Faith, not fear

I’m sure you’ve noticed that what is going on in our society at present – being fuelled mostly via the media – is all about fear. I have been carefully observing the overarching messages, themes and patterns in the media for over 17 years, including film, TV, pop music, advertising, books, video games and so on, noticing its tricks and manipulations, and in recent years I have seen a dramatic surge in the amount of dark, fearful and pessimistic messages, which are now flooding the mainstream.

So why are we being bombarded with fear? Well, to state the obvious, it is the most powerful political tool that exists. To effectively control huge numbers of people, you have to make them feel insecure and afraid, worried for the future and desperately grasping for a sense of safety and security. Because fear and control go hand in hand. Fear makes us weak and easy to shepherd, and even though it may sound illogical, so does anger, which has also its roots in fear. It is our thoughts and the emotions that accompany them that keep us separate from divine truth, from true spiritual freedom, from faith and joy. You can manipulate people and prevent them from being spiritually free if you just keep them tangled up in their thoughts and emotions, and this is exactly what the media is being used for at present.

The primary method of control and manipulation is psychological, because our relationship with reality originates from our perception of what is true. This is why the media is flooding people’s minds with images of darkness, pessimism, hopelessness and dystopia. The dystopia must first be created in our mind through the implanting of dark and fearful images and ideas, before an actual real-world dystopia can become a reality. Dystopia is all about harnessing the psychology of fear on a society-wide scale, and weaving in division, anger, aggression, hostility and heartlessness. This is what the media has been doing for a very long time, leading up to this point where we seem to be approaching an actual 1984-style dystopia.

And all the time this is happening, we are continuing to consume the fearful propaganda, the poison that the media is pouring into our minds, in the guise of ‘news’ and ‘entertainment’. Isn’t that insane? We are voluntarily choosing to poison our own minds with fear, under the justification of ‘wanting to know what’s going on’. But our screens are not accurately reflecting what’s going on. They are being used to draw us into greater fear, pessimism, division and hopelessness. That’s why screens are everywhere. It’s a drug, intended to create a fearful delusion, and if you look around in society, you can see that it is working. The psychological reality that most people are now inhabiting is moving further and further away from the realm of freedom, towards the realm of extreme oppression. But the psychology has to precede the actual reality. If we don’t allow the media to inform a negative state of mind, and we keep our mind connected to a higher truth – one which is faith based and nor fear-based, we can become immune to the fear agenda. Quite simply, its fearful thoughts which keep us tied to a fearful world view.

The media – which to a large extent is in the hands of some very evil people -wants your attention. It wants to take possession of your mind so it can continue to manipulate your thoughts, and thus your emotions, and thus your behaviour. It all begins in our mind. The media – in effect – is saying to us “Just forget about freedom. Switch off your brain and consume more of our carefully dramatised propaganda. Have all your favourite foods delivered to your door, enjoy all your stimulants, you drinks and drugs of choice, and just keep that brain pacified, like a baby with a dummy in its mouth. Just stay in front of your screen and we’ll look after you. We’ll tell you what’s going on, what to believe, who the bad guys are, who you should be angry with and what the solutions are.”

All if this is guaranteed to keep us imprisoned in negative emotions, and distant from a genuine sense of deep peace, trust and happiness,

So what is the alternative? Open our eyes to the reality of the totalitarian agenda, and face the fact that things are going to get very challenging, to say the least? This isn’t the happy, positive, feel-good truth that most people want, and so they understandably choose to remain in denial, which of course is ignorance. But it is true. This is occurring and before we can figure out what we need to do, we need to accept what is actually occurring, even if it is unpleasant. We don’t live in la la land, floating around on a soft fluffy cloud. This is planet Earth in the year 2020, and there are some very unpleasant and dark things happening in the world around us, and they are getting closer and closer to home. It is not wise to try and delude ourselves that this is not happening, because we obviously need to respond to this situation, and respond in the most intelligent way,

So what exactly can we do?

