The Antidote to Pessimism

We live in a civilisation where people do not spend as much time in nature as they used to. Instead, we spend a lot of our time in artificial boxes; in houses, apartments, offices and other places of work. We spend a lot of our time looking at screens, or listening to information in one form or another. People watch horror films, brutally violent television series, pessimistic dystopian portrayals of the future, suspense thrillers, murder mysteries and so on. We read books of the same nature. People listen to the news about all the bad things that other people have done, all the bad things that are occurring in the world, and all the bad things that might occur. People listen to pop song about broken hearts, loneliness, isolation, fear and hopelessness.

And if people are not distracting themselves with any of these things, they usually start thinking; and we all know that the realm of thought is not always an inspiring and uplifting place to be. Often quite the opposite. Our thoughts (which have been influenced by all the things we have watched, read and listened to) are often negative, critical, divisive, aggressive or pessimistic.

We think judgmental thoughts about people who we don’t like (including ourselves) who may have upset us. We think critically about the kind of person we are, the mistakes we have made, the imperfections in our character. We think pessimistically about the future and foresee all the bad things that might happen, or perhaps seem very likely to happen according to what we are shown in the media.

The media plays a huge role in how we think about the future. This is the danger of watching dystopian portrayals of the future, because there is often a seed of truth that leads our mind towards thinking that everything we are watching is likely to become true. In fact, dystopian representations of the future can be used as a type of propaganda, to convince people that our civilisation is heading in a certain direction, thus leading them into a state of fear, pessimism and hopelessness. I am actually witnessing this a lot at the moment in the media, and it concerns me deeply because dystopia is becoming a very common theme. A lot of the films, programmes, political commentaries and even pop music videos are presenting a 1984-style vision of where we are heading. (“1984” is the name of a very famous dystopian nice, by George Orwell).

But the vital thing we must understand about a 1984 type scenario occurring is that it relies totally on fear, and very heavily on the media to place certain fearful and paranoid ideas in our mind. Without these ideas, without fear, and without the media propaganda to persuade us that things are a certain way, we are very unlikely to be paranoid or pessimistic about the future, because in truth the future is actually full of deeply beautiful potential and liberating possibilities. But we can only perceive this if we keep our thoughts out of negativity and pessimism. We can perceive this if we maintain a sense of hope, faith and trust in the benevolence in life, and understand that fear is just a self-fulfilling prophecy. Faith and trust are the same. They prove themselves to be true if we adhere to them strictly, and don’t get tempted into pessimism.

So you see, without the media pouring negative messages into our mind (many of which are subconscious), it actually takes a concerted effort to feel pessimistic, especially when we are spending a good amount of time daily in nature. Nature is a significant part of the antidote to the negative, dark and hopeless messages that come through the media in all its forms (including books), and the messages that come from our negative-thinking mind.

Essentially, if we give our attention to these messages, and we absorb them and allow them to influence our emotions, we will be pulled away from the innate positivity which dwells at the core of every human heart. We will be diverted away from trust, from peace, from hope, faith and inspiration. We will lose hope, we will fall into the black holes created by negative thoughts, we will lose our enthusiasm, lose our creativity, and become deeply insecure and fearful. This is happening to many people now, as suicide rates increase year by year, especially in young people who are being more heavily indoctrinated by the media than any other group.

Hell is not a place out there; it is the darkness found within fear, pessimism, hopelessness and misery. As soon as we engage with fearful thoughts and pessimistic visions of the future, we are walking in that direction.

So we want to do the opposite. We want to walk away from that realm of consciousness very swiftly, and embrace the higher truth, which is the divine truth presented to us by our heart when we engage with gratitude, with a sense of trust and faith. It is not abstract, or imaginary; it is far more real than any concept or vision your mind can offer you. It is the spiritual truth; the reality of faith, trust, peace, and love. Of all of these, the most vital one to develop is trust. If you develop your trust you will fear less and less, and that is guaranteed.

