Staying open to the joyful truth

One of the saddest experiences for me is when a fellow human being closes their heart to you, closes their ears to you, and turns away from you. I see the potential in every human interaction for togetherness, friendship, humour, empathy and shared understanding. For me this is the joy of human interaction.

God does not need to enter the conversation, nor Jesus, because those two words can very easily mean the end of the interaction, the end of openness and willingness to listen and share perspectives. So for me, openness, good humour and the joy that flows from being in that state is the goal in every interaction.

If the potential of every communication is joy, and you know you can achieve that, it is somewhat a tragedy that a person turns away from that, especially when it is because of certain words which trigger resistance, anger and hostility, as talk of God and Christ often does. And I believe we touch both in a state of joy.

I believe God’s greatest gift for out heart is joy. I believe the essential nature of Christ is joy. So it is better to experience joy together wordlessly, than to speak and end the possibility of that occurring. For me that is a great shame, and I avoid it at all costs, because joy is precious, laughter is precious, empathy and openness are precious, all beyond measure. If they are present in a communication, in an interaction, then something truly divine is guaranteed to be present.

All goodness flows from God, and if we just remain open to the goodness (of happiness, of laughter, of friendship, of joy) then we will experience that which comes from God, and our heart will become more familiar with God’s nature, which IS joyful, radiant, light and deeply positive. This is how people come to know God, without even using or understanding the word GOD.

And Jesus? Jesus is capable of approaching people without you having to bring him in purposefully into a conversation. Jesus will shine through you when joy, love and compassion shine through you. Then people may ask about your spirituality, your faith. God will always inspire people to be interested in you when your light is bright, and then they will be curious what Jesus has done in your heart, to make it shine so brightly.

People should be able to clearly see the effect of Christ on a person’s life, because that person usually stands out radiantly from all the people who are not familiar with his powerful Light. And they should be standing out, because there is no light like Christ. No light can illuminate the human heart like Christ, and this should be evident in a person who has let Christ dwell in their heart.

Christ will show his presence there, and be shining through the eyes, the face and the entire personality of that human being. This cannot be ignored, and sensitive people will recognise it, because it is not the norm. It is not what you see in most of the people you talk with. So, through increasing the joy, empathy and love that we get through communicating and interacting, we prepare our heart to be a dwelling place for God, as it is designed to be.

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  2. Denise Wrenn says:

    Hi Alex
    What first mean when it says this post is as supported?

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