The very most important thing to begin with is to deal with our fear. This is the inbuilt control mechanism, which operates through our ego and thus gains access to our inner sanctuary, which is our heart. If we don’t address our tendency to gravitate towards fearful thinking, we will struggle to find our way through the challenges ahead. Addressing our fearful nature is imperative, because we simply cannot operate intelligently if we are afraid. We will only act from our primitive fight-or-flight instinct, rather than our higher intelligence. We will be driven by the strong forces generates by our insecurity and anxiety, which is guaranteed to be to our detriment.

Now, I’m very aware that we cannot just press a button and switch off our fear, so let’s consider what it is – above all else – that is feeding our fear on a daily basis? Other than our own habitual thinking, it is the media. We are getting most of our information from a screen, device or media publication of some sort , and that is the problem. This is not the kind of information that feeds our faith, strengthens our heart and nourishes our soul. Quite the opposite; it makes us feel hopeless, powerless, pessimistic and afraid, and these feelings weaken the very foundation of our being. To consume such information is the worst thing we can do if we want to arise courageously to the challenge that is facing us all.

The good news is that each of us is capable of rising to this challenge, if we stop engaging with the fearful mentality that we have all been conditioned with, and instead engage with the strength, courage and determination that exists in our heart. Yes, it’s a big challenge to untangle ourselves from our fears, doubts and insecurities, but this is what we need to do.

If it was our children whose lives were being threatened, would we just continue to sit back on our sofas and say “there’s not really anything I can do”? Because it’s simply not true; we have so much more power than we realise, but the media machine has been feeding us fear, weakening our resolve and convincing us all for decades that it’s not worth standing up to the challenges in our society. It’s so much easier to have another beer, switch on the TV, sit on your sofa, sedate yourself with all your favourite comfort food, and just hope that “everything will turn out fine in the end”.

I’m sorry to be a realist, but the only way it is going to turn out fine for you is if you switch on your brain, get up, and see that you are needed. You have a very important role to play in what is unfolding in society, and that is why you are hear now listening to me. This talk is a wake up call, to remind you that the people you know and the people around you need your help. We get so self-preoccupied with our own fears and insecurities, tangled up in the web of our own ego, and all of its “me thoughts”, that we forget that the solution is to be of service. Fear is what the ego’s web is built from, so when we stop obsessing with ourself, and turn our attention to helping others, the ego is out of the picture. This is a very quick and powerful way to break free from the ego’s control mechanism. Just stop thinking about yourself, and be of service. Care for others, share hope and reassure those who are getting sucked into the vortex of fear. This is a very important and powerful role to play, and it is much needed.

As this situation intensifies and evolves, many people are going to become consumed by fear; by a sense of hopelessness, pessimism and negativity. So essentially, our role is two fold:

Number 1) to ensure that we are not one of those people, and that we keep our heart and our faith strong, trusting that we can navigate the challenges ahead if we avoid going into fearful thinking, if we avoid the anger that comes from observing such great injustices and manipulations as we are seeing around us, if we avoid the tendency to be totally concerned with only ourselves, with our own wellbeing and security and so on.

The media is doing it’s very best to encourage people they are powerless, and so we must remember that the opposite is true. We must have faith that if we focus our energies on where we do have power, not only can we be an agent for great change around us, but we will be protected from fear, darkness and the cold mental reality that such thinking pulls us into. We have to keep our mind in faith, trusting that there is hope where their is courage and where there is love. A loving and courageous heart is capable of navigating the darkness in ways that we cannot comprehend, but faith is the compass that enables us to do this.

The 2nd part of our role is simply to pass this understanding on. To help people see that fear is nothing more than a self-fulfilling prophecy, that will lead only in one direction, and that they do not need to go in that direction. Help others see that there is an alternative, which is to stop listening to and believing the fear-mongering media, and to become a messenger for hope, for faith and trust that not only is there is a way through this, but when we do get through it – which I guarantee you we will – we will find ourselves living in a new world of light, peace, love and joy. I see this on the horizon, my sights are firmly set on this, and I know what we need to do to get there, spiritually speaking.

