Who You Truly Are

It is important that at some point we get a glimpse of our true identity, so that we can understand our part in this cosmic jigsaw puzzle that we call existence – and it is not what we think. To become aware of who we truly are, it is essential we look beyond all the thoughts that come into our head, all the ideas we have about ourselves, because none of them are actually true. This very act alone sets us free from all the self-limitation and frustration we have created with our thinking.

Thoughts only become ‘true’ by our believing in them, by convincing ourselves of their accuracy, but you don’t have to believe anything about yourself. You simply need to look past every single belief, every thought about who you think you are and see what exists outside of thoughts. This is where your true depth will be encountered, and also your true peace, fulfilment, joy and freedom.

There is one core thought that you have, at the root of all the others, which is ‘I am’. But that ‘I’ tends to refer to your individual sense of identity, your separate self, which we call the ego. However, it is only in your mind where the idea of being a separate individual is true. It is only true when you think about it. Without the thoughts, it simply cannot exist, and we cannot experience ourselves as an isolated and separate individual. It is only the thoughts that create this subjective reality within in our awareness. It is not objectively true.

Because in truth, there is no division in consciousness. There are only thoughts which create the experience of division, when they are believed. There is just an idea of being separate, which you engage with and make more real with all the millions of thoughts that flow from this sense of ‘I’. That is the mental web of the ego, made of thoughts, and we get totally tangled up in it. And thus we lose sight of what is ultimately true, we lose sight of our naturally p expansive and unbounded nature, and we forget our true freedom.

So the main practice to untangle yourself from this web of ego-related thoughts is to watch your mind very, very carefully – like a hawk – and become an expert in noticing the ego-related thoughts arising. As you see them arise in your mind, you can either go there, into that thought and into its reality, or you can step back from it.

You step back by bringing your attention into the reality of your body instead of your mind, and simply allow the thoughts to pass you by, like clouds in the sky, while you simply rest in a feeling of relaxed openness. There is no resistance to the thoughts, no need to push them away. You simply don’t get involved in them, you don’t give them your attention. Instead, you relax your body and breathe, enjoying the more expansive sense of awareness each breath brings you. You allow a sense of harmony to be restored to your body, as tension is released.

So by repeatedly bringing your attention away from the realm of thoughts, and learning how to rest within the peace and warmth of your body and heart, what you are then left with is an all-enveloping and immersive experience of truth, rather than a mental reality of ideas, of conceptual ‘truths’. And that experience is not just physical, it is deeply spiritual because it is emanating from your heart, the centre of your being.

In this realm of inner experience there is not division, because what you are experiencing here is your life force, your energy field, which actually exists within a sea of energy, which is what ‘the universe’ actually is. One giant sea of spiritual (i.e. non-material) energy, which is conscious, intelligent and deeply benevolent. Many people call this God, but names do not matter. All that matters is that it exists, and that we can experience it, we can open to it, we can surrender to it. This is the most intelligent thing we can possibly do with our life. Once we decide with our heart to do this, all those troubles that were manufactured by our individual sense of ego (all the personal fears, worries, judgements, regrets, hostilities etc.) simply vanish. They are part of the ego, and the ego is separation. It is illusion.

Allow yourself to merge with the universal force of Love, simply by allowing your heart to open more and more, releasing all your individual beliefs, all your fears and all your resistance to that force, and you are left with the experience of divine truth, of union with the ocean of consciousness.

This is your natural and whole state, as part of something much bigger, much more powerful, and much more beautiful. This is where you belong, this is where you are truly safe, and this is where you will experience everlasting peace.

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