Awareness of the Divine

In this very moment as you read this, you are surrounded by what many would call “God”; by the divine, all-pervading intelligent consciousness that knows you intimately, and loves you deeply. This is not some Biblical idea of God, this is the experiential reality of God, available and perceivable by you in this and every moment.

If you become sensitive, quieten your thinking and consciously decide that you want to interact with this divine consciousness – it will occur. It will not occur through thinking, which is why you must allow your mind to become quiet. It will occur within the more subtle realm of your being – you will sense it. You will inevitably sense it, because it is the truth of reality, so sooner or later you will become aware of it.

It is like a fish which has no understanding that it is swimming in the substance we call water, because it knows nothing else. It has not experienced the absence of water, so it doesn’t realise the reality of what surrounds it. This is exactly how it is for us.

If we close our heart and stray too far away from the divine presence that surrounds us all, we encounter darkness, coldness, isolation – a kind of sub-human hell. So what if do the opposite, and consciously decide to approach the divine reality that gives us life and consciousness? This is what people do consciously in meditation; they come closer to the spiritual truth of reality, the truth which you cannot see, but which you can truly sense and which you can feel in your heart.

This is what happens. Our heart responds like a flower opening it’s petals to the rays of the sun. It opens. It expands. It is filled with greater consciousness, and we experience the divine beauty of Love. This is not a mere emotion, it is the language of God. So much can be revealed to us thorough this; information that our mind is simply not equipped to understand. It can only be known and understood by the heart, and this is why it is essential to develop our heart, to focus upon it, allow it to release its pain, its fear, its tension and contraction.

Your heart is the key to reality, to knowing your connection with the Divine, to enjoying communion with God, feeling the loving embrace which we are eternally held in. It is like a mother who has a child within her womb. They are connected by the umbilical cord. You are connected to your divine parent through your heart, and this is how you know you are safe, loved and protected.

Without this connection, we feel insecure. We doubt, we question the existence of God, we lose the meaning of life. Your heart holds the answers, and day-by-day you are being gently reminded to return there. You are being guided by the apparently accidental and theatrical events of your life to forgive. Let go of the anger. Stop denying and punishing yourself, and stop doing the same to others. When you do, love will begin flowing once more within you, and your heart will grow stronger.

The Divine surrounds you in every moment. You can talk to it; be humble enough to ask it to help you open your heart, to become more forgiving and less angry, less afraid. This request will always be answered, if it is sincere, because there is no more intimate relationship in the universe than that between you and God. There is no greater love than the love that is being poured upon you by God. But if your heart is closed, you will not feel it. If you are arrogant or angry you simply cannot receive it. You must become humble.

This is why suffering brings us closer to the Divine, because it humbles us, it breaks down our arrogance and pride, and makes us deeply want healing and redemption. Your heart is the crucible of redemption, because there you find the deep love which you thought you no longer deserved. It awaits you, God awaits you right now in your heart, if are willing to let it soften. If you are willing to ask for help.

Love is the divine reality which is behind all that we think is important or worthy of concern in this world. Where love is allowed to shine through, there shines God, and thus the most vital healing can occur. Our mind needs to heal from its division of judgement, because we are not the judge, we are merely a humble witness, blessed with the consciousness to enjoy the beauty this world offers. We only need turn our attention to it, because it is everywhere in the natural world. And it is all an outward expression of the divine beauty which we have the capacity to perceive within our heart. It leads us there, because it is a reflection, like the moon reflects the beautiful light of the Sun, reminding you of its eternal presence. The Light of the divine is eternally present in your heart, and all you need to do is stop looking in the wrong direction. Turn within, relax your heart and ask God to help you come back to Love, where you belong.

“Develop the strength of your heart”

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4 Responses to Awareness of the Divine

  1. Claire says:

    Beautiful, thank you.

  2. Alicia says:

    Your words in this post and others are exactly what I was looking for today, thank you so much

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