Your Purpose

Imagine you are a beautiful and truly unique musical instrument, and you have an amazing potential to produce the most beautiful sound that anyone had ever heard. A sound that will make everyone stop and listen, a sound that could even bring back the hearing of the deaf!

That is the potential that has been built into your being. The big question is, as this beautiful instrument are you prepared to tune yourself, or more accurately, allow yourself to be tuned so that you can be played? Are you prepared to tune out all that is negative, all the interference, all the distortion? That means all the self-doubt, all the fear, all the insecurity and lack of courage. That is not part of the music which you are destined (and designed) to share.

To the degree that you prevent yourself from becoming more fine-tuned (i.e. more sensitive, more focused, more disciplined, more vibrant in your health) you will feel unfulfilled, frustrated, aimless or uninspired. Health is a very big part of this equation, because the vitality of our body is reflected in our mind and heart. Our mind becomes more attuned to inspiration and to creative potential. Our heart becomes lighter and more naturally joyous, and enthusiastic.

Our enthusiasm is a big part of what we have to share. It is the essence of our message, in a way. When we share something helpful or positive with enthusiasm it is compelling to everyone, because human beings naturally gravitate towards enthusiasm and energy. This is because enthusiasm is contagious, and we enjoy feeling enthusiastic about things, about life, about creativity, about sharing our heart and our creativity.

So be aware of anything that dulls your enthusiasm. Any patterns of thinking, any habits you have, any foods that make you feel sluggish, sleepy and uninspired. We are far more sensitive than we think and absolutely everything effects us to varying degrees. Every choice we make has an effect upon how sensitive and aware we are of what we are here to do, what our purpose is in life. We do have a very specific purpose, a specific way to share our love, passion and the beauty of our heart with the world. Becoming more fine-tuned, sensitive and aware of how we can do this is what will bring back our enthusiasm and motivation.

We are designed to share and to give, yet our consumerist society conditions us to always want something more for ourselves, to see ourselves as in need and lacking. This is what drives consumerism. But what you truly need is to discover your purpose in life, and then you will realise that you already have what you need; a heart that cares, eyes that see what others are in need of, hands to create and share, ears to listen to the struggles of others. You would be amazed how many people in this world just need someone to hear them, and to be genuinely interested and compassionate.

Your heart is destined to resonate with the beautiful tone of love and compassion, and to be heard by many people. Start attuning yourself today. Pay no attention to the negative voices in your head, because they are simply lies told to you by the ego, by the deceitful serpent, to keep you in its prison of selfishness and lack. You will stop being its slave once you stop listening to those thoughts. Instead, listen to your heart which tells you that it needs to give. It needs to help and care. It needs to show it’s sensitivity, it’s gentleness, it’s beauty. You can do this today.

Put out some encouraging and inspiring words or images on social media. Reach out to someone you know, or a stranger. Let someone – anyone – know that you care; that they are important and worth listening to. Walk down the street and smile and say hello to the people you pass, even if they frown at you. Do something kind, something that does not revolve around yourself, and you will realise that you expand every time you do so. Your heart will grow and you will feel more connected to the invisible love that flows through all of creation. It specifically wants to flow through your heart and make it resonate and sing, and all you have to do is allow it to.

Let love motivate you, by attuning your thoughts to how you can help others. Greater fulfilment will flow through you, greater joy and a deeper satisfaction than you have ever known. This is what your heart, your body, your mind, your hands and your voice were designed for. To express love. And you already have everything you need to begin…


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2 Responses to Your Purpose

  1. John says:

    Thank you Alexander, I’m still searching for my purpose. struggling with many negative thoughts & fears so it was great to see your blog today. It gave me some hope to carry on

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