What is there to be ‘saved’ from?

When we look at human behaviour on this planet, it is clear to see that there are forces of good and forces of evil which are working through all human beings. These are invisible forces that influence our heart and our mind, and it is important that we become aware of them and how they operate through us.

At its essence, the force of goodness is Love, whereas the other force – the force of darkness or ‘evil’ – has its foundation in fear. All anger, hatred, bitterness and malevolence has its roots in fear, and you will discover this if you look deeply enough into the root cause of any destructive or hateful behaviour.

Obviously, very few people would consciously choose to allow the force of darkness to influence them into feeling hateful and malevolent, but many people come to dwell in such a realm without realising it and, once there, many choose to stay there by justifying that they are correct to feel this way, even if it causes them great suffering and isolation.

So, the force of fear, anger, hostility, coldness, cruelty and hatred clearly needs to be dealt with, because it is influencing most of the human race without them realising it. Many people live in despair and darkness and don’t even know how they got there. And tragically, the darkness can go very, very deep, and affect people in terrible and disturbing ways.

So the big question is, how can we permanently rid ourselves of this darkness, this deep inner insecurity, inner conflict and fear, and be free of its influence forever?

After 22 years of meditation, journeying in my consciousness, studying with many spiritual teachers, fasting, detoxing, and many other liberating and purifying processes, I can say with complete authority that the deepest darkness can only be vanquished from the human soul by letting Christ dwell in our heart.

Christ is a very real spiritual force that can be experienced by anyone, and should be considered as the very brightest guiding light which is capable of illuminating the deepest darkness which exists within the heart human, and within human civilisation.

Individually, until we are totally free of even the smallest tendency towards fear, we are not free of the influence of darkness. It is impossible for a person to know how strong their heart is until it is challenged, and it is the force of darkness (which you could call evil, or satan perhaps) which challenges us at the very core of our being. It challenges us in ways that cannot be avoided or overcome unless we allow our heart to be fully illuminated. And this is the sole purpose of Christ. To fully illuminate our heart, and in the process purify it.

There is no other way to be totally free of the pull of fear and darkness, and as each person progresses along on their spiritual journey, they will certainly come to a point where they encounter Christ. Christ will come into their life in some way, and what is vital is that they do not shut the door to him, out of distaste for the religion which was built up in his name. Christ is only about bring total peace, healing and illumination into your heart. No dogma, doctrines or belief systems are necessary.

That’s it. That’s the essential reason why without Christ darkness can still linger, because there is no other force that has the power to purify our heart completely. And whether we want to or not, it is essential we do this, so that we can be completely free from the influence of darkness, which approaches us from many directions and in many forms.

Fearful thinking is the main form and it is the most deeply influential, but we are also subjected to darker energies that come through the media, in the form of film, music, television, news and so on. Junk food, fast food, drugs, stimulants and alcohol also weaken and toxify our being, poisoning our spirit to various degrees in the process.

If each of us knew the degree to which we could further enter into the pure goodness of life we would be absolutely astounded. The journey fully away from fear, negativity, darkness, anger, bitterness, hatred and isolation, towards the endless warmth and light of the divine can be a long one for many people (as it was for me). But this process can become greatly accelerated simply by letting Christ fortify, purify and illuminate your heart.

Many people have their issues with religion, as I do also, but asking Christ to be in your heart does not mean subscribing to any Christian doctrine whatsoever. It just means knowing Christ in a very experiential way, and allowing his light to permanently free your heart from darkness.

I have been on a long, long journey to come to this point where I can write with full authority that Christ is the final purifying force. I have been working on my heart for over 20 years, sitting with spiritual masters, meditating, experiencing inner healing ceremonies, fasting and so on, and every step was essential – for me. As was the last step, which was the most vital one. Accepting the healing and purifying force of Christ into my heart.

If you are reading this, it is not by accident. You can save yourself a long, long journey, because whether you know it or not, you are heading for the light also, away from the darkness. So we can stumble along, not seeing very clearly exactly where the path is, or we can allow it be illuminated brightly, so that we can run along it joyfully like young children, knowing exactly where we are heading. Home to peace, safety and endless Love.


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  1. Alicia says:

    Wonderful thank you

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