Experiencing & enjoying the reality of God

What is the reality of God? It is a divine reality, not a divided reality, and thus all is perceived in complete and deep harmony.

We experience this within ourselves as the feeling of being connected to the all-pervading goodness, through our heart, the centre of our being. As we relax into this goodness simply by relaxing our body, we open our heart to it and we stop being afraid of it, for it cannot cause suffering.

Only withdrawing from it creates suffering, and there is absolutely no need to do that, for it is where we belong and what our heart is destined for. At home in love, in benevolence, in deep compassion. This, felt in our heart, joins us with the divine reality, untarnished by all the thoughts that create fear.

Thoughts exist in a different realm now; a shallow mental realm that holds no interest. The heart-felt realm of embodied goodness feels blissful when you focus upon it. It is pure divine perfection felt within the tissues your body; a fully tangible experience which you were indeed built for. Your biological circuitry is designed to experience this. It is not an altered state, it is your divine state, your ascended state, your liberated state.

You are liberated from your insecurity, from which flows all fear and doubt. You find your security in your connection to the loving benevolent force which many have called God. If we can be humble enough, we will experience that power that is greater than our own, the power which gives us life and consciousness, and we will live in deep gratitude towards it.


“Develop the strength of your heart”

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We are all children, longing to find our way back to
the world of innocence, joy and freedom we once knew”


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