Nothing to fear

I have heard many times of people who have had extremely healthy diets, yet they died of cancer. And of course, you hear of people who lived into their hundreds, yet they smoked cigarettes or drank alcohol regularly or ate a pretty standard diet all of their life.

The secret in all of this is fear. No matter how pure your body is and how pure your diet is, fear is a spiritual poison for your soul. And because it is spiritual it supercedes anything that occurs within your body. Fear brings darkness into the core of your being, and diseases like cancer are very much a physical manifestation of that.

Fear creates tension, contraction, lack of energy flow, coldness, darkness and resistance to life itself within our entire body and within our heart. It is the primal malady of all of humanity. Fear is the virus that spreads without air, without contact, without food, without proximity. It comes from our very own mind, which in turn is fed by external negative influences (e.g. the media) which are also a product of tainted human minds.

So unless we address our tendency towards fear, we cannot permanently avoid illness or disease; in fact, they will be inevitable, and the more fearful we are, the more weakness and sickness we will experience. But, just like the people who live well into their hundreds despite their mediocre diet and lifestyle habits, if we free ourselves from fear we will enjoy a sense of inner strength and wellbeing that is not dependant on material variables.

Of course, we all know the importance of eating healthily (I write about it often: because if our body is getting its ideal nutrition, and does not have to deal with unnecessary toxins, it will thrive. The more we cleanse and purify our body, the more our subconscious fears (spiritual toxins) will be released for healing. They rise to the surface of our awareness to be addresses and healed. And because we have cleansed our body, it is stronger, and thus more able to resist the tendency to fear. Addressing our fear is an unavoidable part of the healing process, yet so many people get stuck when they get to this point.

The reason for this is that no-one taught us how to deal with our fears. No-one taught us exactly what we should do when we are confronted with them. So we tend to turn away from them, distract ourself from them, try to forget them or push them down. But this is not healing them, and we need to heal them. If we do anything else, they will just keep coming back (and sometimes with greater force) because they want to be healed. Our body wants to heal itself, which is why it will continue to present you with the fears you have allowed to control you subconsciously. Your inner wisdom wants you to be free, and is trying to help you. But you cannot be free until you heal and release yourself from the fears that periodically arise for this very purpose.

So I will tell you how to do that. Firstly, stop being afraid of them. This ends the vicious cycle of fear. You actively change your attitude towards them, so that you actually want to address them, you want to look at them, you want to see what they are. This simple shift of attitude changes everything. To be willing to do this, you have to realise that fears cannot hurt you. Yes, they can scare you, but they only scare you if you believe that what they are telling you or showing you is true, or might happen. I go for regular night time walks in the forests behind my house, and I relax and trust that it’s totally safe to do so. If my mind comes up with a fearful thought, I ignore it and stay relaxed. If I engaged with such thoughts, I would not be able to enjoy the beauty and peace of waking in nature at night, and I might be deterred from doing so in the future.

Fears are just thoughts. If you shared one of your worst fears with me, there’s a good chance that it would be totally meaningless to me; that it would not affect me at all. The difference would be that you have invested some belief in it, whereas I have not. Fears scare us because we think there is some truth in them. We think there actually may be someone hiding in the bushes, we think that that terrible future event might actually happen, we think that if we tell the truth or show our true personality, we will lose our friends, and so on…

It is our belief in the fearful thought that makes it enter our body and become physically manifest as fear, which is essentially just tension and contraction in the tissues of our body. If we don’t believe it, there is no fear, and no problem.

We have to practice noticing that a thought is fear-based, and choosing not to invest our energy into it. That is how we remain free of fear. Because if we do engage with those thoughts, we will simply worry, be stressed, be anxious, become dis-heartened and pessimistic. That is where fearful thoughts will take us if we subscribe to them. In a sense, fearful thoughts have an agenda, which is to make us feel weak, worried and helpless, whereas positive thoughts are the opposite. They inspire us, motivate us and make us feel stronger. In truth, they align us with a reality of goodness, beauty and creativity, whereas negative thoughts align us with a reality of misery, hopelessness, aggression and destruction. For this reason we have to be very wary about listening to them.

Essentially, fears are imaginary, in that they occur in our imagination. Yes, they may be closely tied to a very real life situation, but when you think a fearful thought, it is happening in your mind. In some people more than others, their mind has become used to presenting them with all the negative scenarios which may occur. Human minds have become dysfunctional in this way; they often veers towards contemplating what may go wrong. In fact our expectation in such an outcome is what manifests it. Expectation brings manifestation.

So this is where faith comes in, because faith brings an expectation of positive outcome. We trust that we are protected, guided and supported, and this trust we feel is a self-fulfilling prophecy. When we fear we invite in darkness and doubt, which literally undermine our faith and attract the outcome that matches our uncertainty. There is no security without faith, and if you want total security, you need to work on building total faith.

If we knew that God was a reality, we would fear significantly less, and trust a great deal more. If we fully knew that we were protected and supported, and that no harm could come to us, what reason would there be to fear? This is why knowledge of the reality of God is essential, because without it, we look for security in the material world. But it is spiritual security we need, which is the security of our heart. We could have all the money in the world, a big house with a massive fence around it, security guards etc. yet our heart is still vulnerable to fear. We need to fortify our heart with faith, with trust in God’s protection and benevolence, if we want to have true peace.

When we stand or rest in this peace, we can say to our fears: “okay show me what you’ve got, I’m ready to heal you” and let our mental insecurities arise to be seen. If we observe them (without believing them) whilst remaining in a state of calm and relaxation, they are transformed. They lose their charge and this their power over us, because we have revoked our belief in them, we have withdrawn our investment in them. We can let them come and pass, with no resistance, no tension, no fear of them.

This is exactly what we need to do with every fear that arises, so that they no longer have any potency. After all they are just thoughts, just imaginations. They are not real. God’s love is real, and this is what we need to adhere firmly to, and trust fully in. Then we can know unshakable peace in the midst of great challenges, for the strength we receive from God is greater than all other things, without exception.

To greatly assist the release of fear and negativity, I recommend a simple and ancient technique called ‘shaking’. It is very simple and very enjoyable, and quickly frees your body from intense feelings of fear, and your mind from pessimism. It can be done with music. Watch a demonstration and enjoy some music for shaking here:

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“If we walk down the path of fear, things get darker,

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Be aware in each moment which path you are walking along.”


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