And the wall came down…

Around every human heart there is a wall of fearful protection that we have subconsciously built up since childhood, and that wall really needs to come down.

Why? Because it prevents us from being truly free, joyful and happy. It prevents us from being fully open and at ease with ourselves and others. It prevents us from making brave and bold decisions which require the courage and integrity that come from our heart. It prevents us from knowing a much deeper peace and security, free from fear, anxiety and worry for the future. And ultimately, it prevents us from knowing and experiencing the divine beauty of spiritual truth in our heart, which in fact is what every human heart longs for. In essence, that wall keeps us weakened and disconnected, and makes us instead rely upon our ego for the things that our ego is incapable of providing. Our ego can never make us feel deeply happy, secure, loving, courageous, peaceful, fulfilled and spiritually free. But our heart certainly can.

All we have to do is bring down that wall, because it is essentially the source of all of our problems in life. But how do we dismantle it? We cannot take it down, or even break it down… What we have to do is shake it down.

The Power of Divine Energy

Life, consciousness, love, God, divine truth…. it is all energy, which vibrates at a certain frequency; a very powerful frequency in fact. It is very much like electricity, and when you fully allow the current to flow and reverberates through your body and heart, you will instinctively quiver and shake to some degree. We have been conditioned to perceive quivering and shaking as a negative thing, but the opposite is true. It is a good thing, because it means your physical structure is being affected by a divine energy, and thus subtly re-structured, re-aligned and re-harmonised on the cellular level. We all need this, because it restores true balance and health to our body on the deepest level, while simultaneously releasing negative energy like fear, stress and anger.

We have been conditioned to fear the high-voltage power of divine energy, because of its depth and strength. We have been conditioned to feel safer with shallow feelings, shallow experiences and energies, and the idea of a power that can make us vibrate and shake with its energy can seem rather threatening to some people. Yet, ironically, that is where the deepest joy, freedom and ecstasy are to be found, and we have all been designed to experience these things. In fact our soul craves for them, and for the light they bring into our heart and mind.

Most of us simply don’t want strong and powerful experiences because they transform us, and we are subconsciously scared of transformation. Why? Because transformation takes us into unknown territory, beyond the controlled realm of our familiar and predictable ego and all the conceptual knowledge it furnishes our mind with. We like to remain where we are because it’s familiar, and familiarity means safety, even though it may be devoid of joy and inspiration.

The energy of joy vibrates intensely, and just like a high-tension overhead power line might crackle and buzz with electricity, so does our body when the voltage of our connection to divine energy is turned up higher. We vibrate with the current of universal power, the raw power of life itself, and this is exactly what ecstatic shaking is. It is simply what occurs when the powerful electrical current of divine energy is allowed to flow through our body without any resistance. We cannot help but tremble and vibrate with its energy. And it feels good when you surrender to it. It feels ecstatic. This is something most of us are not used to.

Our Evolution

Something very special is now happening on this planet. The power of divine energy (love/consciousness/God) is increasing upon the Earth, and we need to open up to it, prepare ourselves to harness it and embody it, rather than resisting it out of fear (which is what our ego would like us to do so that it can remain in control). There is absolutely nothing to fear because, despite its power, love will never harm us. We have just forgotten how powerful the energy of love truly is. It is the creative force of the universe.

So if we open up to it and let it flow through us, we will be supercharged with divine energy. We will feel the powerful divine current of love flowing and vibrating through our body and within our heart. This is totally natural and we are designed to embody it; yet we have been subconsciously programmed to fear embodying it. How has this occurred?

Shaking & Fear

We associate shaking with fear. We say “he shook or trembled with fear”, but it is more the case that we tense up, freeze and ossify when we feel fearful . We become stiff and rigid, petrified like stone. We are for more likely to shake and quiver when we are in states of excitement, joy, ecstasy, enthusiasm and delight. You only have to observe young children (and even animals) to see this. They shake when they are excited. So this misunderstanding about why we shake is why we have a subconscious resistance to the idea of our bodies shaking and quivering. We don’t want to shake if it means having a fearful experience. And on top of that, we don’t want to feel like we are out of control because, as I mentioned previously, we instinctively feel safer when we are in control. Furthermore, we fear being judged as eccentric, strange or even mad if we shake. We even judge ourselves if we do this alone. This is the deep cultural conditioning surrounding ecstatic experiences at work in our own mind. We have been taught to fear them, when in truth it is how we set ourselves completely free from all restriction, fear and cellular disharmony, or ‘disease’. Shaking has been known as the most powerful healing practice for thousands of years in a myriad of cultures across the globe, most notably amongst the Kalahari bushmen of Africa, one of the oldest known cultures still in existence on this planet.