As you trust more that you not alone, that you are not a small, isolated boat in the middle of a vast turbulent and uncertain ocean, where the waves seem to be getting bigger and bigger, threatening your safety… but instead you are one with the force that creates the waves; the wind, the spirit of God, the creative universal force that determines what happens to the boat (your body), then you will be able to have peace amidst the storm.

Because if you fear, then you are trapped on the boat and will be at the mercy of any storms and giant waves that come your way. But if you trust then you rise above those lower forces, which essentially either paralyse you, or drive you to act fearfully and totally irrationally. You rise above the fear, insecurity, doubt and worry, and you realise that there is a peace you can connect with instead, as you calm down and your heart and body relaxes. This is when the waves subside, and you realise that you can influence the ocean of your reality. This sense of calm and peace is a direct result of stepping out of fearful thinking, and trusting fully in the protective and benevolent nature of the Universe, of God, or Love, or whatever you choose to call it. Without trust, fear can overwhelm us very easily when troubling times come upon us.

If we have no awareness of this higher Divine force, we can still call upon it to lead us away from fear and bring peace back into our heart. It can require humility to do this, if we staunchly believe that there is no intelligent and benevolent force greater than our own mind. Humility brings us back into our heart, where we can directly perceive this greater divine force, and recognise our connection to (and dependence upon) it.

If we stubbornly refuse to keep our mind open to the possible reality of this greater loving intelligence, believing we know how things are, believing only in what is logical and rational, then amidst some big storms we will find ourselves relying solely on our own power, our own abilities and our own logical thinking to save us from suffering. And sometimes, avoidance of suffering may logically seem impossible.

But when you step out of the limitations of mental logic and move into faith, then miracles are possible. Things that your mind could not rationally believe become possible. This is why we can have peace even when a giant wave seems to be about to hit us, and escape from suffering seems impossible. If we are stuck in believing only what seems rational, then we will be trapped in the limitations imposed by such thinking.

Miracles are possible, but fear obscures them. And fear completely overrides our intuitive intelligence also, and leads us to panic, acting like a frightened chicken. We need to learn to stay calm inside, no matter what the outside circumstances are, and no matter what our fearful thoughts tell us is likely to occur in our life, or in the world. Don’t believe the fearful thoughts that arise in your mind, especially the ones that have been influenced by what you have seen in the media.

To a large degree, the media is engaging in cultural hypnosis for the purposes of encouraging consumerism, and thus financial profit. People who are afraid consume more. People who think the world is a dark and dangerous place stay indoors more, and thus consume more. People who think the future is bleak, who feel deeply insecure and isolated, do not engage in creativity and self-expression. They simply consume more, in order to feel more secure and safe. And as they consume more – motivated by fear – something inside gets weaker and weaker. Their heart, their powerful engine of joy, happiness and enthusiasm, begins to wither. They start to resign themselves to a life of continued consumerism, diminishing joy, growing weariness, worry and hopelessness. And if our hope and faith die, then our heart will soon follow suit.

And this is my great concern as I study the messages being put out wholesale by the media. The messages of darkness, hopelessness, violence and misery are growing more numerous, and more popular. This is occurring in pop music, in TV series, in Hollywood movies, and in activists movements that are occupying the news stories. The message is that the future is dark.

Some might might say, “well it is!” but how do we know this? Because of what is being said in the news? Because of the programmes, films and documentaries on TV? Because of all the unnamed scientists who tell us that we should be worried? How do we know what to trust, when there are certainly some very negative agendas occurring in society, right under our noses and on the screens in front of eyes. How do we know what is ultimately true in this universe?

If we would spend less time absorbing all the media information – no matter how accurate we think it is – and instead consult our heart on a daily basis, we would have no fear. We would develop a deep sense of trust and optimism about what lies ahead on this planet. Our heart will deliver the same message over and over to us, if we would take the time to consult it. If we would just go into nature, walk, breathe, relax and connect with our heart, every time it would say the same thing: “Relax, don’t be afraid. Trust in the power of goodness, of Love to triumph over the darkness. Everything is in hand. Just trust…”

This is what our heart will show us if we spend more time listening to it, rather than listening to the media, which cannot be trusted, no matter how convincing it seems. Our heart is 100% reliable to show us what is true, because our heart is creating our future. If you want to dwell in your mind, in all the fears and anxieties that dwell there, then you will be allowing fear to create your future, which is a very bad idea.

