Why do people get sick?

Where does disease and sickness come from? It doesn’t just suddenly appear in the body of a perfectly healthy person. We may think we are reasonable healthy, and be very surprised when illness arises, but very few people realise how deeply healthy and well the human body and mind can become, and how average their own levels of health are in comparison to this.

When your body is glowing, when there is a hum of positive energy circulating through your veins, when your mind is no longer pulled into negative thinking and not obsessed with purely material pursuits, then you are experiencing true health, which is a feeling of fullness and wholeness inside, a powerful sense of vitality, joy and enthusiasm for life, a sense of connection in our heart to the greater truth of life, and a feeling of peace and fearlessness also.

However, we get used to living with mental negativity, with fear, with stress, with irritability, tiredness and emotional turbulence, and we accept that this is just how life is in a human body. But this is not true. These are manifestations of dysfunction. We believe we have “good health” simply because we are free of disease, but as long as the above-mentioned dysfunctions are present, there is still healing that needs to occur if we are to approach true health, which encompasses our body, our emotions and our mind.

If we desire to approach true wellness and inner-health (and this is possible no matter what our age) then we need to address our tendencies towards negativity, pessimism, criticism, anger, stress and fear. If such tendencies are left unchecked then they will inevitably manifest as sickness. The reason for this is that disharmony is being established within the cells of our body, as a result of what is occurring in our mind. When there is harmony in our mind, our body radiates with positive energy. When there is negativity in our mind, is is impossible for radiant health to become established in our body, because there is a contamination coming from our thoughts.

Our mind is like the source of the water, which then flows down through the rest of our being. If it is polluted, then our entire being becomes polluted. This is why it is essential and to address our mental health, which means the purity of our mind. An impure mind, tainted with negativity, fear and judgement, can only lead to sickness and disease.

You may think, “well, sickness is an inevitable destination for every human being as they approach the end of their life”, but you need to re-consider that. Yes, the death of the body is inevitable but sickness and disease are not. Sickness and disease only occur in a body which is not truly well, which is not enriched by a positive and harmonious mental perspective upon life, and the more unwell the body, the sooner illness will manifest.

It is like a dripping tap in a bowl of water. One day the bowl overflows (which represent becoming ill) and we wonder why it has occurred, especially when we consider ourselves to be ‘reasonably’ healthy. As long as that tap of negative thinking is dripping, it is polluting you, it is effecting every cell of your body.

Now of course, food is an extremely vital part of this, and we need to be consuming an abundance of the very best foods for our body (unprocessed fruits, vegetables, greens, nuts & seeds, smoothies, juices, superfoods etc) while eliminating certain ‘toxic’ foods that our body can function perfectly without (e.g. meat, dairy, gluten, sugar, caffeine, alcohol, processed foods).

We need to be eating a high percentage of raw foods, and less cooked foods, because raw foods are more life-giving than cooked foods. The more uncooked meals you have, the more you will notice a feeling of vitality in your body, a feeling of enthusiasm, a feeling of lightness and energy. Your mental patterns will become more positive, and you will naturally develop a more positive outlook on life. Eating too much cooked food will leave you feeling sluggish, tired, irritable, unmotivated, uninspired, heavy and generally de-energised.

It is vital we have a sense of energy flowing through our body. This doesn’t mean that we are bouncing around and always being active. It essentially means the absence of tiredness. Tiredness is actually a much bigger problem than most people realise, because it signifies a lack of vitality. Often this comes down to the cells of our body not getting enough hydration and enough oxygen, the two most important things that they need. Instead, they are becoming overburdened with waste from unnatural and acid-forming food products and environmental pollution, and they cannot get rid of the waste because they need good hydration to do this. So essentially what happens is that they start to suffocate in their own waste, starved of oxygen and unable to flush away the toxins.

However, because every cell of our body has an incredibly powerful drive for survival, instead of dying, these cells adapt and mutate. They adapt in a way so that they no longer rely upon oxygen to survive, but instead they rely on the fermentation of sugars, which are provided in abundance via the consumption of grains, bread, cereal products, any starchy foods, fruit, sugar and sweeteners of any variety. To a mutated cell, anything that can ferment will serve as sustenance, and therefore all forms of sugar will be used as food.

And because the western diet is so overabundant with sugar and carbohydrates (which are complex sugars), then the mutated cells literally thrive in the inner environment we provide for them, especially if our lifestyle is lacking a good amount of time spent in nature (which provides oxygenation), a lack of exercise (which encourages the circulation of oxygen via the blood), and a lack of emotional balance and positivity. Consider now your lifestyle and food choices and ask yourself to what degree are you inviting in sickness?

If you experience frequent tiredness or you frequently feel stressed, there is something you must address urgently, because these are the warning signs that there is not equilibrium in your body, and that your cells are not functioning optimally.

We all have the capacity to feel calm, to feel positive, to feel enthusiastic, and these feeling are natural consequences of a healthy mind and body. We should consciously cultivate them by slowing down, being less busy (including in our mind), spending more time in nature, relaxing more often (without the use of alcohol), exercising in nature on a daily basis and taking time to communicate heart-to-heart with the people in our life. We would greatly benefit from reducing the amount of time spent using technology, social-media, and absorbing all the negative information from the ‘bad-news media’, which essentially fills our mind with negativity and conflict.

