Beyond all fearful thoughts

Around your mind there is a subtle cage and its bars are made up of all the fears you have, big ones and small ones. Your ego tells you the cage is protecting you – and this brings you comfort – but the truth is that it is imprisoning you.

When that cage vanishes, when you no longer believe all the mental fears that you were convinced by your mind to believe, you see what exists beyond the cage, which is divine Truth, divine consciousness. Some people call this God, but whatever you call it, it exists and can be clearly seen when fear no longer interferes with you perception.

In fact, fear detunes your perception, it scrambles the signal so that you are not on the same frequency as that which transcends thought, the Divine. But if you remove the interference, your mind will return immediately to its correct frequency, and automatically align with higher consciousness, which is all pervading and universal. It is to us like the ocean is to a fish. It is our home, our spiritual dwelling place. This is where true peace, true contentment, and true freedom are to be found, and we access this loving dimension of reality through our heart.

When you have a glimpse of your true dwelling place, you realise that you do not need the cage because beyond the bars of all the mental fears that make it up, there is absolutely nothing threatening whatsoever. Quite the opposite! All the threat is contained within the bars themselves.

The bars threaten you to prevent from approaching them and realising that they are insubstantial. This is how the ego maintains itself, and this is why you need to look closely at all your fears, from a place of peace, trust and courage, thus learning that they are all untrue. Once you fully realise this, you no longer need to give fearful thoughts the slightest bit of attention. You can ignore them.

You stop feeding fears through your resistance of them. You see them approach, and you don’t react or flinch or anxiously try to push them away. You relax, you stay at peace, totally unmoved, without the slightest bit of interest in them. And then they fade away, and your mind is freed from their imprisonment. Only then, beyond fears, can your mind perceive what is really true.

It is inevitable that you will come to this point if you are seeking the truth and truly wanting to see past any illusion. You will find the divine truth awaiting you, and be glad when you do!

There is no reason to regain interest in fearful thoughts ever again because the divine consciousness (which many call God), although powerful, has no desire to punish or hurt you. It only wants to make you expand and shine so brightly that nothing can dim your brilliance and radiance. This is the divine will. It is divine power and divine Love, and it is what you have been desperate to find for longer than you can remember. So when you finally encounter it, there is no need to fear. Be very, very glad, deeply grateful, and receptive to the beauty and blessings which it wants to bestow upon you.

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