The key to knowing God: Vulnerabilty

As sensitive human beings, we can only be vulnerable and open when we feel it is safe to do so. We need to feel safe and protected before we can be truly vulnerable, and vulnerability is important if we want to experience the more refined and beautiful aspects of fulfilment and happiness that are experienced in our heart. You could call them ‘spiritual fruits’.

To know you are totally protected, to let down your mask and your guard, and to allow yourself to feel vulnerable (in the most positive sense of the word) is to return to true innocence, like a child. Because children are indeed vulnerable and open, and they do need the protection of caring adults. But as adults ourselves, we need a different kind of protection. We need spiritual protection.

Even if you doubt this, I can assure you that we truly do. We need to feel a sense of safety that can only come from a spiritually protective force. We cannot protect ourselves from spiritual threats, which are so insidious that we usually don’t even see them. But they do exist. Fear is a spiritual threat to our peace and security. So is hostility, judgement and anger. We need something to shield us fully from all of these, so that we can be at peace; so that we can feel vulnerable, open and safe, and thus return to a state of happy innocence, free of fear.

This is the role of Jesus. Jesus is like a protective older brother, keeping us safe from harm, acting in a non-authoritarian, yet fatherly way. Once we realise that we are a vulnerable child at heart, and we allow ourselves to feel our vulnerability, this is when we feel our deeper connection to God, because we have allowed ourself to take our true role as a child of God, and thus experience all the blessings that flow from relating to him as such. We actually become aware that we have an inner need for God’s loving and protective force. We stop being so proud and stubborn, thinking that we can do it all by ourselves.

In pride, we build ourselves up bigger than we truly are, laughing at the idea of vulnerability, rather than accepting our relative smallness and fragility, which requires sensitivity and humility. Women find this easier than men, because they are generally smaller and thus generally feel more vulnerable. Men tend to be proud and stubborn creatures, often refusing help or denying the need for correction, because it reflects on their manliness or authority. But age works on all people, bringing fragility and frailty (and hopefully humility) to all.

But if we are not stubborn, and we are willing to recognise our human vulnerability and then look to God for the deep sense of protection and security that we need, we will begin to return home to our true place in the universe, as an innocent child of God in his loving house. Fear will slowly depart from our heart, and joy, freedom and innocence will be restored.

So be wise; allow yourself to be more vulnerable, open and sensitive. Ask God to be your protector and provider, trust him and know that Jesus will always be right beside you whenever you call his name.


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