We need to untangle ourselves from the spiders web of fear that the media is trying so hard to wrap us up in, stand up and ride the wave of faith, hope and belief that we can make it through. We have to have faith that we can make it through, and we will if we are not part of the fear pandemic. I believe in a faith pandemic, a wave of hope and optimism that will grow as more people open their mind and realise that faith is a self-fulfilling prophecy also. At present there may not be much logical evidence that it is wise to be hopeful and optimistic, but the evidence comes when we actively choose hope, faith and optimism, despite the media (and many of the people we know) telling us we should be very worried.

We need to be defiant in the most intelligent way possible, which is to defy the fear-mongers, defy those who want you to see a dark and pessimistic future, defy those who want you to be angry with the oppressive powers that be. Stay in peace, stay in faith and you will be able to stay in joy, despite everyone telling you that you really shouldn’t be.

So, that is our challenge… to keep our mind and heart focused upon the power of faith, and trust that it will carry us through what is to come; and then to help others to do the same. People will say that it is foolish, but when they see the difference between those living in faith and those living in fear, they will not be able to deny it. Help people to step away from the fear, and into faith.

It sounds dramatic but essentially you will be saving their life, because these two realities will be polarising dramatically in the coming months and years. You will see this in your own life, if you disconnect from the media manipulation and fear-mongering, and instead spend more time in nature, more time enjoying the company of your family and friends, more time cultivating a loving spiritual connection in your heart. You will see those in fear and you’ll see what a strange, delusory and dark reality they are inhabiting. It’s not the path we want to walk down, because it will get progressively darker and more fearful as the media ramps up its propaganda. Yet in stark contrast, as we plant our feet in faith and let ourselves become more deeply rooted in peace, trust and joy, we will start experiencing an incredible intensification of light and hope, and a clear and luminous path will open up in front of us that we could never have envisaged.

It’s not logical; it’s not something you can mentally understand or explain. People will say “what reason is there to be hopeful? What reason is there to have faith and to trust?” and this cannot be answered logically. The answer to those questions is experienced in our heart when we take the proverbial leap of faith, and just trust without logical reason.

We could look at what is going on in the world now as a necessary transition. As a species, we have all become top-heavy with logic, reason and rationale, forgetting the essential need in our heart for hope, faith and trust. This global situation is going to require each and everyone of us to relocate our place of residency, from our head to our heart, bringing us from weakness to strength.

Our logical mind will not see a way through what is going to occur in our society, and will inevitably try and encourage us to become hopeless. Only the more advanced spiritual qualities of our heart will enable us to ride the huge wave that is coming. Our logic, our reason, our analytical mind will cause us to become submerged in negative emotions, because it simply cannot see what the heart can see. As we learn to dwell in the illogical realm of hope, and we strengthen our faith and trust, our efforts are rewarded. We see the vista of future possibilities open up before us, and it is profoundly beautiful. The new world which we all long for lies on the other side of this ocean of change, and we must prepare cross it. But how?

Trust that a way will be made for you, if you stay in faith. Because I can assure you that it will. Are you willing to leave fear behind to embrace faith? Are you willing to dethrone the controlling ego, let go and trust in the benevolence, providence and protective power of a force far greater than yourself? Are you willing to let go of the need for everything to make logical sense, and experience miracles? Because this is what the future holds for those who are willing to untangle themselves from the the old paradigm, from the predictable and logical reality that the mind creates for them. Life will not be the same again, for sure, but we should be very glad of this. It is time to leave behind our fearful nature, our egoic selfishness, our hostility, our enmity, our manipulative and controlling tendencies. We are being asked to let go, and trust. It requires courage and faith, but we have come to the point where there really is no alternative.

Like Moses standing at the Red Sea with the Israelites, we need to have total faith that we can successfully traverse this enormous obstacle, leave all threat and danger behind, and enter the proverbial promised land of peace, freedom and security. It is possible. The alternative is that we can continue listening to our doubting logical mind, shrink back in fear, turn away from our destiny, and surrender to a life of mental and physical slavery. Living in fear is living in slavery, and it is faith and selflessness that lead us out of this reality, away from fear and into freedom, where we belong.


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