Relax. There is no threat

Fear is what keeps us separate from God. If there is fear in our heart, there cannot be peace, and we cannot be aware of the loving realm which is God’s realm. It is the same with anger or grief, both of which have their roots in fear.

The media floods us with messages of fear and insecurity. The news constantly tells us of the next threat looming on the horizon, how the world is becoming a more dangerous and dark place. The vast advertising industry make us feel insecure and inadequate about virtually every part of our self, so that we will buy the products they tell us will make us happier, freer, healthier and more confident about who we are. The film and television industry floods people’s minds with negative and violent stories and images, which desensitise them, muddy their view of reality, and encourage them to think along certain negative pathways.

To a large degree the media is the global tool of distraction that leads people away from peace, away from their heart, away from joy, away from inner security and away from an awareness of God, and it does this primarily through instilling fear and insecurity. But this fear and insecurity is not truly justified, it is not real, because it is being manufactured by the industry. Fear is the product, and people are believing it, buying it and consuming it en masse, and in the process blinding themselves to the beauty of the divine truth, which is the higher truth, the REAL truth, God’s truth.

The higher truth is that you are totally protected, loved and guided by a force which you cannot mentally understand, but which you can become totally familiar with by accessing the peace within your heart. As we become more familiar with the heart’s realm, leaving behind all the mental doubts, fears and insecurities, we realise that we are living in the perpetual embrace of this greater loving intelligence, and that literally no harm can come to us if we fully trust it and stop trying to control and manipulate the outside world, the people we encounter and the events of our life.

It is a lack of trust that leads people to manipulate and control, and take their sense of security into their own hands. The build fences and walls around themselves (psychologically as well as physically), they pursue and accumulate money, thinking that will make them feel truly secure, they pretend to be somebody whom they are not, so that they will have the security of other people’s approval. They consume, consume and consume some more in the desperate attempt to feel secure and nourished, not realising that the deepest security – the security of our heart – cannot come from anything worldly. It can only come from spiritual realisation.

Spiritual realisation comes when we give more attention to our inner self, to our heart, to our innocence, to our need for love, for peace, for laughter and joy. As we give more attention to our heart, we realise that part of us feels vulnerable in this world, and it desperately wants security, it wants protection. This is our inner child, the deeply sensitive and totally innocent core of who we truly are. This is the part of us that is most easily able to communicate with the greater intelligence which many call God.

When we ask, from a place of humility, to feel safe and protected by this greater intelligence, it will bring a deep and lasting peace into our heart that cannot come from any other source. Many people seek this peace through certain drugs, which is totally understandable but unnecessary. And of course a drug is a very poor substitute because it is temporary, and it is chemically induced, as well as having a detrimental effect on the body.

So when we ask, from the humility of our heart, to be embraced by the protective and comforting force of God, we are asking for spiritual security. And this is what we will experience, if we are willing let go of all the thoughts of threat. God requires us to let go of all the imagined threat, and all the imagined darkness, so he can fill our mind and our heart with light. If we are still doubting and clinging on to anxiety or worry, we are literally inviting the shadows of fear into our being.

We must let them go, and put our full trust in the most powerful force in the universe; our spiritual parent whose realm of total peace, light and security we are always able to access, when we simply relax our heart and ignore all the fearful and negative thoughts that want us to believe in them. Let them all go, and realise that without them there is no threat. The threat comes when we start thinking.

When we ignore every single fearful or insecure idea, what are we left with? This present moment. Our body and how we feel. This is why it is very important to let go of the tensions created by anxious thinking, and just relax our body. Enjoy feeling free of pressure and free of stress. It is okay to relax and feel the goodness of being alive. You don’t always have to be doing, doing, doing. You need to experience the peace of being.

As we relax our body, this relaxation gradually reaches our heart, and when our heart relaxes peace floods in. We feel a tremendous sense of relief, and joy bubbles up. We realise that we are the one who has been oppressing and constricting our heart with fearful thoughts and believes, and that we have the freedom to just let them all go. We need not put our attention in the direction of thought. Instead we can focus on the goodness of being alive, we can nourish our body and our heart with goodness; with nature, with exercise, natural food, relaxation and laughter. It is our choice. One way leads to fear and sickness, the other way leads to health, peace and happiness.

And at the core of all of this is trust. We have to trust that we are safe, irrespective of what appears to be going on in the world. This sense of trust must be developed if we are to live in peace, as we are destined to. We develop our feeling of trust simply by returning to it when we would normally engage in fearful thinking. We notice the anxious thoughts trying to pull us into them and make us afraid, and we stop ourselves and say “No, I am not going to venture into the realm of fear. I trust that I am totally protected and secure in the presence of God.” And we relax, knowing that the fearful thoughts are untrue and pose no threat whatsoever.

Relaxing is a very important part of staying in peace, because it is impossible to be afraid while our body is relaxed. The moment we engage with a fearful thought, tension appears in our body and in our heart. Fear and tension go hand in hand. So by coming away from the realm of thinking (which means not trying to manipulate or control your thoughts in any way) and by bringing your attention to your body and allowing it to relax, a sense of ease and harmony is instantly restored. As we give our full attention to our breathing, which connects us to the spiritual part of our being, we are no longer feeding anxious thoughts with our attention.

Because our attention has to be somewhere, and it is usually in our mind, but we can move it onto our breathing, we can move it into our body and we can move it into our heart. This is what we need to practice doing on a daily basis, because it brings us out of the realm of illusion (which is what thoughts are) and into the realm of being, of feeling, of energy, of vitality, of joy; the realm of our heart. This is where we are meant to be, and this is where we receive inspiration, healing and restoration.

Our heart needs to be healed from its past pain, and by allowing in the all-powerful force of Love (which is God) then this can occur. Again, we have to let go of all of our doubts, insecurities and expectations of suffering, and fully trust that God will provide the healing balm and restore us to full strength.

Essentially, there are two realities we can dwell in. The mental reality of fear and darkness, or the heart-based reality of light and peace, which you could also call Love. This is the divine reality, God’s reality. Our choices determine where we will be in any given moment, but it is vital to remember that we are not doing this alone. The loving intelligence of God is the divine presence from where all our strength comes, and it is aware of us constantly. Its powerful gravitational force will pull us back to the total safety and peace of its protective and loving embrace whenever it is called upon.

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3 Responses to Relax. There is no threat

  1. Denise Wrenn says:

    A very illuminating post

  2. Thanks for sharing Alexander! You write so well. What stuck out to me, “We have to trust that we are safe, irrespective of what appears to be going on in the world. We develop our feeling of trust simply by returning to it when we would normally engage in fearful thinking.”

    This helped me out so so much, I’m truly grateful. I love how you talk about fear OR love. It reminds me of a speech made by Jim Carrey, which I wrote an article about (

    Thanks again for your insight!

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