The Serpent Connection

With regards to the fearful conditioning surrounding shaking, it is also important to recognise that we have been conditioned very thoroughly to associate shaking and shivering with serpents. Look at the words: Shake and Snake, they’re almost identical. This similarity alone conditions us to see shaking and shivering as something serpentine. And of course, most of us know that the snake is deeply associated with the devil; i.e.Satan from the Garden of Eden. This linguistic similarity obviously connects shaking with the devil, and this is why religion has overwhelming succeeded in demonising and marginalising the physical manifestation of ecstatic divine connection, which is what shaking is.

This is one of the main ways that ‘The Church’ has subtly remained in control of the masses for thousands of years, by demonising the very expression of divine power through our own body. If you don’t have your own connection to divine power and if you are conditioned to fear embodying it, you will of course be much the weaker for it, and more prone to the manifestations of powerlessness. All the negative human traits we can think of have their roots in the absence of the power of love. The more we harness loves true power – its electrical current – the more we will be a force of spiritual transformation, in ways that we cannot even imagine.

So, with such a taboo and stigma attached to the phenomena of shaking, quivering and trembling, people subconsciously do their best to avoid opening up to the real current of divine power, because when you feel it, it reverberates around your body and you will tremble and shake with its power, and it will electrify and enliven your heart ecstatically.

Resist in fear, or Open Up in Love?

As I said, stronger divine energy is now pouring down upon the earth and we will feel this increased electric/spiritual current, if we consciously choose to remain open to it. And this is the big question: do we tense up in fear and resist it, or do we let go of our fear of not being in control, relax and open our heart and body to this beautiful power. If we choose to remain open to it (which I strongly recommend) it will gradually shake and transform us from the very core of our heart, in the most liberating way imaginable. It’s the quake, the tremor that will dislodge, weaken and eventually crumble the wall of fear and animosity that we have built up around our heart, thus allowing the power of love to enter and take its rightful place on the throne.

Really, it’s funny that we even have to consider the question of remaining open, or closing down in resistance. It’s what you might call a “no-brainer”, which is very fitting considering that what we all would greatly benefit from doing is moving our attention out of the realm of thoughts (our head) and bringing our attention back into our body. This is the most natural thing in the world, and we just have to remember that we need to do it. We need to remember regularly to energise our body and breathe deeply, thus connecting with our body’s life-force, which is where our true power is experienced.

People do it everyday: moving their body vigorously, as they do when running, or walking up a hill, or dancing, or shaking. I walk a lot in the mountains near my home, but dancing or shaking to uplifting music is my favourite way, because it connects my body to the current of joy almost instantaneously. And why would we not want to dance and shake? Because of what people might think? Because we might feel foolish and self-judgemental in our own mind? Because it’s too much ‘hard work’ to stand up and move our body, when instead we can be watching a screen of some sort, sitting in our comfortable chair or sofa?

Beware… if you disconnect too much from that vital power and your biological circuitry adapts to a much weaker current, you will find it challenging to reconnect again, and reconnect we all must. Why? Because there is a major evolutionary (and spiritual) process underway right now on Earth, and ‘major’ is a colossal understatement. To evolve (which we are destined to do) we must leave behind fear and negativity, all animosity and judgement; all ‘lower vibrations’ as some people call them.

We can only do this if we have a connection to a higher vibration. We can only step off one boat when the other boat appears, otherwise we will fall into the water. The boat we must step onto is the boat of joy, trust and faith; leaving the boat of doubt, insecurity and fear behind. We cannot have a foot on each boat, because the boats must move apart, as they cannot remain in each other’s presence for long.

Leave the fear and the doubt behind, because you are protected; you are safe in love and joy, because it is where the power of God is. Be humble and honest, and let God see if you still have tendencies towards fear, doubt and insecurity, then ask him to deal with it. Ask him to envelop and permeate you with his protective love, so that it becomes clear to you that it’s safe to relax and open your heart to his love and power. Because it is, and there is no drawback or downside whatsoever. You just have to let go of your resistance to his love, which of course is a deeply powerful love. But your heart has been specifically designed and wired for this. It’s what your heart truly needs and is waiting for, even if you are not aware of it.

Let me tell you that you are truly safe with God. In fact, if total security is what you desire, then only God can provide this. Only God can provide the spiritual light we are all subconsciously searching for. The power of his love running through our heart and veins will cleanse us of all spiritual darkness, all negativity, all fear and all aggression, all judgement and arrogance. As it says in the Bible: “Blessed are the pure of heart, for they shall see God”.

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