God Will Transform You (if you ask him to)

If you say to God: “I don’t want my selfish ego anymore. I want to be a vessel of your pure love instead”, do you know what what will happen? The personality of Christ will slowly begin to replace the personality of your ego. Ego thoughts will be replaced by more selfless and compassionate thoughts, and you will experience more yourself as God’s child, with God’s mind; which is Christ’s mind.

So essentially, the false you will be replaced with the real you. You will stop thinking of yourself as separate from God. Your sense of identity will be tied to Christ, because Christ has occupied your heart and your mind. Will this make you Christ-like? In a sense yes, as your entire being will be infused and permeated by his radiant light. It will obviously not make you Jesus himself, but it will make you an embodiment of Jesus’ love (which is actually what you were designed for, irrespective of whether you are male or female, or whether you even believe in Christ or not).

So, which would you rather have? Your ego and all of it’s conflicting and complicated thoughts, or the mind and heart of Christ, filled with his beautiful light? Because you have the choice, just like I had. Long ago I chose the mind of Christ, and have been patiently unpicking the tendrils of the ego from my being. Eventually, you will come to the final tendrils; the more deeply conditioned ego desires for something other than God’s will. Our total and complete surrender to God’s will is the end of the ego, which means the end of fear also.

The ego has nothing left to cling to, because it only holds on to you with the desires that it places in your heart. These are like its roots, which give the ego a foothold in your being. It makes you desire things other than union with God, and thus union with God does not occur, and you remain yoked to the ego. Eliminating ego desires is how you loosen its roots. When they are gone, and simply doing God’s will is your only desire, the shadow of the ego simply falls away from you and you join with God. What remains in you is the light of Christ.

I know this only because I have undergone this process. I am not telling you in order to feed my ego (because that is the last thing I want to do) but rather to inform you that you can do the same. And there is no ‘downside’; no drawback, no sacrifice needed – except the ego. And trust me, if there is anything that needs to be sacrificed in this world, it is the ego. Lay it on God’s alter, and ask him to terminate it. He most certainly will, and you will never, EVER regret saying goodbye to it.

It could not be simpler, but it does require your heartfelt determination that this is what you want. If there is any doubt, you will not be able to lay your ego on the alter, as the doubt comes from the ego itself. It is its way of holding on to you, and keeping itself alive. It is a parasite, and the sooner you are free from its controlling grip, the happier, more inspired and more fulfilled you will be, guaranteed.

Now, of course the ego will give you plenty of thoughts about what I have just said, and you can get involved in them if you want to – but that will only keep you tangled up in its conceptual world. However, if you pay attention to your heart you will notice it resonating with the truth of my words, and it will encourage you to act upon them. All you need to do is turn your attention away from your own reflective and analytical thinking, and speak to God as if he is right next to you, listening to every word. Because he is.

Tell him that want him to perform ‘ego surgery’ on you, and to free you from its poisonous and controlling grip. He will do this if it is genuinely what you want in your heart, but be fully aware that it means following his plan for your life, rather than your own. Naturally, he will use all the gifts, skills and passions he has blessed you with, in order to make a difference to other people’s lives, and in ways you could never have imagined.

Following God’s plan is by far the greatest adventure you can possibly have in life, and there is nothing stopping you embarking on that adventure, except a few doubts and fears perhaps. But they belong to the ego, and if you lay it on God’s alter, they will hinder you no more.

It is time to take our attention away from our self-obsession, and turn it towards God. We do this simply by talking to him, thanking him, asking him to purify our heart and make us a more loving person. These are among the most powerful prayers you can utter. When God hears your genuine desire to be a more loving and pure-hearted person, he acts instantly and powerfully, in ways we cannot comprehend. As our heart is purified (which essentially means that our desires are purified and they become less selfish) we move more into the light, closer to God, more into the divine realms of awareness. Our heart becomes more full of love, more joyful, more free and more compassionate. We begin to understand that the true mystery of life revolves around the purity of our heart and the desires we allow to take root there.

The ego is constantly persuading us to what things that lead us towards temporary material satisfaction, rather than sustained spiritual fulfilment. In the process, our heart grows cold from a lack of spiritual connection, and we forget how vital it is to nurture this connection. We become addicted to worldly pleasures and experiences, forgetting the incomparable beauty and joy of a heart which is close to God.

So, to conclude, we simply need to turn our mind away from the worldly, and towards the spiritual beauty of God. Ask him to purify your heart; ask him to make you a more loving, tolerant and forgiving person; ask him to give you greater humility, and you will discover that life changes very rapidly, as your heart changes.

“Blessed are the pure of heart, for they shall see God.”


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“The ego just wants to control, but the heart just wants to give. The more controlling you are, the more you’ll live in your ego. And the more giving you are, the more you’ll live in your heart.”


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