This is Truth, This is Reality

People want truth. They want to know what is real. And the answer can be felt and experienced by each one of us, without exception. We simply have to stop trying to ‘get it’ mentally, because reality and divine truth cannot be found in thought or mental understanding. They come through connection with our heart. When we relax our heart, peace floods in. Fear vanishes in that moment, because tension is released, and tension IS fear. They are one and the same. If you are afraid, there will be tension in your body and in your heart. If you let go of all the tension, fear cannot remain. A relaxed sense of ease is felt instead. A sense of love appears in our heart, and thus we connect with the vast and all-encompassing presence of love which surrounds us like the ocean surrounds a fish, in which we have our existence. We plug our awareness back into this reality, just by relaxing our heart and coming out of the mental realm, back to the experience of Love which is felt there.

For it is here we belong, in Love, free of fear. So we have to correct our tendency to venture into the mind and to get involved with fearful thinking, and instead, when we see this occurring, redirect our attention in the direction where it is truly needed, into our heart. We simply need to be aware of our heart, for it is only here where love flows. We want to experience truth, to feel reality flowing through us, rather than it just being a cerebral 2 dimensional understanding. We need to be in it, enveloped by it, swimming in it, so that it is experienced as our full reality.

A mental reality can never be full. Only the hearts reality is truly complete and full, in the deepest sense. So we have to go there with our attention and feel our heart, so that we can truly understand. This is the ultimate purpose of meditation; to bring you home to your heart, back to reality. The distractive powers of thought becomes weak as you stop putting your attention in that direction. Instead you breathe into your heart, feel it benefiting from your attention, let it relax, let it become free of tension, let it become strengthened so that you can feel it more. This is how your reality changes. This is how you encounter truth; the living truth of divine consciousness, which is Love, as it flows through you.

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