A bright future, free of darkness

The media in all its forms has a huge influence upon how we view the world, how our mind operates, how it thinks and how it foresees the future. It is incredibly powerful. So much so that it can totally blind us to the true beauty of living, the fantastic potential within our own heart, and the infinite creative possibilities that we all share as we shape our future on this planet, which is exactly what we are doing with our collective consciousness.

There is a force of goodness that flows through each human heart. It is creative, loving, optimistic, joyful and innocent. This force is also mirrored within the beautiful natural world in which we dwell. However, we allow this powerful and beautiful force to be overshadowed by the fears which are created in our mind (and consequently, in our heart) by the influence of the media. Of course, every other human being involved in our life is also influencing us to a greater or lesser degree, and this is why we need to develop a sense of inner strength.

Inner strength does not mean coldness, harshness or ruthlessness; quite the opposite. It’s about the strength of your heart, and your ability to allow it to remain open, tolerant, compassionate and caring. But also, your ability to remain focused on being practical and pragmatic in your task of making this world a brighter place, a more caring and forgiving place. This does take a great deal of strength, because there is so much information pulling us in the other direction, the direction of judgement, criticism, hostility, fear, doubt and darkness.

But the truth is, even though our own thoughts create a lot of this inner negativity, there is something much closer to your heart that eliminates and dissolves all fear, all negativity, all doubt, all grief, anger, hostility and darkness. If we would just pay more attention to that, and less attention to the media, to the divisive thoughts it creates in our mind, we would see the beautiful potential for our life laid out before us. If we don’t see it, it is because we are looking at the shadows, the negative visions placed in our mind by society and by the media machine, which literally ‘dis-informs’ us whilst simultaneously persuading us that it is showing us “how things are”.

Let me tell you how things really are. You have a powerful and infinitely creative light in your heart, that comes from a divine source. Its power is greater than anything you can comprehend. It supersedes this material realm which we think is so real, so that it can literally transform any aspect of it, by shining its light upon it. This light brings harmony and consciousness wherever it shines. Nothing is greater than this light, and it goes without saying that darkness can have literally zero influence upon it, because darkness cannot approach light without being illuminated, and thus transformed.

And this is the situation we have. Indeed, there are forces of darkness operating through our civilisation, through society, through our governmental and financial organisations, and through the media which appears nearly every where we look, even carried around in our pockets through our smartphones. We think of a lot of it it as ‘entertainment’ or ‘news’, but the truth is that it is distraction. Some of it is benign distraction, which just takes our mind off our own lives for a short while (which is not helpful by the way), yet a lot of it is malignant distraction which will literally lead our mind into realms of fear, anxiety, division, judgment, anger, criticism, and hostility. Quite literally, it leads us away from the beautiful light that each one of us has shining in our own heart, and it takes into the shadowy mental realms of thought, fear, doubt, insecurity and darkness.

Many people could not imagine a life without such distraction and disinformation, but I can assure you that after a short period of weaning, your mind will become more spacious. It will calm down and your body will respond by feeling less stressed, more relaxed, more present and open to whatever it is you have to focus upon in each moment. It’s true that without distraction, you will become more aware of your own thoughts, your own inner commentaries that are always influencing how you feel, but which were previously doing this quietly in the background.

It is vitally important to become aware of those commentaries, because just like a news report tells you what is allegedly ‘happening in the world’ (which in fact is a small, carefully chosen selection of the worst or strangest things that are happening) your inner commentary is doing exactly the same thing to you. It is thinking, and thus providing images and information about what is happening in your life, how you stand with others, what is likely to happen in the future, what kind of a person you are, and how guilty or happy you should be feeling based upon your actions.

Do you want all of this to be happening subconsciously? because you can be sure that it is indeed happening. But if we keep distracting ourselves we will not notice it, and these thoughts just slip under the radar and have their influence upon us, and we continue to be at the mercy of them. Our emotions are totally influenced by such thoughts. Our stress levels, our sense of harmony or disharmony, our openness to others, our sense of contentment, peace, positivity.

Our mind is creating all the darkness that we experience in our life (and that which we project into the future also) not just because of the thoughts it believes, but also because of what it gives its attention to. Our consciousness is affected and influenced by everything it looks at, listens to etc., so if you give your attention to any negative information, you will absorb its energy, guaranteed. It will then affect your thoughts and your feelings, unless you are highly vigilant and disciplined. This is why choosing where to put your attention is the highest practice of intelligence, because our awareness is like a river that flows through every part of us. Pollute that river with any form of disharmony, negativity, conflict, fear etc and that polluted water must flow through you. It leaves a residue, and it can takes some time to free ourselves from that residual inner disharmony and discomfort.

