This is the peace your heart longs for…

There is a flow of invisible spiritual light which you belong in, like a fish that belongs in a flowing river. In that stream of spiritual light, you are radiant, attuned, synchronised and harmonious within. Your heart feels connected.

This is the experience of divine communion, but we can feel it in day to day life too, when we act kindly and selflessly. When we give from our heart with no thought of self-reward. This is when we feel attuned to something greater than ourselves; some greater force of loving benevolence, which we can choose to allow to work through us. And thus we become a vessel of that benevolence, which is intelligence and consciousness also.

It is intelligence beyond thought. It is intelligence in the form of spiritual light, and when you consider how much intelligence and information the sun transmits to Earth in the form of light, it is an intelligence beyond all our comprehension.

Spiritual light is constantly pouring down upon us like a waterfall, and all we need to do is be still, become quiet, so that we can perceive its subtlety, because compared to our thoughts it is very very subtle. It is like perceiving the very gentlest of breezes on a warm sunny day.

Our thoughts will take us away from this subtlety, from this inner sense of light and into the realms of shadow and doubt in a split second if we allow our mind to be undisciplined and easily distracted. This is why attentiveness and alertness are vital, so we can perceive when the mind is active and pulling us away from being present to a sense of lightness, a sense of freedom within our heart.

We can easily remain in that space if we are vigilant, if we allow our heart to remain open and relaxed, ignoring all thoughts, doubts and fears that appear in our mind, like clouds passing across the sky. We don’t look up at the clouds; we keep our attention upon the beauty of the Earth, which symbolises our heart. We don’t think about it; we feel it. We feel it deeply. This takes us in the opposite direction of thought – in takes us deep into the Earth, into our body, into our heart ; where we feel deeply grounded, rooted and connected in a way the mind cannot understand. It has to be a felt experience in our body and in our heart.

It is our breath that fuels this felt experience, like oxygen fuels a fire. We feel the warmth of our blood flowing through us, like a river of energy that animates and brings sensation to every part of our body. As we breathe more oxygen into the fire of our heart, the more we feel our body; our hands, our arms, our shoulders, back and legs. We begin to inhabit the realm of our body, feeling alive, feeling life flow through us.

This is what sensitises us to the realm of spiritual light, because it flows through our heart, and we have to sense it with our heart. Our heart will tell us how aligned we are with the river of light that wants to flow through us. It will tell us if we are acting from a pure space of selflessness or not. Thoughts of selfishness, greed, personal pleasure and so on, encourage an increase in the sense of darkness in our consciousness. The reason being that they have their origins in ego-based thought, which is essentially fear-based thought. Such thoughts always pull us into more shadowy and unilluminated spaces, where we need more, we want more, we are lacking something that we have to pursue or grasp for. At its essence, it is insecurity, because the ego is purely a product of insecurity.

You will see this if you observe your thinking mind, and most of the thoughts it offers you. They are thoughts of limitation, insufficiency, negativity, criticism and judgement. Heart based thoughts are easily distinguishable, because the voice is not a negative one. It is like the voice of a deeply loving parent, speaking warmly and gently, telling you to have faith, to believe in your ability, to not be afraid. It tells you that you are forgiven, that you are loved.

As we attune to this voice throughout the day, rather than the negative, critical and fearful voice, we start to feel very different inside. Imagine how a young child who is constantly being criticised by their parent must feel. Now imagine how a child who is constantly being praised and reassured by their parent must feel. One child would feel deeply insufficient and insecure as a result, while the other child would feel loved, secure and confident.

The voice in your mind is the same. It speaks to you with a similar kind of authority that we used to attribute to our parents, and thus we listen to it and we believe it. But you can change who you listen to. You can continue listening to the critical fearful mind, or you can switch to the loving and reassuring heart. Is one more true than the other?

You are to some degree what you believe yourself to be, but on a deeper level you are the awareness that perceives everything, and the aliveness that feels everything. Like the sky and the Earth; the sky is awareness, the space in which everything occurs and the Earth is aliveness, the realm of feeling, experience, sensation, energy, vitality, and joy. This is epitomised by your heart. When we bring the two together – when we bring our awareness to our heart – something truly miraculous occurs. Spirit meets matter, light meets form, God meets human. This all occurs within you, as you simply bring your attention to your heart, allow it relax and feel comfortable in the presence of your attention, and just breathe.

This is resting in the depth of your being. This is the end of struggle and stress and fear and uncertainty. This is the peace that your heart longs for.

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