Relax and you will feel the Goodness

Without even realising it, we are often holding our body in a state of subtle tension. Our shoulders are hunched, our face is tight, our jaw might be clenched, our stomach is tense…

These are the physical manifestations of the subtle fears which are often running through our mind, either consciously or subconsciously. Those fears are usually part of a simple belief system, such as “I have to hurry up” or “I have got to do things perfectly” or “I’ve got to be a better person” or “I am going to be punished”…

These are fearful thoughts that instantly manifest as tension and contraction in the muscles of your body, and if any of them are running in the background without you realising it, you will feel a sense of anxiety and disharmony within you. There will be a sense of unease, a sense of pressure, and a subtle sense of threat, all of which are being entirely created by your thoughts.

So the first thing to do – and you can do this right now – is just notice yourself, notice your body and notice how you feel. Is there tension, is there stiffness, is there a feeling of holding yourself tight, in your muscles, in your shoulders, in your face, in your stomach or anywhere else?

If you notice tension anywhere, just relax your body. Allow it be at ease, instead of uptight. This is the essential response to physical tension that we all need to learn and practice, because without it, we just get stuck in tension, stress and frustration, with no way out other than releasing it in negative and detrimental way that often hurt the people around us, and ourselves too.

So just relax your body, and let tension dissolve. This is so deeply powerful, yet it seems like such a simple thing.

Experience it now… just decide to relax your body, and ignore any negative or critical thoughts that want to create tension in you. You have the freedom to relax in any situation, and as you practice, you develop the ability to do so also. You become more skilled at instantly releasing the fear which you hold in your body in the form of tension.

You are the one holding it there with your mental and physical habits, and therefore you are free to let it go. You are also the one creating the tension by engaging with and believing certain thoughts that appear in your mind. Your mind might convince you very thoroughly that those thoughts are true, and that it is correct to believe them, but consider this… What is the higher reality? Is it fear, negativity, doubt and insecurity?

When you engage in thoughts which have that flavour, are you coming closer to reality? No, you are not, because those thoughts come from a space of darkness, and darkness is not the highest truth, as most of us will realise. Those thoughts are from the darkness and therefore, they produce more darkness within you. That is what fear creates in our consciousness: only darkness.

But we want light, we want clarity, we want happiness and laughter. We want to experience the highest truth, because our heart is designed to experience it, as is our body. Our entire circuitry is wired for happiness, peace, ease, joy, celebration, humour, inner-harmony and goodness. We have an innate need to experience this through flowing through our body and heart.

In fact, it is like a river of life that keeps us nourished and alive. When it is absent from our present experience, when there is anxiety, fear, anger, confusion, disharmony, guilt or fear instead, we are actually in a place of sickness, a place that will make us sick. We can feel this when we notice ourselves there. We feel weak. We feel ill at ease. This is what contributes to a sense of ‘disease’. We need to feel strong inside, and our body benefits greatly from being strong also, because then strength flows inwardly and outwardly in perfect unison, totally interconnected. But the simple key is noticing tension when it is present, and allowing it to be replaced by relaxation.

When relaxation is present, fear cannot be present. It is not possible, because by relaxing you are making the physical statement of “I feel safe” and “I am not threatened”. Those are very important and powerful statements to make. If you feel safe, you cannot be afraid at the same time. So we have to consciously invoke that feeling of safety, and we do this by relaxing our body. This is the original way to replace darkness with light, fear with trust, disharmony with harmony. It has to occur within you.

If you always try to create safety outside of yourself, you are actually affirming that there is a potential threat ‘out there’, which you must create defences against. But if your trust in God is strong, if you have faith in divine benevolence then you will not build walls around yourself, because all that does is isolate you from others. You need to open up to others, feel comfortable and at ease around others, without a mask, without a pretence. People really benefit from being around positive people, who are at ease, not anxious or negative.

You can eliminate every little fear from your being simply by developing total trust in God, and understanding that God is orchestrating proceedings. We can’t always fully understand the orchestration, but we don’t need to. We just need to be in harmony, because then we are contributing to the orchestra in the best way possible. God wants to orchestrate a beautiful masterpiece, but needs every player to willingly tune themselves up. God cannot choose it for us. We must do this.

So that is your personal job and responsibility in your life, on this very day, in this very moment. Are you in harmony, or are you in disharmony? If you are in harmony, you will feel it inside and your heart will be resonant. When we are in this space, we should certainly enjoy it, but it is also important that we communicate it.

We should express it in some way, and if possible, be creative from it. Anything written, spoken, done or created from this space of harmony carries a power, which will affect other people when they receive it. It helps them in ways they cannot understand, and it uplifts their spirit.

We can all do this, simple by choosing inner-harmony over disharmony, with the simplest physical act in the universe. Relaxing our body and releasing tension. You have a choice what you feel in this moment. You can be tense and resist what is, or you can relax, allow and be in harmony with it. One way leads to peace and joy, the other way leads to fear and illness. The choice is ours to make, in every moment.

“Develop the Strength of your heart”

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