Fear or Faith

It is not a surprise that so many people have been turned away from God by organised religion, and by what has been done in God’s name. This is a great shame when you consider that God is pure Love, or put more poetically in the words of John Lennon: “Limitless undying love that shines around me like a million suns it calls me on and on across the universe”. God is everything our soul truly needs, and fulfils us in the deepest way possible.

The totally erroneous idea of God as a judgemental father who is quick to punish his wayward children is a very big part of the problem. Nobody truly wants that. Human beings need approval, unconditional love, compassion, protection and devotion. Nobody wants to be punished.

So when we realise that God is a purely loving and supremely intelligent force, and is actually concerned about us each individually – which is pretty hard for some people to accept, but nevertheless is absolutely true – then something happens in our heart. We feel valued, we feel loved, we feel safe and protected. This is what allows all of our fears – no matter what they may be – to fade away completely.

God is very real, and is the highest force of intelligence and power in the universe, capable of protecting you from anything, and capable of communicating with you in any way that you or he chooses, through absolutely any medium, including your dreams. He can personally inspire you and embrace you within the higher divine reality that precedes all that we think is real, and thus show you why there is absolutely no reason to fear. It is very important that we realise this.

Because it is true, there is no reason to fear. Many people see the influence of darkness in this world, in society, in human hearts and minds, and they worry. They feel afraid on a deep level, and feel a very real sense of threat, because they see that darkness (or evil) does exist. Due to how it is commonly portrayed in the media, people believe that it is very powerful, and able to exert some control over them; to influence what happens to them. But there is something crucial we have to understand about darkness: it operates only through fear. Where there is fear, there is darkness. Without fear, there can be no spiritual darkness, and only light remains.

It is darkness (evil) that spreads fear, and fear then creates more darkness. This is how evil grows. So if we want to become immune to spiritual darkness, we simply have to become immune to its method of propagating itself; by becoming immune to fear. How can we do this? By learning the methods by which evil propagates fear; by becoming wise to its ways, so that we can no longer be manipulated, fooled and tempted to believe that what it is telling us is true

Darkness operates in two ways: through our own thoughts, and through the external world. Our mind is essentially meant to be a fortress, impenetrable to negative or harmful thoughts, yet we have opened the gates to allow pretty much any thoughts to come in and stay for as long as they want, occupying our attention, manipulating how we feel and slowly eating away at our strength, peace and joy from the inside. This is what happens when fear takes residency in our heart. Negative thoughts are like emissaries of fear. They enter the gates of our mind, get our attention, and then distribute their poison – their fear and hostility – into our heart and our body. They poison our heart, and spread darkness in a place that is meant to be full of light.

So fear begins in our mind, as negative and fearful thoughts approach us and get let in to our inner sanctuary – which is our place of validation, where they are anointed with our attention. This means that once we decide they are worthy of our attention, they are energetically validated, energised and empowered by the most precious, powerful and creative force in the universe – consciousness. Our consciousness comes from God, and is the most precious resource in our human life. It the source of life-giving water, and what we choose to water with our attention is of the greatest importance. It is vital that we only water that which we want to grow.

So when we give negative thoughts our attention, we are watering them, energising them, empowering them and giving life to them. We have to become alert and aware, so that we can see the thoughts which are fearful, divisive, hostile and negative, before we engage with them. This is the screening process we must undertake before we let any thought into our inner sanctuary. We must learn to refuse to allow any such thoughts in, so that we are not letting darkness in to our mind and body.

There is absolutely no good reason or justification for letting darkness in. We do not need it in our system. It is a spiritual poison for our body and our soul, and we can thrive beautifully without it. Of course, we need to become strong enough to face its presence in the world, in society or in other individuals who are not so disciplined with their mind and their habits, but we don’t invite it in, or open ourselves to it. We protect ourselves by protecting our mind from negative thoughts; by seeing the nature of a thought before we engage with it, and then choosing what is desirable to be allowed in to our inner sanctuary.

If we see that a thoughts is fearful, we can know for sure that it will only have a detrimental effect upon us. We may think we are fully justified in believing that thought, that the threat is very real, but we must understand that we are inviting in spiritual darkness by doing so. What is the alternative? Turn our thoughts away from the fearful or negative thought, and ask God to bring peace into our heart, and to give us inspiration as to what is the best course of action. Because if we act from fear, we move away from the strength and courage in our heart. We withdraw from peace, we withdraw from trust. We enter into a realm where we have no protection other than that which we provide ourselves. And this just makes us more defensive, more fearful, more aggressive.

Only through trusting God can we have peace and courage in the most challenging situations. In some situations, our rational mind will see no way out and begin to panic. But by learning to trust God totally, we come to realise that we can be free of fear in any situation, and this is what enables miracles to occur. Where there is faith, there can be miracles. Where there is fear, there can only be darkness. So essentially this is our choice every day, in every challenging situation: fear or faith. Insecurity, or peace. Darkness or light. We are the ones who have to make that decision in our own mind.

And we help ourselves immensely by deciding not to consume negative, fearful, violent or dark information of any kind. Because it generates thoughts of the same nature, and places images within our mind that we shouldn’t have there. If our mind is fed with a certain amount of negative imagery, it begins to see the world through the lens of those images; projecting darkness onto situations where there is none, or envisioning things going in a certain negative direction, when they could just as easily turn out in a different way.

The purity of our mind is essential because it is the lens through which we view the world, and ourselves also. When it is contaminated with fear, anger, hatred, and darkness, our whole view of reality becomes tainted. And this is the great danger with media portrayals of dystopia (which have become much more common in the past few years). Such portrayals are often based upon current societal circumstances, yet from that base of truth they lead off into a dystopian fantasy which our mind can easily accept is a likely eventuality (e.g. an oppressive and miserable dystopia). Black Mirror is a good example of this, as is The Handmaid’s Tale. They encourage people to envision our society going in a certain direction, which is very pessimistic, dark and devoid of hope.

It is not wise to believe things will go in this direction, and we simply don’t need anything that makes us think and feel like this. We may call it ‘entertainment’ but it is very detrimental to the delicate balance of our mind, which is meant to be a positive tool of creativity and love. When we envision dark scenarios occurring, the mind reverts to a very primitive state, thinking in more fearful terms of self-protection, defensiveness and aggression. A lot of the ‘entertainment’ which is now flooding the mainstream media channels is evoking this kind of thinking from the people who are consuming it. They are becoming more fearful, more paranoid, more defensive, more agitated and aggressive.

Have you noticed this? Are you aware of the general tone of your own thoughts? Are they predominantly fearful and worrisome, or are they predominantly positive and optimistic? The bottom line is this: we need to have faith, we need to see the positive possibilities, even if they require great courage on our part. This is part of fully maturing to become a complete and rounded human being. We need to become strong in our heart, so that we can make a positive difference to the world in the face of adversity.

As more negative, violent, disturbing and fearful messages flood into the collective human consciousness via the media, we may notice the pull to feel worried, afraid, anxious and agitated, as negative and pessimistic thoughts try to enter the inner sanctuary of our mind and heart. The most important thing that we can do is to dismiss them, and choose not to buy into the view of reality they offer, no matter how convincing it may seem.

Instead, it is vital that we trust God, even when our thoughts tell us that is a waste of time, and that we should be worrying instead. One way will lead you into the increasing darkness of fear, whereas the other will lead you into the increasing light of faith. And there is truly no other alternative, as we will all come to realise in good time.

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