You Need Depth

It is essential that you learn to move beyond the superficial mental realm of ideas and thoughts, because there is a beautiful depth to life that you will only perceive when you do so. It is the true depth of reality, and it is where divine beauty is found.

Thoughts cannot give us the depth we need. It is like a magnificent whale living only on the surface of the ocean. It does not belong there. It must swim in the depths to be truly fulfilled, to experience it’s deepest joy, and to feel its deeper purpose.

We need to go deeper than the superficial thinking mind, we need to dive down into our heart and allow it to expand with our presence. That’s where we feel our true strength and our true connection to the divinity of reality. We can feel the depth of the entire ocean in our heart, if we are ready for its power.

We think that thoughts are powerful, but they are nothing but clouds. Yet we choose to dwell in them because we are afraid of the true power of life. We must change this if we are to be truly free. We must untangle ourselves from all thought systems and belief systems, and become aware of the power which is flowing through us in this moment, and every moment.

Total unawareness of this power slowly weakens our heart and disconnects us from the depth of life, which is truly a tragedy when you see what we do as a consequence of such disconnection, and how simple the solution is. A disconnection from our heart, and thus from the depth of living and feeling is what strands us in our thoughts, where there is no true sustenance for our soul. Just concepts, just mental illusions that we get so involved in that we trick ourselves into believing they are real.

They are not. It is your depth that is real, and it is in your depth that you will find who you truly are. You find total peace and healing. You find union with something indescribable and totally fulfilling in every way. You come home to the depth of the ocean within you. You are simultaneously a fish within that ocean, and the container of the ocean. All is within the one, and the one is within the all.

You cannot mentally identify with being one thing or the other. Mental processes and understandings are a complete waste of time because they keep you on the surface, on the mental level. You must access, open up to and feel the profound depth within you. There is no shortcut, no other destination, no alternative spiritual path or pursuit. You have been dwelling on the surface for far too long – in thought, in mental understanding – and now you need to return to the depth of your being where you belong.

How do you do this? You must come out of your head, and back into your body. This is why being strong and physically active is important. Some form of breathing practice is also important, so that you are able to spend time just relaxing and watching your breathing, rather than wandering around endlessly in thoughts. If you can step out of thinking and become aware of your body at will – just by relaxing your body and moving your attention there – then you are longer at the mercy of random thoughts that want to lead you here and there. You need to have an anchor, which is your body.

Try this now : Take 5 slow and deep breaths, and relax your body as you do so. Decide that you are just going to notice how your body feels, and ignore all thoughts, no matter what they say. Keep breathing slowly and deeply, and let a sense of calm begin to soak through every fibre of your body. Your breath is the key to this. Keep bringing your attention back to your breathing, allowing your body to relax if you notice any tension creeping back in.

Breathing slowly and deeply. Relaxing all parts of your body. This is your anchor to the depth of who you are. You are not your thoughts. The world is not what you think it is. Go deeper, move away from the surface, and feel the beautiful and liberating truth of the deepness your being.


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