Attuning yourself

So many things de-tune us from our natural connection to life’s positive vibration, which is a loving, peaceful and subtly joyful one. When we are in balance – open and relaxed – we clearly feel it. We feel positive, we feel harmonious. This is also the effect of spending time in nature. It balances us and restores a sense of well-being, a feeling of positivity. Yet there are many subtle influences in our lives that divert us from this, that take us into subtle disharmony, tension, anxiety and stress.

Stimulants and addictive substances such as coffee, alcohol, tobacco, sugar and chocolate all subtly alter our body/brain chemistry and detune us from the more peaceful vibration of our heart, of nature. Nature’s vibration is a slower vibration, a slower rhythm, which does not rush, yet it does not stagnate. It is a consistent, steady yet powerful flow of energy, deeply enriching and creative. Embodying and attuning to this energy is what makes our body truly strong and truly healthy.

When we speed up due to stress, over-stimulation or anxiety about a lack of time, we weaken our structure on a fundamental level, because we are disconnecting from the source of our strength – nature’s energy – and substituting it with biological stimulants, such as adrenaline. Stress is addictive for this reason. It creates adrenaline, which gives up a feeling of more energy and more power, but when it leaves our system we usually feel exhausted and weak. Caffeine, chocolate and sugar all have the same effect. They temporarily give us more energy, then leave us feeling drained. This is why they are addictive.

This is why, if we want to free ourselves from external addictions, we must re-attune ourselves to the peace and the slower pace of nature, so that we can remember how we are supposed to feel in a healthy, strong and balanced body. We remember that we can feel joyful without the need for stimulants, just by allowing ourselves to be inspired by nature, by enjoying becoming healthier and more energised.

People hope they can avoid this lifestyle change, continue with their unhealthy habits and just rely on their stimulants or sedatives of choice (e.g. Coffee/alcohol/chocolate etc) to make life enjoyable, fun and rewarding. But this is where addiction becomes inevitable, because all substances wear off and people don’t enjoy addressing the reality of their poor health, negative mentality and anxious heart. It is far easier to just keep yourself distracted, stimulated or sedated, and everything seems kind of ‘okay’.

However, we know we are missing something. We know there is a passion for life somewhere in our heart; a desire to live more fully, more healthily and thus feel more connected and fulfilled. So as we improve our diet, removing foods which don’t make us feel healthy and including more foods that do, and as we become more active and fit, and as we enjoy spending more time in nature rather than staring at a screen, a magazine or newspaper, we realise that we have not lost our capacity for joy and happiness. We become aware that we can feel positive and we can feel peaceful, just by taking better care of ourselves, by nourishing ourselves properly, and by giving more attention to the simple beauty of life, of this planet.

Nourishing ourselves doesn’t just mean with food, it means addressing all of your needs. Your need to rest and relax, your need to get enough sleep, your need for laughter and fun, your need for exercise, your need to be nature, your need to communicate, your need to be around other people, your need for a spiritual focus, your need to give and help others, your need for creativity, your need to discover who you truly are…

If you neglect any of these needs, you will find that part of you suffers to a greater or lesser degree, depending on the importance of the need. But if you become more aware of these needs, and make sure you are doing something about them, you will notice that you feel more enriched, more whole, more balanced and healthy. You will feel like you are taking better care of yourself and as a result, you will feel more love. This is what ‘self-love’ is. When we grow up, we no longer have our mother or father taking care of our needs; that becomes our job, and it is very important that we do it.

We need to be cared for, and of course it is great to have a partner who cares for us because it reminds us of the love shown to us by our mother or father. But we are responsible for meeting all of the above mentioned needs. We have to show care for ourselves. Our partner cannot make us rest, or get enough sleep. Our partner cannot ensure that we are nurturing our creativity. We have to take personal responsibility for all these needs, all of which need our attention.

We can kid ourselves that we don’t need these things, but there is a voice of wisdom somewhere in our mind or heart which knows that we do. It is important to listen to this wise voice. It is the voice which says “It is good to go to bed now” or “you need to eat better today”. We often behave like stubborn children, rebelling against this voice which we wrongly perceive as a voice of authority or control. But it is wisdom. It comes from the wiser part of you, the part which cares for your wellbeing. If we rebel against that, we are just being foolish and unintelligent. Yet so often we do rebel.

So why not decide right now to be less foolish, and more intelligent? It is just a decision, and a very beneficial one for you. Decide to make friends with this voice of wisdom, and decide to work with it, to listen more carefully to it. This doesn’t mean you have to obey it, because you have a choice. It means that you consider more carefully what it tells you, rather than just dismissing it. And keep in mind that it knows far, far more than you do.

You can communicate with this voice at any point. You can thank it. You can actually feel the love it has for you. It is the voice of care, the voice of love. You could even say that it is the voice of God. To ignore it or stubbornly do the opposite if what it suggests is to deny yourself what you actually really, really want, deep down inside. Wellness, connection, joy and love in your heart.

If you will just obey that voice of wisdom rather than fight it, your life will instantly improve, and you will become a wiser, more intelligent person who harnesses the power of love for the betterment of the self, and thus the betterment of the whole. So get into agreement with that benevolent voice, that benevolent force which wants to help you, and your life will change instantly.

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“Thinking keeps us on the surface of life, in our mind,
where all doubt, fear and insecurity originate. We belong
in our heart’s depth, where peace, joy & freedom are found.”

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