Joy replaces fear

Fear, when it is felt in our body, is experienced as tension and inner contraction. Our body becomes tight and stiff. Everything tenses up. Relaxation vanishes, enjoyment vanishes and we enter a more shadowy realm in our consciousness, characterised by a sense of being ill at ease.

This is usually caused by our mind engaging with some fear-based thought form, some vision or expectation of harm, loss, pain, rejection, humiliation or annihilation. In fact, it all begins with that thought. Just one tiny little decision you make (perhaps unconsciously) to give your attention to that thought.

And it is a decision that we make, whether we are aware of it or not . As you learn to pay more attention to what your mind is doing, you will see that decision occurring over and over again, as we choose to get involved with pretty much every thought that passes across our mind. In fact, the collective ether in which we exist is permeated by thought forms, by ideas, that we are always choosing from. Very few of our thoughts originate from us, if any.

So as you gain a little perspective on your mind, noticing that rather than just being lost in thoughts, you are choosing to engage with them, you begin to choose more consciously and wisely.

After all, why intentionally engage with a thought which is fear-based, knowing that it can only lead you into fear? Seeing this choice, which occurs at the source of human consciousness and thus influences our entire reality, we become more intelligent, as we learn to carefully discern between all the thoughts which are vying for our attention.

Some thoughts bring fear, some bring grief, some bring confusion, frustration or anger. We don’t want to choose those one, and there is no need to, because it is not an obligation. It is a free choice! No one says that you have to listen to, and then believe all the negative thoughts which come into your mind.

But you might say “I should listen to those thoughts, because a lot of them are true”. This is the big problem. This is very much a case of “putting the cart before the horse”. You choose to inform your thinking with what you see, and what ideas fit with what you see, and that becomes the reality you inhabit and which you fortify with all thinking of a similar nature.

This is why being open minded is very important. If my mind is humble and willing to be proven wrong, if it becomes evident that my understanding is wrong, then there is always the possibility of higher understanding, there is always the possibility of something that could completely transform my worldview and turn my reality sideways, allowing for brand new, more illuminated perspectives. But if the mind is arrogant and self-righteous, this cannot happen.

Because higher understanding is what we are all aiming at. Very few people are consciously choosing to move towards the darkness, they are simply being taken there by the negative thoughts in their mind, which seem to be in control. This is the ladder that each person must to climb, to some degree or other. The ladder from being a victim of thoughts, up to the higher state of awareness where you see thoughts as merely little clouds in the vast sky of your mind. You are infinitely bigger than all the thoughts, because your mind is vast. The clouds only appear big and all-pervading sometimes because we look too closely at them, or we look deep into them and get lost in their misty realm.

We don’t have to look into the thoughts. We can just watch them, and as we do this, noticing them from the outside, we free up awareness that begins to notice the state of our body, the realm of feeling and vitality. We are not lost inside thought-forms now, so we become aware of our body, rather than just our mind. We will usually find tension there, perhaps stress and anxiety. But sometimes there is joy in our heart, there is laughter and enjoyment of life’s experiences.

So how can we consciously move from the state of fear to the state of joy? Because of all the possible human experiences, joy and ecstasy will be experienced as the most illuminating, most deeply real, most deeply enjoyable and sensational. The heart comes alive in these states, and we feel electrified by vitality and positive energy, as it flows through our veins, in the form of Love.

These are the heights of our potential, and fulfilling them is not as hard as our mind thinks it is. In fact, the thinking mind has absolutely nothing to do with the whole process, which is why it tends to present the idea that such heights are unreachable, unobtainable. But what if the opposite were true. What if the mind is trying to keep you stuck in its realm of fear and doubt? Well, to a large degree it is, and simply seeing this is enough to free you from its persuasion. Once you see that it is effortless to relax your body in any moment, thus releasing your tensions and worries, you realise that it takes more energy to remain in tension than it does to let it go, and have peace in your being.

This can actually occur now, if you are willing to let go of those thoughts which create anxiety, doubt and fear within you. What this really means is trusting; not in your thoughts, but in an intelligence and a power greater than your thoughts.

Fully trusting brings complete security into our heart. In fact, it is the only way this can occur, because if there is any lack of trust, we will suffer as a result. Why? Because lack of trust means fear or doubt must be present, and thus the shadows that come with them is encroach upon our conscious reality.

But total trust dispels all darkness, because there is no room for doubt or fear. In total trust, they vanish. Insecurity vanishes. We are left in a space of safety, of feeling protected, of feeling relaxed, and totally unthreatened. The absence of threat is something we are not used to. Because threatening thoughts come into our mind all the time, and make us feel anxious. They make us worry. Threat is the anxious mind’s speciality. There is always something on the horizon that might go wrong.

Well, I assure you that that part of the mind will stop influencing you, as you stop engaging with its fear-based perspectives, and instead connect with the sense of inner-security and trust that come from your heart.

We can take ourselves closer to that realm through making choices that are wiser. Choices of gratitude, choices of compassion, that allow love to flow through us. Because ultimately, we have to fully acquaint ourselves with the full depth of that love, and we have to learn to fully trust in its power, which is beyond our comprehension. We do this by spending more time in our heart, by developing a deeply rooted state of gratitude for our life. Appreciating its magnificence. Enjoying the vitality and energy which we are designed to have flowing through us.

This is why good health is an essential part of the path to joy, to peace. It is very challenging to feel grateful for life when you are in pain, when you are suffering. But in good health, our heart is strong and more in touch with the realms of joy, celebration and gratitude. These are the realms we need to become more acquainted with, even if they seem unappealing or unobtainable.

Again, it come down to our choice in this moment, as it always does. Can we feel the joy of realising that we don’t have to suffer one moment more in our life? Can we even allow ourselves to grasp this truth? We are not compelled to create any further suffering in our life. Only that which we want, that which keeps our personal ‘drama’ alive. But if we see that we can turn our drama instantly into a comedy with a simple change of perspective, we will be free of the compulsion to create further drama.

We will relax, we will smile. We will understand that our state of mind and our state of feeling are what determine what we experience. Choose the fearful thoughts, and you will inhabit a fearful reality. Relax, let go of the tension, the worry and the fear, and a sense of harmony will be restored to you. Peace will become your immediate reality. You will not feel threatened. You will see that peace, trust and inner security are options available to you in this moment, and every moment. You simple need to be alert to what the thinking mind is trying to do to you.

It wants you to fear its thoughts, so that it can remain in control of you, keep you dependent upon it and continue to exist. But slowly it will starve you and wither your heart, if you continue to be submissive to the stories of fear that it is telling you. This is why your heart needs your attention, it needs your trust. So that it can become stronger than your mind, and influence your reality in the way that it has been designed to. It transmits beauty, it transmits harmony, it transmits positive energy. It just needs your support. It needs strengthening, it needs to be listened to. It needs your faith and trust.

Develop your trust in the reality-changing power of your heart. Become acquainted with what it wants to show you, the peace it wants you to know, the joy it wants you to feel. You are a child of the divine, who has been lost in fear for too long. You must turn away from it all: all the worry, all the doubt, all the anxiety, and trust that you are protected, you are safe. Celebrate the end of darkness in your consciousness, as you realise that your divine purpose to live in safety and in joy. All you have to do is choose wisely. Trust your heart and trust in Love. It is your life line, your salvation and your joy.

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