity. You cannot feel truly secure if you are afraid, even on a very subtle level. And most of our fears are subconscious and controlling us in ways that we are totally unaware of. And absolutely all of them – without exception – come to us through our ego.


The ego is essentially a mechanism of fear and control that has persuaded us it is needed in order to protect us. Yet it is the ego that generates all of the fearful expectations that we seek its protection from. Put simply, the ego generates fear then offers the remedy of increased control – over our life, our surroundings and the people around us – which it implements and enforces through our thoughts, words and behaviour. The more afraid we feel, the more control we seek. The less afraid we feel, the less control we want and the more freedom we experience. Control and freedom are inversely proportional and mutually exclusive. We cannot experience both. And we must also remember that control necessitates force and aggression to some degree, so we’ll find that when we stop being motivated by the desire to control, we will become a more gentle natured person, because we simply don’t need aggression in our armoury.

I must point out here that there is a big difference between passion and aggression. Passion comes from our heart, and is fed by our innate love and determination (and it can be incredibly powerful) but it contains no desire to destroy, hurt or damage. Aggression however comes from our ego, is fear based and is fed by judgement, hostility and competition. It has no qualms about causing pain to others, and in fact can take pleasure from doing so if it can find the justification. This potential for sadistic behaviour shows us that the ego – at its core – is the root of evil, because it has the capacity for heartlessness and mercilessness – to the extreme. And it is all motivated by fear. Fear is the soil in which spiritual darkness grows, which is why it is very important that we learn to let go of our fear. (Here is the most effective method for doing so: http://SHAKING.site)

So if we want to see enmity, anger, heartlessness and suffering depart from our life, we need to start wanting to let go of control over the external phenomena, situations and people in our life. Trust that this choice will be greatly rewarded, because we are guaranteed to feel infinitely freer if we do so. Freedom comes from letting go of the desire to control, and trusting that things will work out without the forceful input of the ego.

Obviously, self-control is something we do need, because self-discipline is key in this life. Without self-discipline, we will be tempted by everything that our desire-orientated consumerist society offers us, and stray from what is truly good and nourishing for our heart and soul. But it is not our place to control others, or to play God and try and make everything ‘perfect’. Our focus needs to be our own heart, realising what it truly needs, and learning how we can best put it to use in this world. As we stop controlling and start giving, caring, helping and trusting more, we see that we are being supported to do so by something infinitely greater than ourselves.


We, as a small localised point of loving intelligence, are working in harmony with – and on behalf of – the greater universal force of love. We are its eyes, ears, hands, feet and voice. It literally works through us. This is not a belief system, but rather something that becomes plainly observable and evident as we allow ourselves to be more and more motivated by love and faith, rather than fear and insecurity. Trust is the key to letting go of control, and letting go of control is the key to freedom from suffering.

The more we let go, the more we surrender to the current of universal love, which is carrying us to our ultimate destination: complete union with that love; where fear, pain and darkness are things of the past. This is your destiny and you are moving in that direction right now. The more you let go of control, the more you enter this divine current and feel the beauty, power, profundity, presence, protection and providence of its love. Complete surrender to this is what brings the deepest fulfilment into our heart, and this is what every person on this planet is truly searching for, whether they realise it or not.

It’s time to choose to let go of fear and doubt, let go of control and trust more deeply that you are being fully protected and guided by something way beyond your comprehension. Because I can assure you that you are, and soon enough you will see this, if you haven’t already.

I wish you well.
God bless you, Alex


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  1. John says:

    Thank you Alex, this item touched my heart just when I needed it

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