Nutritionally, we need to be eating less sugar and carbohydrates (which create spikes in our blood sugar and thus in our energy levels) and eating more greens, vegetables and nourishing plant-based proteins (such as spirulina and hemp seeds, two of the most beneficial foods for our body). Eating more raw food than cooked food is also important, as is including vegetable juices in our daily diet. Sprouted seeds (such as the amazing broccoli seed, alfalfa, lentils, sunflowers etc) are an very important addition to our diet, because they boost the vitality that we are putting into our body. Cooked foods may contain minerals and protein, but they have virtually zero vitality, and the enzymes cannot survive the cooking process. This is why plenty of raw food is vital, especially raw food with a water content, like vegetables and juicy fruits.

You will be able to feel this if you do a 2-day experiment without cooked meals. Replace them with fruit salads, chunky green salads with nuts & avocado, vegetable juices and avocado smoothies. I can guarantee you that you will feel a significant difference in your body and energy levels. You will even notice it in your mind and your thought patterns. This is an experiment that could easily change your life and your relationship to what to you perceive as ‘food’.

Food shouldn’t make us tired, irritable, uncomfortable or unwell. Food should nourish us on every level, and help us to feel more balanced, energised and strong. Sadly it is often the opposite, but the good news is that we are in total control of what we put in our body. It is wise to look closely at what you consume, and notice how it makes you feel. Does it overstimulate you and create stress and irritation, does it make you feel tired and lethargic, does it congest you and block up your breathing? There are plenty of foods that people eat every day that are considered ‘healthy’ that do all of these things!

Forget every magazine article, website or advert that has told what is healthy… healthy foods are foods that contribute to a sustained feeling of good health, and not just briefly while they are in your system. Anything that makes you feel good briefly is essentially a drug, not a food. Truly healthy foods build good health, they build a strong immune system and they increase long-term vitality. They should not give you a stomach ache, make you feel irritable, stressed or tired and they should noy congest you in any way. The only way you can know is by observing your body. You have to observe how you feel when you eat certain things. Your body’s response to individual foods is your barometer. This is how you learn what is good for you and what is not.

Of course, there is a vast amount of nutritional wisdom available, but essentially it is simple. Fruits, vegetables and digestible proteins. You can be perfectly healthy (in fact you will be healthier) without grain products of all kind, as they essentially flood the body with sugar and encourage your body to begin relying upon sugar for energy and alertness, rather than oxygen. For example, someone who is studying or working at their computer begins to feel tired, and they automatically reach for a sweet food to make them feel more alert and focused. This is common, but it is a mistake because it is better to get up, get some fresh air and move your body for 5 minutes, to increase oxygenating and circulation. More oxygen is brought into your body, and can be delivered to your cells to increase a sense of awakeness and freshness. All that sugar and carbohydrates will do is stimulate your body into feeling that it needs to move, and make you more restless. Oxygen will bring a sense of calm focus.

Obviously, for some people, carbohydrates in the form of grains and cereal products are a necessary part of their diet, especially if they practice sport, but good quality protein is far more important. And gluten (found in pasta and most bread) is especially toxic for the body, as it is very hard to digest, is well known to create stomach and intestinal problems, and creates congestion all around the body. Dairy products are also well known to cause congestion, due to the indigestibility of animal-produced lactose. Congestion of our breathing passages is an obstacle to proper oxygenation, which is the very most vital component of good health.

I must re-iterate that – as with all foods – some people are more sensitive and some are less sensitive, which is why it is essential to observe your body’s reactions to different foods, so you can know for sure what works for you and what doesn’t.

There is another extremely vital aspect to health and food which is very important to understand. It is the acid / alkaline balance. I won’t go into great detail, because there is an excellent website that gives far more comprehensive information than I could possibly fit into an article, and you can visit it here: http://Alkalize.org

But to give a sufficient outline… We need to be eating a greater percentage of alkaline foods than acidic foods. The reason for this being that alkaline foods create healthier blood, and they create a conducive cellular environment for maximum oxygenation, which means the cells have an abundance of their most essential fuel, oxygen, so they can repair and regenerate more easily. If our diet to is too acidic, the cells do not get sufficient oxygen and the health of our blood is diminished (meaning that it cannot transport as much oxygen around the body).

As well as this, acid-forming foods create acidic waste that needs to be removed from the cellular environment and the blood, and this is why it is vital to drink an abundance of water, so that waste and toxins can be regularly flushed from the body. This is why a primarily acidic diet, coupled with lack of hydration, and compounded by the regular consumption of dry or salty foods, or dehydrating alcohol or coffee, can cause a fundamental problem in our cellular health. If you consider that our entire body is simply a collection of billions of cells, then it is vital that we are nourishing them in the perfect way if we want our body to function correctly, and give us the feeling of wellness that we all enjoy

So to conclude, we must remember that health or sickness are a result of our habits. Healthy habits which you establish earlier on in your life could very well avert the occurrence of disease and sickness, which most people accept as an inevitable part of getting old. But even at an advanced age, the body can repair, heal and strengthen itself if it is given the necessary nourishment and fuel. If you keep nourishing your body and treating it in the right ways, and avoid the things that are not beneficial to your health, you will be amazed at how your body will serve you, and how good you can feel occupying it.

Life is a magnificent gift, and leading a healthy life helps us to really see and appreciate this deeply. As we all know, leading an unhealthy lifestyle or putting up with mediocre health can easily turn our life into a joyless struggle, devoid of energy, enthusiasm and true happiness. But the good news is that the choice is always ours.


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