Divine Communion

Most people subconsciously fear judgement by God, because there is an underlying belief system that they will be punished if God sees who they truly are. So we hide ourselves in thoughts – complex labyrinths of thought – where we think God will not find us. This is literally ‘burying our head in the sand’, childishly believing that if we cannot see God, then God cannot see us.

So we construct a mental reality to live in, made of thought, where we think we can avoid the judgemental presence of God, and thus be spared his inevitable fierce punishment. But the opposite is true, because God does not look upon us judgementally. God’s presence is what truly protects our mind and guides our mind towards the divine realm where it belongs, averting us from the darkness. God will not punish us, because God accepts our imperfections.

So we are afraid of a judgement which is not there, and thus we unnecessarily cast ourselves into the mental thought-based illusion, full of the shadows of doubt and confusion – when there absolutely no need to do so.

We will only be free of darkness when we finally decide to leave that labyrinth, and allow ourselves to be fully present with God. God’s mind is pure presence, radiant light, luminous intelligence, and we will very much want to merge with it when we realise this for ourselves, when we perceive its spiritual beauty with our own mind and heart.

A loving parent carefully watches over their child, without judging their character, without seeing any imperfections or failings in that child. There is just loving and attentive presence. This is what the child really needs, and this is what makes the child feel truly secure. Similarly, we really need God’s spiritual presence, because we are only truly secure when our heart and mind are fully joined with God’s.

When there are no thoughts of “me” as a separate entity to God, when we drop all barriers to God, and welcome total communion with him, we merge with him and become fully permeated and saturated with his divine presence. This is what our body is designed for, and this is our true identity as a child of God. This is our ultimate fulfilment.

So essentially, all we need to do is say yes to God; to want to perceive his presence, to want to become aware of him. When we simply say yes, it is guaranteed that we will come to know God – through our subtle mental perception and through our heart – because God is loving intelligence. As we choose to open up to God’s presence, fear begins to depart from our heart and mind. We stop wanting to distract ourselves and instead we want to be more still and more quiet, so that we can become aware of God’s peace, for which there is no worldly substitute.

Slowly and happily, we merge more with God’s loving awareness, allowing his light into every hidden corner of our heart and mind. There is nothing we need to hide from God, because God will not punish us. God will only heal us, if we show him our fears, our insecurities, our vulnerabilities, our pain. God is the Love that heals the wounds in our heart. And God is the light that removes all darkness from our mind.

You having nothing to lose, and everything to gain. All it takes is the humility to say “I need some help.”

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“Thinking keeps us on the surface of life, in our mind,
where all doubt, fear and insecurity originate. We belong
in our heart’s depth, where peace, joy & freedom are found.”

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We are all children, longing to find our way back to
the world of innocence, joy and freedom we once knew”


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