So the wisest approach is to be very careful with what you give your attention to. Do you actually need to watch horror films, films with violence, conflict, hatred, bitterness, darkness and division? Do you actually need to watch the news, and hear about the latest feud between politicians, the latest horrific act by terrorists? Of course, we like to know ‘what is happening’, but as I said before, this is not truly what is happening, and it leaves a residue of darkness within you. Is it worth it? Wouldn’t you rather be filled with greater hope and greater inspiration? Wouldn’t you rather feel positive and motivated to share what you have to share with the world, the intelligence and beauty of your heart?

We have to choose, because in this instance it is very difficult to ‘have our cake and eat it’, so-to-speak. If you want to feel positive about yourself and about life, you cannot continue to absorb negative information. This is why I always recommend to people that they spend more time in nature instead, whatever the weather. The time you would spend reading the news or browsing social media, go for a walk in nature instead, even if you have to drive to a park. It is always worth it.

Rather than continually consume information, as we have been conditioned to do, we need to remember our creativity, our ability to share what is in our heart in our favourite way. We are creative creatures, but society has turned us into consumers who are always hungry for mental information, hungry for food. If you would just spend the next 10 minutes after reading this article sitting quietly (ideally in nature or where you can see some nature), and just relax all the muscles of your body while breathing gently, a sense of gratitude would enter your heart.

We are so busy worrying about ‘what is next’, that we have forgotten how to fully appreciate what is here. You have a home, you have food, you have warmth, and hopefully you have some friends or family who care about you. Bombs are not dropping around you, you are not going to have to scour rubbish bins for your next meal, you are not going to have to sleep on a cold, hard pavement. Could you just stop your hunger for the next thing, and relax and appreciate what you have?

Most importantly, you have life, you have a body. Of course, I understand fully that life in a body is not pleasant when you are sick or in pain. Or living in stress and fear either. This is why we have to take responsibility for these things. We can blame anyone, any group of people, any set of circumstances for how we feel, how much we are suffering, but that simply guarantees that we cannot change it. We must look at what we can change to improve our situation, rather than looking at blaming others.

This is the very purpose of this article; to help you to see how we bring darkness and suffering into our own lives through our choices. If we continued to choose unhealthy junk foods, we will get sick. If we continue to choose negative information, negative thought patterns, a negative outlook on the world, our heart will be poisoned by fear, anger and darkness.

I can assure you that no matter how convinced you are of the picture of future darkness and suffering being pedalled by the ‘bad news media’, the film industry, the advertising industry, and now also the music industry, it is not true. They may want you to believe it is true, so that through your fear you create a reality that is dark and devoid of passion, energy, vitality and power, but there are reasons for that. They are projecting this future into your mind, so that your heart loses hope and you end up simply consuming your way to your grave, and in the process totally missing the boat of happiness, of freedom, of celebration, of joy. In the process, ignoring all the people around you who are in need of help, in need of company, a listening ear or a kind word, and instead dwelling upon your own inadequacy, your own sense of insecurity and your need for self preservation.

There is a force that is working through humanity (and you may have already seen this working through your own life) which wants to heal, which wants to restore, which wants to forgive and build bridges. This is the force that we want flowing through us. It has no fear for itself, because it knows that it is shaping the future, as we all are with our choices and with the energy of optimism and hope which we choose to strengthen, believe in and act from.

If we allow ourselves to be persuaded that the future is dark, we will only want to turn away from it, and this means a spiralling path away from the light, away from hope and faith and love, down into the darkness of fear. This is not somewhere we can go without choosing to. If we don’t choose positive influences, if we don’t choose good health, if we don’t choose compassion and active concern for others, we will inevitable stagnate in our selfish world of consumption, insecurity, fear, anger, division and distraction, thus completely missing the boat of healing, joy, forgiveness, love, total peace and security.

Are there organisations that want to keep us away from that, that want to lead us into darkness? It doesn’t matter. All that matters is that we choose consciously which direction we want to go in, and act accordingly. We each need to focus 100% upon strengthening our own heart, so that we can be a force of goodness, compassion and healing in a suffering world, and help usher in a brighter future by first choosing it in our own mind.

Without this first vital step of replacing a dark outlook with an illuminated one, we will eventually find ourselves in need of salvation from it. It is the human mind that must be saved from its contemplation of darkness, and this occurs simply by turning completely away from it and looking towards that which is always awaiting our attention, which desperately needs our attention. Our heart, and the powerful love that shines within it.

We see its beauty reflected in the natural world, its light reflected by the glorious sunshine that pours down upon the Earth. This is a world enriched by light, and as we learn to dwell in our heart, we will find that it knows no darkness and can create no darkness, for it is a force of pure divine light. When our awareness is re-established here, where it belongs, we will live free of darkness, free of division, fear and suffering, completely at one with Love. The luminous realm of Love is our destination and therefore to reach it we need to focus our full attention upon it. Thus is the journey made.


“Develop the Strength of your heart”

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We are all children, longing to find our way back to
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“Darkness & fear cannot exist where there is light & joy”


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