Collectively, we are reaching a crossroads. The voice of fear is strong, and appears not only in our own mind, but also on all the screens we watch, in all the things we read and listen to. It is everywhere. But there is another voice which we absolutely must listen to if we want to go in the right direction, towards peace, safety and happiness; and thus steer well away from anger, hatred, misery and suffering. That pure voice is always broadcasting, on a frequency which is more subtle than thought and thus cannot be heard in our mind. We have to come back to our heart, to relax and release the tension, worry and fear that have accumulated there. Our heart needs strengthening so that Love’s message can be fully felt and embodied, thus overriding the fearful message of the mind.

We have to allow Love to transform us, to change us from a creature of thought to a creature of trust, faith, courage and benevolence, because that is who we truly are, that is how we are designed to operate. But our addiction to thought has put a poison in our system, which is fear. We must release that poison if we are going to get through the coming challenges in society, which will call out to the base fears in every human being.

Every human mind will be tempted to see this as the end, when in fact it is really the beginning. But we will only see this if we listen to the voice of faith and trust in our heart, and feel the peace it wants us to feel. Our heart will reconnect us back to the peace, power and protection of God, of Love and absolute Truth which precedes and transcends anything that occurs on the material level.

At the same time, we need to consciously choose to dismiss and let go of all mental fears and insecurities, as we return to our hearts peace over and over again. It is a process of strengthening our heart, and we would be wise to support this vital process through improving our dietary choices. After 20 years of experience, I personally recommend choosing less refined foods, less sugars, less cooked foods and less animal products. I recommend increasing your intake of raw vegetables, green foods and superfoods (like Spirulina), increasing your intake of plants based proteins such as seeds, nuts and avocados, and introducing regular vegetable juices and protein smoothies. We need to be more grounded, and sugary foods – when not used for physical activity – take us into our mind, into thinking. But too much cooked food grounds us too much, and makes us slow, tired and heavy.

If our body is balanced and maintains a decent level of energy, (and food plays a massive part in this) then we will be feeling more, and thinking less. This is why daily exercise is also important, because it keeps our energy flowing through our body, rather than getting stuck in our mind. The more active we are the better, especially whilst being in nature. Nature balances our body and speaks to our heart in a very powerful way. At the end of the day, resist the temptation to collapse on the sofa and watch TV or spend your evening staring at a computer or phone screen. Get outside, go for a long walk, meet a friend, talk, communicate, enjoy the joy and support of human interaction.

The media industry wants us indoors in front of our screens, so it can continue to sell us its products and make us feel the way it wants us to feel. Happy people don’t spend their time watching screens… they get out and enjoy the beauty of this magical world, enjoy the joy of real human interaction, of creativity and self expression. You do not need a screen to do this, and the likelihood of a screen increasing your sense of aliveness and connection with the world and with God is close to zero.

Have no fear, and get out into this world and spread some much needed warmth and friendliness. Enjoy your life while you have it, and pay no attention to doom and gloom scenarios for the future, no matter how persuasive and convincing they seem to be.

As I did in my last article, I will end by sharing the most powerful and quick technique for releasing fear, tension, stress and negativity that I have ever encountered. It is called shaking and has been practiced by native cultures around the world for many centuries. It can last a few minutes or it can last a lot longer, depending on how much you enjoy it (and it is enjoyable!)

This is the page on my website which explains this very simple technique, along with a video demonstration by Kim Eng (the partner of Eckhart Tolle).

Remember to enjoy being more active and energising your body, and if you must think, practice replacing thoughts of negativity, judgement or fear with thoughts of gratitude. The difference this will have upon how you feel is truly astounding.

For more information about improving your diet, just visit this page of my website:

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